Sen. Mike Lee on Mueller report, possible impeachment and climate change

The senator explains why he was "relieved" by the redacted version of the Mueller report.
7:49 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for Sen. Mike Lee on Mueller report, possible impeachment and climate change
Actually I think is one of the smartest politicians in Washington please welcome author of the new book are lost declaration America's fight against tyranny. From king George to the deep state welcomed senator likely. Okay. I'm. That all might have a boyfriend you're the General Counsel to my dad was governor full disclosure but. Let's get job at a yet he had the he had Georgie to but let's get serious because there's a lot going on you are. Some might think that it speaks so well about Lawler ports or government that Senate Judiciary Committee. When you take out criminal activity and you look at just character. And you look at. The role the president was there any part that you read that gave you Potts as a Republican or short. That look there are lots of things in there that. People find comfort and there are lots of things in there that are not flattering. I I think. It done anything illegal. Well I was relieved to see that there was nothing in there establishing collusion there's been a lot of talk about inclusion over the last two years to philosophical and funny federal crime can answer your former federal process where you know that correct. People worried about pollution there was collusion that gave rise. To the fear that there might have been some type of obstruction. I didn't see any evidence of a crime I didn't see any planned to bring forth charges against the president. And so after two years of searching the fact that they came out they don't have anything there. Indicates to me that it's time to move on I suspect many my colleagues who disagree. They won't be ready to move on I am but when you wouldn't attended obstruction isn't that something that would commute corners. Look the fact that he thought about doing certain things managed not some meter was later walked off the ledge from them by some very capable. Staff members who pointed out that this wasn't a good idea. Is it self comforting it's indicative of the fact. They kept telling of the wasn't a good idea many try somebody else I'm sure somebody else and somebody Allen not only that but he asks. People to do things and they just didn't do it it's not that they walked him off the ledge she asked them to do things that he didn't do it kept me that's attempt. That is crime. They sit that there were politics can best be understood when you break down to its recruits Polly meaning text meaning many intakes which are blood sucking parasites who put them together and you know it doesn't end well. There are things in politics that happened that are not pleasant that are not flattering and we certainly saw some in this report. It nonetheless I don't look at that and see criminal activity I don't see look at that and see a basis for impeachment I don't look at that and see basis. For promotion I ask you this though is if it were Democrat president right now. And the same report came out what more Republicans be up in arms about what they read. Since they would find features a but unflattering and some would be calling for impeachment if some were calling for impeachment. I've been trying to walk them off that ledge because it doesn't end well. Well moderate Republicans want him they impeached a President Clinton because he had a sack the second yell sent an escapade and how did that worked out for the and it bet that didn't work out well for the Republican Party. It didn't work out well for the country. It perhaps satisfied a momentary impulse at the moment but I don't think anyone emerge from that as this. Is worse than not that that was just sex mrs. obstruction of justice this is about the constitution this is about collaborating not arrest and Clinton lied under oath. That's what that's he did aren't slogan let out of line as I say notebook Mueller didn't put him on that on the stand so that he could lie under a. We don't like that weren't just sickening what senator Hartley has to stay on message that's okay I will say Hyundai there's a reason why. Only who lean and Elizabeth Warren have officially moved out for impeachment. Why do you think that there aren't more Democrats were running were calling for impeachment is it because it backfired on Republicans and historically yeah. Yes and yes they I believe so is reading comments from my friend and calling Cory Booker just a few moments ago who expressed great hesitation with the idea of moving forward with it. And while I don't wanna speak for him or any of my democratic colleagues in the senate were counterparts from the house. I strongly suspect this is why only Elizabeth Warren among big presidential candidates right now are. Are calling for impeachment if the others are seeing that it backfired badly on Republicans when we did this a couple of decades ago it didn't end well for us it wouldn't end well for them. We are now. You know what a year and a half away from another major presidential election this is now part of the political process and it will work itself out that way. It is about politics errors but is it about constitutional. Duty. At this point it is about politics at this point will we see that there will be no criminal prosecution propped against this president. And so the only question remaining is whether or not to bring forward impeachment charges that itself is a political question. Well I want change subjects because it's earth to. And you made a lot of headlines recently for presentation you gave on the senate floor essentially mocking the green new deal and we have some highlights I think. This is of course a picture of former president Ronald Reagan. Naturally firing on a machine gun while riding on the back of a dinosaur in a future without air travel are always posted. Get around the vast expanses of say. Alaska. During the winter. Well I'll tell you how. Total tons Mr. President. Mr. President. This. He's the real solution to climate change. Babies. Now nowhere in the green new deal. Does it say that he. People want to eliminate. Air travel but but that was standing up I was a thirteen minute presentation that I think that was pretty wasteful of of government time. But you can't deny the science that climate change is real so rather than mocking what is your plant. What is your plant. There are three independent questions that we have to ask ourselves in connection with climate change is the planet warming. It's human activity responsible. In it if the answers to the first two questions are guess what if anything do we do about. Let's take off the table from an at the first two questions let's assume the answer to both of the first two questions is yes I've yet to hear of any public proposal. Any law that's been introduced including the green nuke deal that would. Make a meaningful dent in global greenhouse gas emissions in other words I don't believe there is a political legal legislative solution to this. I believe it will be achieved only through human innovation human innovation plan well if it happens best when we allow our people to be free when our. People. Developed when they're allowed to study but we have more children those children are educated within the best higher education system in the world and that brings about more innovation. We're able to use. Fossil fuels right now in a way that's for more efficient. Then where there used in almost any other country including most of the countries that are growing fastest. Well look like gasoline like natural gas natural S under an and we've got an abundance of those things and we've learned to use them in a way that's more environmentally responsible that's cleaner. We've actually lowered the emissions of every vehicle of every mobile source like cars every stationary source both. Like a problem that needs to be handled scientists say with an eleven years so you think by having more babies. Those babies in eleven years are going to be Smart enough to solve. The climate change crop up so that this. Certainly got although those would be prodigy babies if that happened. I reject the premise that we've got only eleven years I reject the sign and I reject the premise that we have only eleven years there are some who do say that. There are others who who dealt. And if we've only got eleven years one wonders whether there is anything physically we could do with or without a legislative change. Add to make a dent here that weren't looking around overtime it's going to make a difference when we innovate.

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{"duration":"7:49","description":"The senator explains why he was \"relieved\" by the redacted version of the Mueller report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62557948","title":"Sen. Mike Lee on Mueller report, possible impeachment and climate change","url":"/theview/video/sen-mike-lee-mueller-report-impeachment-climate-change-62557948"}