Was Stormy Daniels physically threatened?

"The View" co-hosts discuss Daniels' attorney's comment that the porn actress was threatened with physical harm.
7:02 | 03/16/18

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Transcript for Was Stormy Daniels physically threatened?
Politics, the white house must be a very dark place right now because there's a gathering stormy looming. Get it? And the stormy keeps on growing and growing. Just this morning stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael av nattie, everyone's in love with him, he's so cute, dropped this bombshell on "Morning Joe." Watch. Was she threatened in any way? Yes. Was she threatened physical harm? Yes. Was he life threatened? Again, I'm not going to answer that. People will have to tune in to 60 minutes. Can you tell us whether it came in from the president directly, the physical threats? I'm not going to answer that. Will you deny that the president of the United States threatened your client? I will not confirm or deny. That is something, I think. What do you think? He also claims that six more women have similar stories about trump, so here's the question. Is stormy Daniels emerging as the inspiration behind the movement to bring down trump, and will she succeed? So far I'm finding it shocking that we're not hearing from him because in the whole presidency we always said who can stop him from tweeting or commenting or saying things. The first thing I noticed is we're not hearing much about this from him or his camp. Yeah, he's very quiet all of a sudden. Somebody is giving him good advice. Look, the reason that fire and fury sold over 2 million copies is that he tried to stop it. The best thing that can him is for him to try to stop it. It gives it more action. I will say this and I've said this on the show before. I think this story is bigger than stormy Daniels because if stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 from trump's lawyer, trump, the trump administration, the trump campaign, I think it makes it more plausible that the Russians may have some sort of sexual blackmail on this president, and that perhaps is why he's so complimentary. What does the fact that she seemingly exploited the president -- she tried to sell her story to the network. Can I tell you what it has to do with it? If you read the Steele dossier, there were sources that said that president trump was found in -- Corroborated though. There are four sources, but found that president trump was in a compromising situation with prostitutes that the Russian government set up for him. And let's face it, sexual espionage has been a tool of the Russian government for years and years and years. I understand your point an I do have an issue with that because it's completely unsubstantiated at this point, the Steele dossier. I feel like a lot of people are adopting her as the champion for the many alleged victims. She's a whistleblower. The whistleblower is a porn star. My issue -- do you guys really believe that she is a victim because she allegedly had a consensual sexual affair with Donald Trump when he was not president, as opposed to the 19 alleged victims of sexual assault and harassment? Don't you think it kind of diminishes. She had a consensual relationship. I certainly don't see her as a victim. I see her as a woman who refuses to be shut up, who refuses to be silent. I see her, frankly, and I think the reason that she's got this appeal is because she is this very empowered woman. This lady does not give a damn about anything. She has more testicularty than the entire Republican congress at the moment. I like that word. Let's face it, if what her lawyer said this morning on "Morning Joe" and on CNN, he repeated it, if she has been threatened by someone in the trump camp, I think she is a victim, a victim of trying to be silenced. This is theoretical but it kind of explains the low number of $130,000. So low. Right? If you're being physically threatened, okay, honey, take the money or else. But remember -- She got the $130,000 before he was president. She probably thought he'll never win. Hell, you never thought he was going to win. I didn't think he was going to win and he won. Now her story is worth much more because he is president. Yes. Also it's the climate of the times because I think if she took that and agreed to the legal nondisclosure or whatever she was doing, I think this time has changed everyone's -- we've opened our eyes about maybe that wasn't okay, you know, and I think that kind of gave her a platform to stand up and say take your money, I want my voice back. The thing is -- Who should he be more scared of, stormy or Mueller? I think he should be scared of both. If you think about stormy, again, I think it makes the dossier allegations with four sources more plusible but Mueller just issued subpoenas to the trump organization for anyone involved in Russia. You talk about whether stormy will bring him down. You talk about him being compromised. From who? Who is he compromised for? Look, his base does not care. They give him mulligans, second chances. The Republican congress says it's not on their radar. I heard Paul Ryan say last week, you know, that the entire stormy Daniels thing was not on his radar. His radar is broken. But the voters -- the voters care. Look what happened in Pennsylvania. Look at what happened in Pennsylvania. But the rest of us -- but they don't care about Donald Trump's morals. The rest of us already think he has no moral compass. If it's hush money and she was physically threatened and it's proved and she has documentation, will Paul Ryan care or not. I think if there's some link, whether it's an e-mail or exchange of money, I think they could catch him on this. Campaign finance. Something links him to it I think it could catch him but I don't think it will change the base. Who will investigate? The politically appointed ftc or the Republican congress? The ftc is not -- Look, what I do think plays into elections is I think the American people are fed up with a congress that is not behaving like a co-equal branch, that there is no checks and balanced and they're not holding the executive branch accountable. The voters spoke in Pennsylvania. They don't like it. I have a legal note. Trump denies allegations of sexual assault and denies any sexual encounter with stormy Daniels. Still denying it. We'll see. She did an interview. It's been out there. She did an interview back in 2011. What more are we really going to find out? When 60 minutes airs this on mar 25th, we'll see if there's documentation to back her up and according to this lawyer it looks like she has some. Photographs allegedly.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Daniels' attorney's comment that the porn actress was threatened with physical harm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53800606","title":"Was Stormy Daniels physically threatened?","url":"/theview/video/stormy-daniels-physically-threatened-53800606"}