Sunny Hostin celebrates her birthday!

“The View” co-host commemorates her 51st birthday this weekend and explains why she’s proud of her age.
4:34 | 10/18/19

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Transcript for Sunny Hostin celebrates her birthday!
Hello, everybody, and welcome to "The view." Okay. Well, you can see Meghan's off today. Whoopi's home today. It's her birthday. Ana's here. It's a whole thing. I want to tell you I find this chicken staring right at me disconcerting. That's a cake. That's a cake. I love this. I know it's a cake. I know it's not the new co-host. It was made by Palermo's bakery. Look them up. It's pretty. It's gorgeous. Oh my gosh. I love it. Is this where we give her two minutes to talk about her chickens? No. Hostinshens on Instagram. It's rude to ask a lady your age, but apparently you tell it to everybody, so -- I do. I'm 51. Looks good. Looking good on you. The fact that she tells people -- I know. You do look incredible though. I'm not saying that just because you're one of my co-hosts. You make 51 look very, very good. You really do. You really do. Well, you know, that leaves me to my question because, you know, this week we were talking about Suzanne Summers. She's 73. She looks good, and she did a film -- some kind of a photo shoot naked. Naked in the woods, there she is. What are you implying? I'm asking sunny. Would you do it to mark the occasion? No. I'm just -- I'm very into modesty. I'm a traditionalist. It's not something that I would do, but if you are comfortable doing it, then you do it. I'll say 50 wuss a little tough for me. Why? My friends know. It felt big, you know? It is big. It felt really big, but 51 feels great. I just feel like wow. I have had so many friends that actually haven't made it to this age and it's such a blessing. I have the most incredible children. They're my life. I have the most wonderful husband. My parents are healthy. My friends are my support system. I have this incredible blessing of a job with people that I adore, and -- So it's all good. I'm blessed. It's all good, yeah. Yeah. I feel like you are -- you're living your best life. There are so many different things going on. You have got a book going on. You have got a different -- I have a memoir coming out and a series coming out. Wait a minute. Wait a second. I don't want people to be too jealous. You know what I mean? Give us something negative. I want to go back to Suzanne Summers though. We live in the world of trump. What else do you want? You know what it is for me is there are good things happening for me, but it's -- I'm the person that comes from the south bronx projects and I have worked really hard. Yes, we know. And I had a hard life, and I just feel like -- But it's not hard now, sunny. It's not hard now, but I feel like if I can be sitting here, I hope that's an inspirational story because that means anybody can be sitting here. Not really. Can I get back to that picture though? What would Manny want? Would Manny want you to take a photo like that? Manny -- Manny is the love of my life. He really is. He probably would have no problem with me being naked all the time. I got to tell you something though. If you ever do a naked photo shoot in the woods, you better be careful there's no poison I know. That was something. Allergies and hay fever. Itchy. She's crazy. Okay. Happy birthday to sunny. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"“The View” co-host commemorates her 51st birthday this weekend and explains why she’s proud of her age.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66374247","title":"Sunny Hostin celebrates her birthday!","url":"/theview/video/sunny-hostin-celebrates-birthday-66374247"}