The Senate rejects Donald Trump's national emergency

"The View" co-hosts discuss how 12 Republicans' votes solidified a rejection of the president's national emergency.
5:38 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for The Senate rejects Donald Trump's national emergency
Al his politics most Republican senators. Stood bias trumps Muslim band. Took place his gutting of environmental. Law and immigration policies that separated families at the border put kids in cages. But it looks like they finally could be some turning. The twelve GOP senators aligned with Democrats imagine that. Okay. Grayson from the border wall try made it clear what he plans to do about treating. Veto how does he think that say present from Italy or doesn't. You know I think he was time to think they adult. But a it's. What happens he vetoes of that and now they have to think we have to Ference to over him. Throw it rallied back into the ring override the right out in the whole congress right. Well right in both houses and they're probably not back after the likelihood that they get they're very slim. This is being challenged in court so we'll knowledge gonna seek court action as it goes through the course you can explain that what looked. To meet these twelve senators I know a lot of them. What outlining with Democrats they were aligning with the principals and their convictions. And their spy planes for a ones yeah you know they would remembering that this is not about being new rubber stamp for a precedent because he happens to be at your party. But rather beat him behaving as as an independent coal equal branch of government. He is a surfing the power of the legislative he is setting eight. Bad precedent for the congress and is responsible for the purse strings at tonight Constance actually rank so they are basically giving up that I mean people who are constitutional. Strict on constitution like Ben stassen and Ted Cruz. Are both saying the get the constitution. I'm sticking with this president what would get why why we're up to reelect this high. Lightly made the team worst part of politics I think this represents the worst the worst because your putting. Your election and your party before we feels best for this country Thom Tillis is a perfect example of that in. North Carolina he wrote an op Ed just a few weeks ago saying that against this saying that it was. Intellectually dishonest yeah and then just fast forward to yesterday he voted against it because he's up for reelection so. There are over twenty I believe Republicans up for reelection in 20/20 Eaton and the only one. That voted against this was Susan Collins now sees realized she federal election so I give her a lot of kudos because studio either way she's in Maine which is it would thing happened with did not the most conservative state but it's but she could get flack for voting either direction on this I wish I some more Republicans that we're up for reelection. Voting this way because and it shows you care more about this country that does about yourself and about the. What do you think they're scared they scared just a Baptist did not gonna get reelected or is there other fear they afraid of trapped. And his wrath and the fact that he calls people names have noted that part of it but if you're if you consider yourself a strict constitutional list that there is no way that you could vote in line with trop because of that the two can't coexist. But I think what may be interest date is when you look at this winding up in the courts you know you have these three separate but equal branches of government. And so the courts I think are going to look at the legislative intent behind this because the legislative. Intent is it is really clear you have the house you have the senate and they're saying we. Don't agree with the executive branch we don't agree with the president and so what what are the court's gonna do with that I think is going to be very very very interest I'd say. And the legal trouble there's there's headed up a court action has been started by an alliance of twenty states being glad I have yeah. The attorneys general Labor Day California six candidate by the what is what trumping locked in a new from the beginning that he would follow likely to veto this. And it with his base he's thinking this is exactly. What I need to do to show them that I'm gonna stand strong on the border. Is now it will go to the courts and we know that takes a long time so this will go likely well into the 20/20 rate I would think that he sees as an advantage I think for himself politically I think this thing. Okay yep. That is examines the ideal of what happy dissent that everybody's playing politics all the way around. I will say we are talking about people like Mike Leigh. And I'm Rob Portman they are strict constitutional us and likely I would say is probably adding he was rumored to be up for the Supreme Court he's one of the most. It out and deeply. And dedicated to the constitution of I think any politician if serving RD dying know it yet birthdays weighs more libertarian but I just think there are. The question I wanted to post the table was does this change your mind about Republicans now in any way I'm Darryl I'll help people I'm more hopeful. That they'll start to see the light and then start to really realize what's going on in the country and you know what Democrats at the 31 I promise you Democrats up for reelection wouldn't you. Would have some of them would have voted at this runner up Brock Obama would have voted May Day you're I don't know that I don't depend on how humble. About I don't know that never happened before I think that's what people get so. Senecal about politics because of the inconsistencies of politicians and the boys and how Lebanon a shove you are against the executive actions and the emergency orders by Barack Obama. Then you've got to be right you know hold the think convictions and the same thing rolls on both sides of the aisle say yeah you think plan doesn't think what constitutes an emergency we should maybe make a baseline for this but I think should be. Hurricanes' Scott urban terror attacks things that are actual emergencies well that's good Alan and a Democrat is in power. That got eight point it added one new arbor has lost more school shooting and that will be behind you know have come into chaos hit all he's only played golf five times as declaring that instead yeah.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how 12 Republicans' votes solidified a rejection of the president's national emergency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61713498","title":"The Senate rejects Donald Trump's national emergency","url":"/theview/video/senate-rejects-donald-trumps-national-emergency-61713498"}