Is Robert Mueller wrapping up his investigation?

"The View" co-hosts discuss what might be revealed in the Russia probe court filings due this week, and if the president will be affected by it.
7:13 | 12/04/18

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Transcript for Is Robert Mueller wrapping up his investigation?
I play into this morning's headlines it's mullah attack. Okay. Any minute now he is said to judge some new details about the arrests and investigation you know who tweeted. That is flawless six in my college should have looked around Adam. And prosecutors are expected to recommend jail time for his onetime national security advisor lack of plant. So what do you all think it's going back. I think what's going to be interesting is Muller's been so tight lipped about the investigation the scope of the investigation so this is the first time that we get a peek into. The exact scope what he how people are cooperating what they hold you know federal investigators is I think that's going to be pretty interest because all the judges. Prior to sentencing are asking for information and so they have to provide that information today so it will really be be a peak and we'll see. How methodical he's been because he's getting all the lower level people race and that's how you do you get the lower level people didn't get the mid level people. And you not even talking to the targets you're just investigating the targets and what's also interesting to me is you know Roger Stone. Says I'll never flip on trumpet I don't have anything to say. And they I think George Stephanopoulos asked to you know have you been asked to cooperate with the government and he said no and I was thinking you're maturity. Hinojosa I thought that was that was odd that he hasn't been even asked to talk. But what went about what somebody magnified when he's the one thereafter. And act as he does not talking to talk into the lower level people you're building your case and and the folks at the top be necessarily where I draw I don't want to saying I'll never flip want to get it. There's certain mermaids you know senate would. Free my ears yeah because if you sound never flip on topics like will. Down from what do you mean you don't flip want what would you flip on him about it yeah wait what do you trying to that I will be an ever testify against travel. I don't need only say that saying by the solid second but never for bite from an apparent hazing and like a canary right now yes they really believe because it Thornton paying you know Lincoln now. In prison if it now is really a horrible idea let's face is now slot yeah and then they don't want to do it and you know mount affords old Allen is older than me his home on the house. Does anyone know that the name hasn't asked. He's got his friends and his the last few years of his life in prison and then calling as young as kids at. Now. I'd of these three guys Michael Flynn Paul man afford Michael Cohen Cohen axis of forties are not good guys they've got a past. That but he and very well dressed people they. Well Michael Cohen Intel now is weak and he knew but it but he relied on him for his most precious dealings. Didn't anyone can survive this it's president trop I mean time and I am again we have seen him. Go through moments Access Hollywood video I thought for sure that was gonna taken down stormy Daniels who knows where that ends as of right now he actually has the upper hand and it sounds like. They Mae is stormy steaming after a. Lawyers it was thousand dollars people I don't think Thompson is gonna sit well we're going pleaded times already know we have so I don't know wheezing winds we've heard people talk about. But no one's been able to say and here's where it ads and I think that's what people waiting for the waiting for here's the smoking I want to say the word but here's the penis what back looked. We'll get a little bit of the peak gets thrown out of I would say that anymore we'll get a he today I think. But what if there isn't that smoking I'll say smoking gun at the end you wouldn't there isn't I don't know because there may not be a direct link between these guys. That gets president trump behind Arnold or yeah okay but don't we know one thing we don't know it may never even end up there don't we already. No that he gave Michael can't permission to pay hush money. Two that McDonald woman and also stormy Daniels he he actually was and that. We as arguably yeah finance that's it I am glad I had a regularly I think they that he violated you know that con concrete I think they want Ky Kathleen and Collins they taped a lot of stuff that's not forget that he was very much a compulsive take back. This is smoking gun salute Clinton. You know there's some speculation that one person who may not be impacted by the mall investigation is to gotten a White House. And this could be bad news for fox when it's not what here's what I think I was just so one thing about it. He is the only president who has his own TV channel. In history. And then Nixon didn't have it so he has Fox News and fox will just back him up because he's careful about that though because let me finish that thought his failure as a president means they offenders the station so they have everything invested in propping him up. And backing his lies so that is a very very unusual position for somebody to bid in the did you want to be a Chris Wallace interview with. Present some of the oh yeah did you think that there were some hard hitting questions there has that was Fox News I mean there are a number of folks there that. That very much push back on him and are not in his camp. They're great journalists at fair Kennedy Harris Faulkner Shep Smith I can go on and on and on our a lot of great people at Barnard yeah you're outlining new jobs and doesn't live our position I think the book are you could talk about how race watches the ones that do not and I think that's what I get so much. Access to the president because he knows it isn't a friendly play but I also I think what's also interesting is there it's trump is tweeting out all of this stuff and it you know obstruction. But justice and is tampering with a witness and an and that's a federal crime so when he's sort of you know issuing these very send Mondale does rent is he's giving Mueller even more ammunition because again it's a federal trying to say you know. If you knew you don't need to testify or you should testify that guys really cool 'cause he's not testifying I haven't. Forgot about my part in power all that kind of stuff is is served. You know whistling dog whistle in cities with this and it is on live up pro idea you know you can't say Bennett's steak because while he says it anyway but it now. Tell us what Barack it's almost like because he says it out loud. People don't take it seriously if they had uncovered that this conversation about Helsinki for example when he took the word of Putin. Over his CIA. If they have uncovered that it would be treasonous but because he says it on TV everybody's like phone whatever I. What is biggest issues he could face is one of his kids. Getting in real trouble and and that yeah question is do you stay in office if Don junior is really charged with something. But what really might Alapont living in hypotheticals and life in general and the like as a general all we're not there gap we know that Michael Flynn has cooperated more than we thought he hassle we know today yeah he's day there's our little bay adult admitting how little bit more. But we shouldn't doubt I had over our skis about what's impeachable what's not we don't know what we don't know it's and I think it's dangerous because I know that I been promised many times before. Putting on this very show that we hot it that we did have the smoking gun and I will still stay gone on national television. I am sad reason I didn't say gun was cause Steve's goalies was coming on and I didn't want anybody to misunderstand. The joke that's why didn't do it just so were all clear. Sorry but I highbrow lad to try it you're allowed to it was just you know it was just me time and wouldn't you know. While data Tuesday two days ago is there is something brought up about guns that we said though with guns again Sally and I don't but I had no way I'm. But I I just know this was just me. China be thoughtful.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what might be revealed in the Russia probe court filings due this week, and if the president will be affected by it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59608652","title":"Is Robert Mueller wrapping up his investigation?","url":"/theview/video/robert-mueller-wrapping-investigation-59608652"}