Sen. Amy Klobuchar on questioning Brett Kavanaugh about blacking out

Klobuchar discusses the infamous exchange between her and the then-Supreme Court nominee on "The View."
9:08 | 10/18/18

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Transcript for Sen. Amy Klobuchar on questioning Brett Kavanaugh about blacking out
Can I have it? Olay Whips. Senator Amy klobuchar is someone who both parties want to work with. Please welcome senator Amy klobuchar. Thank you, everybody. Thank you guys. So wonderful to have you here today. It's great to be on. What a great audience. Incredible. We have so much to talk about so we have to jump right into this. You've had this pivotal moment during the Kavanaugh hearing where you really pressed him on whether or not he ever blacked out on drinking. I want to show the clip in case people forgot and then talk about it. You're asking about blackout, I don't know, have you? Could you answer the question, judge. You have -- that's not happened, is that your answer? Yeah. I'm curious if you have. I have no drinking problem, judge. Nor do I. I'm sorry about that. I appreciate that. I would like to add, when you have a parent that's alcoholic, you're pretty careful about drinking. You know, senator, you handled that extremely well, but how were you feeling when he responded that way? Well, my first thought was if I was appearing before him in court, he would have thrown me out of the courtroom. No question, no question. But I did appreciate that he apologized. I thought that was important. But at the same time, this is supposed to be a dignified proceeding and that's not how he was acting. And beyond that, it doesn't change why I didn't support him, and that was because I think we need an independent voice on this court. This is a court that decides where you can go to school and how safe your workplace is. My grandpa worked 1500 feet underground in the mines. Court decisions protected him. And it decides who you can marry. In fact, the justice he's replacing is the one that wrote the decision that said that you can marry who you love. So that's why this was such an important job and I just think that we could have had someone that was more independent. Right, right. You know, after that exchange Lindsey graham actually said Amy klobuchar should have apologized to him. Have you gotten around to that yet? I'm looking at Meghan because she knows Lindsey quite well. I do. So I did have a talk with him. I did not apologize. But we had a good talk about this. He's someone that I'm friends with. We've traveled -- Lindsey? Yes. With Meghan's dad all over the world. So we had a good talk about it. We agreed we would continue to work together. We just passed a bill on opioids. And I just believe that if you just go down every rabbit hole when someone goes after you, of course you talk to them, but if you just go in your opposite corner of the boxing ring, you never get anything done because courage these days isn't are you just going to stand there and give a speech by yourself. Courage is whether you're willing to stand next to someone you don't always agree with for the betterment of this country. That's right. That's what you're supposed to do. Before you were a senator you were a prosecutor. So you know legally that a victim of sexual assault does not need corroborating witnesses or evidence to have her be believed. But somehow -- and to prove an assault. But somehow what's been very interesting to me is the national conversation that resulted from Dr. Ford's testimony is that men are the victims in this and that Kavanaugh was the victim, justice Kavanaugh was the victim. Are you surprised by that? I was because, you know, judge Kavanaugh is now justice Kavanaugh. He ended up with a pretty good job on the supreme court. And what Dr. Ford did which is what so many victims do, she was willing to come forward and what I always used to tell peoplings they would have to tell their story to a jury box of strangers. She had to tell her story to the entire nation. When I look at all of the facts here, you know, she had told her therapist about this years before, she had told her husband, she passed a lie detector test. While not admissible in court it's something we use all the time to decide truth for FBI jobs or CIA jobs. So that's why I thought she deserved this day. It would have been great to have the other people involved in this testify as well before the nation. What did you think of that FBI investigation, so-called? I got to go look at that in the basement. You couldn't but I could. And it was very narrowly defined by the white house, and so we weren't able to follow up on leads and things like that. But I think, joy, the issue here with this behind us now is what do we do about it? We are three weeks before a major national election. So if you didn't like the look of those 11 men sitting on the other side not even asking her a question, then go vote. And if you didn't like -- Senator, on that point though, the confirmation of Kavanaugh really seems to have awakened a lot of the Republican base. It's even being called the Brett bounce in a lot of states. Heidi Heitkamp, sort of swing areas. It's polling right now even in my home state of Arizona more towards a Republican. Is it conceivable that Democrats may have misplayed their hand in that hearing in general? First of all, good question. But this wasn't a hand to be played, right? She came forward and we had -- I'm not talking about her. It is what happened and when you're in a position of power and something comes forward at the last minute, what do you do? Do you sweep it under the rug? Now where do we go from here and I think this is a good point. Joy, at the beginning of the show you talked about the fact that the leader of the Republican party, Mitch Mcconnell, has been talking once again about repealing the affordable care act and putting that up for vote, something that your dad bravely took that vote. Three Republicans voted with Democrats to make sure that didn't happen. That's what this election is about, making sure people who have pre-existing conditions, over half of Americans, don't lose their health care. This is about students who want to be able to refinance their student loans and they say how come billionaires can refinance yachts and I can't do this. It's ridiculous. This is about the fact that we have to do something about immigration reform instead of just separating moms from kids at the border. How about passing comprehensive immigration reform. That's good for our economy. You're talking about the future of the democratic party, whether it's the mid-terms or even 2020, Elizabeth Warren is someone who is probably thinking about a run. This week she made a lot of news by finally releasing the DNA results of her native American ancestry. It's gotten a lot of criticism not just from Republicans but even on the democratic side. Obama's former adviser, campaign manager, was saying why can't Democrats stay focused. This is not the right time to be releasing this. They're saying why are you trying to play trump's game. That doesn't help you. What was your response to that? It's a bit of a unique situation. He's been calling her names for a long time. But I would go back to what I just said. We need to refocus on what really counts right now. People in my state, I've been out in all 87 counties, they are not talking about this right now. If we follow the president down every rabbit hole he leads us, we're going to have a repeat of the 2016 election. Yeah. We need to focus on what matters to people, and that is an optimistic -- He's the master of that, of distraction. Even the question I'm going to ask you now might be a distraction but I'm going to ask it anyway because -- Oh great. Because Hillary Clinton, who I voted for, we love Hillary, but last week -- Speak for yourself. She said that Bill Clinton should not be -- should not have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky affair because he was sleeping with the white house intern but it wasn't an abuse of power because Monica was an adult. Now, to me it's like, Hillary, don't even go there anymore. Stop with this because it's just another distraction for our enemies -- your political enemies to go after the Democrats. What do you say to that? First of all, on her own merits, Hillary would have been a great president. I agree. But what she said specifically, I think we all know that in those kinds of power situations age doesn't matter. But once again, if we spend our whole time relitigating the past and talking about what men have done instead of what women can do, we're never -- we are -- we're never going to give the women a chance to do it. And that's what this election is about. Let's not look at what men can do, let's look at what women are doing. Don't look at what men have done. Let's look at what women can do if given a chance to do it.

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{"duration":"9:08","description":"Klobuchar discusses the infamous exchange between her and the then-Supreme Court nominee on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58593334","title":"Sen. Amy Klobuchar on questioning Brett Kavanaugh about blacking out","url":"/theview/video/sen-amy-klobuchar-questioning-brett-kavanaugh-blacking-58593334"}