Sarah Sanders says White House may revoke clearances

"The View" co-hosts discuss what the impact of that decision would be.
6:23 | 07/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarah Sanders says White House may revoke clearances
So white house press secretary Sarah sanderss thehite house resident wants for fici criticizing his relatiship with Russia to face consequences. Not only is the psident looking Toake away the security clearance, he's look in the clearances of Comey, clapper, rice Mccabe. He's looking to remove the clearances because politicized and in some cases monetized their seices. Making I am proper contact withia is inappropriate. N a couple of te don't have security clearances Comey and mabe. Knock twout. You would think before this list would have S take these guys F. Is it appropriate for to their security clearance? Itay it. If he can take he can probably give why has it been sog wjared Kushner? Theain this guy has such a fragilego ands so frightened of Mueller and T St of them that he isfraid of a kind of criticism whi iseally very tacky a president toay the least if you can't take criticism, that's theost -- What's the mess S saying THA they're monetizing, they're making Mon off it. Doesverybody remember when kellyanne Conway was pushing ivka's shoe line? Does erybody know that when the secretvice goes to Mara la go that they get the rooms there and the tayers pay at does everyone know THA ivanka has earned5 miller own venturesluding her fashion line? It'snprecedented the amount of moneyhe tru family has John Kelly downgrad Jared Kushner's security clearance let's not forget that. 'S not the only person. He sllit. It was stillraded. Irely swipes him in. Paul Ryan said ihinke's trolling people ly. The thing about this is when had James Comey on here I sai to his face I thought was a animal. When trump is talking about people making money Brennan H a T He's making money. Agree. Do I think they're revealing nationalecrets on television? The problem I have his as someone who knows a little about security clearance, when people leave the ve the department of just or white house they need their ea if you want to speak to them Abou case or Abo national security they need thelearance so they can helu. Ifnot, they take that kedge with . The notion you want to take away the security clearance tells M this administration is very weak in terms of ego, but T a T using the vast institutional information THA these people have. Whatre accusing -- the monetg every singl president, agent,ecomes coultant O TV or write books. Thatoesn't see unusual to . They should be calling on these people for their knowledge. You know he isn't. I think H -- I'm sorry. I was going to say I'm not comfortawith vindicness. Me THAs very DI. That's H middle name. Uncomfortle because it means if youethis one go and the next one go a you L the next one , wn ey come for you there's nob I don't know if it's a good idea for anyone who I running the country. Of course. To sayon'tike how you talk about me. I' takin your stuff. Isn't it ieresting that T heelsth Michael Cohen tndhe facts there are stillchildren separad fromir parents, all this is going this idiot isalking a clearances which isuseless. I W thereas let politicizing and media hitsy people in the intelligence communitin neral. It'she same W that Navy with other Navy S.E.S going on TV. Does it worry you this sounds like an enemy list? Anyon with the last name of S top oftrump's li?I've got my own battles to T. He is the king of distraction. He is. I've never seen a master mind like this. He L wizard of oz. The Wizar of oz. The minute you get close to getting him H pulls out something out of hisehind like that Guyn Sacha baroncohen. L that senator. Then haso D something. It's not justbluste running the countrys N enough to sendickets to people. You have to do something meaningful for the PEOP. Even your base is goingo start going, hey, man, what's happening. They'll never turn.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what the impact of that decision would be.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56785961","title":"Sarah Sanders says White House may revoke clearances","url":"/theview/video/sarah-sanders-white-house-revoke-clearances-56785961"}