Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio

"The View" co-hosts discuss Daniels' arrest at a strip club in Ohio.
5:36 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio
so, early Thi morning, stormy Daniels W arrested in -- an Ohio strip club for allegedly touching patrons during her ac H is against a state law there. Now, her lawyer, Mel avenatti tweeted, it's the same act'sn performing across the country ands was a bit of a send politically motiva MM. Now, part of the -art of the fact is that in this town, yes,t is there. But, I Thi it's been there maybefive, six years. They have Ver, ever, ever -- enforced it. Eenforced it. I couldn't find it on the S anywhere havin been enforced. No. The complaints that E she Ed off her top and then she put herreasts I the officers faces. Sheorced her breasts. Michael avenue natty said he explicitly asked if E he could motor-boat her. I explained that many times O the show. The police asked if he could motorboat stormy niels. By the way it's her B. She's a strip club dance I think it's total sting operon and I'm on her side. Why is trump so afraidf avenatti? Do you think trump that did or just police officers -- We don't . It comes fromtrump. Probably -- if you really go a few people. You . It's his office that is looking after --ting avenatti down. Putting him down. Because avenatt is a street figh just letrump. He's a guy who says stuff in ce clip sentences. And he knows what he's talking out. D he's not lying. Helaims to H all the evidence he S, even, ai trump. Just like the Nixon tapes years ago, now have what I will refero as the trump tapes. That is scaring the nlts off of you know who. Then release th me the money. I think Michael avenatti is a me person. He said he would be open to runnfor prest, as well. I think if it's exists, please, by all means, show me at this point. M sick of taking about. Ntil Y do, mil, Stoy was set up. Because it was three cops. Listen,ig is this strip club. There were three officers in there. Why were there what was wrong with Her shot. I will tell you. I year. She had a vergood-looking mug shot. You check that Stormy?let me see. It's V ce. She's aeaulgirl. What the- nd when she came on here, I S the biggest skeptic when sheca on. I was by theiggest skeptic the. Hesitan to interview he understood why we did. By the end, I said tofriends, she was so impressive. Her answersadeal sense. I didn't want to tell my husband that I slept wit the president.ere's Noman in the room who dn't relate that. If you endedp sleeping with president trump, yould tellour husband. It's an honest, rational answer. You haver police officers there. One, not two, but four. She said three. No, the W a witness. And two female officers. And then a male officer. Washe witness a -- The witnesses also a officer. A deteive. The THR officers, two F and one male, approachedher. Soy don't E know how isn some sort of sting operation. Brought so much attention on Hert she has a child, a hud,hat she said did not sign up for this. A lot of is, I already feel bad enough forher. So to eer suffering. Have for money, but I'm liar. Again, I wasotally changed my opinion oer W she came on the show. She's very U ont. I thought you just said that thecop, one of the police officers, asked her to motor-boat. Asked if he could motor-boat her. Well, can't er-boat M. Isn't that called sng operation? Yes. That wasting her up. En trapment? No one has be to answer the questions. Arehe rules posted on the door WHE youento this joint? Right. It's not like -- Inohio, you have to if I against the law, you don't W peoming in. And there areifferent laws state by state for S clubs. Wh is interesting. E' noap dances in D.C. In Louisiana, you must be at least 18 inches in height. Your heels must be gton state. Lots of different th This party is get D. Williams county, N Dakota, you T your nipples. WHE is hat? Williamscounty, north Dakota. In Ohio, it's the community defense. I guess the commu needs to be dendinst stormy? Allf this stuff doesn't even matter, bse if it's not po, how is she supposed to ow? Well, ignorance of the is never a defense, though. Right. But the bot testimonyli if you'r in a strip club, WHA did you Thi is going to happen? You know some- a br is gonna hitsomebody. Okay. It's a S club. The stage must be 18 inches.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Daniels' arrest at a strip club in Ohio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56542901","title":"Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio","url":"/theview/video/stormy-daniels-arrested-ohio-56542901"}