Tracy Morgan on giving back to Brooklyn, dinner with Morgan Freeman

Morgan joined "The View" to discuss his new show "The Last OG."
7:46 | 04/23/18

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Transcript for Tracy Morgan on giving back to Brooklyn, dinner with Morgan Freeman
??? So, io aantic cit to see your show at Caesar's this weekend and N oy were people on the R but it was just heavenly to see back G your thing. But the meion this weekend was that you unveiled atlanticity newlayground Inman. Yeah. Talk about it. Te about. , For me -- thank you. For me it important to give back, ye. It was just incredib look, I played basketbaln that playground. I cut my finger yrs ago. I didn'tt this generation of kids cutting their I celebrity to give back inl baskeall a real way, show my Ood for you. Applause ] Want to take promince and do something. That's import to me to look at the H. I got kids and to just change their mind. Yeah. There, like even when we're filming Showe nd to meet Cedric. We're all we're in the studio. We're in theprojects. Bring more than just these cameras and ls and trail to the youth. We'rringing homause we're right there. We'reight there. Good for you. For me, I was rai wit a of us in oneproject. Mark ree ld came after H won olympic gold in '84 and we all run and the medal. I always kept that with I idhe can do it and Eddie can do it and whoopi can do it, Cano A you did it. You may N know, the young lady is looking you. They're saying, I could be it goto mean a lot to us You also got on the walk offame. That's a big deal too. Years and apple] Look at you. Look at Yo You a amazing. The shoes are amazing. The shoes are off thehook. That myife that did that. She pi out. She picked them out a year and a halfombroso. Ago. My wihe picked tut and I saved said I know you can't wear these. This is Prada, you wear fo escog the ar. I said I'm in the class of16. Billions of people have been in show busess but only like eople got as S show. I'm right there with Lena Horne. Right to Lena younow what, getting T St was aweso but the people that I'm with, person L jki Gleason is rightos the street. Busterton is right across the St. Eigu are the people thatade T to do me the most decoratemale comedian in thrld is sing right there. Whoopi gerg has an got. She has. Nliveplever got an egot. You knowa tiehat Eis? Egot is everything. Gethim. That's my family. Is is my my family right here. You have one name,whoopi, come on. Ye like my etty cousin I'll beat somebody up in the throom if ey said sothing to you. What did you say to my cousin? That wasgolpea. Yocame upstairs crying in the project.she braids for it. She got the braids. I appciate that. Areciate that. Does. Oo-h. Yeah. Do that now. I'm going to change Y namekeisha, nay-nay or mething. Nay-nay. That' going be your name. It's Y new nickname. E jus the -- You can call me anything want anything you want you can call . 'M going to call you for er. Your wife is sitting there. Can wee on to you meeting morg Freeman. Oh, Morgan Freeman. I was called upon last I'm looking at T wching fight and I got a agent, Steve smooth. Morgan Freeman wants to have dinner with you and ipped the phone. That's basically goddmi I was so excited at Dr Andi'm talking a mile a minute and he's -- stop when Morman do this to you, that's love I'm in the books. I' in the books. I could be a par the gambi familyow. Absolutely. Ibooks. They open up the book're in the Bos. We have to talk about your new S "The last O.G." Y'all name? It is O.G. For peopleho H't sn it and I hope people seen because iis so fantastic. Itotyfunn it's am talks a social issues. But you play anmbre ex-con who is getting a secon chance atife who shows up in brolyn and brooklyn'srooklyn you remembered. No, it's real. It's real. I told my wife about this idea seven years ago. O wo Steve smooth- we been working. This took five years to make. I remember when iam from th hospital. I was in my wheai and I W really messed up. I would watch the accidenvery day on YouTube and my S, dad, you got to check this out. Was key and peel laughed every day. Ialled my agent and said I to mt I want to be a part of that ma funny. We have the Sam sensibility. Then when I appe at th emmys, while y'all was watching it, I was behind curtain walkingack there. But before we lt becausereverybody left the four seasons, I a meeting with Jordan Peele for the first time. He said, no, you iredme. I told him T idea. And this guy's a genius. Yes,is. He's genius. Because I T turning as I'mhim. Him and johnhey came up with this showbil it's money. It'sfantastic. I know who I would want this next season because wet got P up for a second seon Congratulations. We J got picked up. Know who to play my season. I'm not going to say no names. Let me guess. Uh-oh. He's staring at you. Uh-oh. Okay. K that. Hy anticipated. Highly aic. Listen, I'm in. I'm in. Here you I wanted the show to be but And it is. Something we coucuche, es all relate to. Yes. Ause W these people. Ripped straight from my life Gracioso, perlisten, your life is blessed. You're with us. So ha you got thatmo baby. 'Ll know wn'm of money. You're going T hear about me being dress inud. D all black, ri ten speed on the turnpike, looking for Amazon.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"Morgan joined \"The View\" to discuss his new show \"The Last OG.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54668149","title":"Tracy Morgan on giving back to Brooklyn, dinner with Morgan Freeman","url":"/theview/video/tracy-morgan-giving-back-brooklyn-dinner-morgan-freeman-54668149"}