Trump says 'bad people' are coming from Bahamas

"The View" co-hosts react to the president's comments about how the U.S. has to be "very careful" as Bahamians handle the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.
5:23 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Trump says 'bad people' are coming from Bahamas
Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the Bahamas is still reeling from this devastation, and Miami station WSVN showed a glimpse of the thousands of folks trying to flee to safety, but some survivors have been kicked off of ferries for not having the right papers because I guess sometimes you know when the hurricane is coming and you're trying to flee, you might not realize you don't have all the right paperwork. Of course your island is being devastated, but silly me, why bring that up. Here's you-know-who who said he's -- well, I'll let you see what he says. Everybody needs totally proper documentation because, look, the Bahamas had some tremendous problems with people going to the Bahamas that weren't supposed to be there. I don't want to allow people that weren't supposed to be in the Bahamas to come into the United States including some very bad people and some very bad gang members and some very, very bad drug dealers. You know, this is a guy who has the Taliban -- he's going to have a big meeting with the Taliban. He loves Kim Jong-un and Putin, and yet these people who are fleeing a hurricane are suddenly criminals. He's so despicable. He makes my head stand up -- my hair. I can't stand him. What is also fascinating is he didn't have a problem with the Bahamas when he hosted the 2009 miss universe pageant in the Bahamas and he was tweeting about it and wanted everybody to not only going to the Bahamas but watch it live. Again, the hypocrisy -- what is so terrible is he does have people in the administration that are trying to do the right thing. He has the acting head of the customs and border protection agency, his name is mark Morgan, he said this is a humanitarian mission. Even if you don't have the appropriate documentation, can come to the United States for safety. A couple of minutes later you have that statement coming from the president of the united States. Oh, my god. It's just cruel. It's inhumane. He lacks humanity. But he's a person who keeps children in cages. Remember who you're dealing with here. Yeah. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott who are senators from Florida wrote an open letter to trump and said they would be happy to take people from the Bahamas. Again, if your home is flooded, you probably don't have time to get your identification on the way out. I do think when we talk about the border and when we talk about things like natural disasters, the humanity seems completely removed from it. The best part about America, like Ronald Reagan said, we are a shining beacon on the hill so why can't we help people from the Bahamas who by the way help a lot of rich people with tax shelters down there and have 6 million Americans coming from tourism every year. Marco Rubio is a Republican by the way. If they had a hurricane in Norway and they were all coming here, I think he would be fine with that. I don't know why we're sitting here surprised by this. We're not. This seems to be his -- he goes there every time there is a natural disaster or any time there is a problem with refugees or people trying to flee their country. You're right, this place has always been a beacon on the hill but where is -- as the leader of this country this is the moment where you speak to them to say we are here for you, not you're not welcome. How do you not look at this man and say this is a racial problem? How do you not? I don't think people don't think it's a racial problem. But people are constantly saying you always talk about race. Well, this is a race card. The card can't get any bigger than this. Yes. We don't want to constantly take it out but it's right there. How are people expected to look at this man who's trying -- supposedly leading us and not be taken aback once again by something as critical as -- listen, the islands are gone. The island is gone. Looks like a nuclear bomb. It's horrendous. And thousands of people are still missing, thousands, so the total is going to get higher and higher. I don't think people -- I think -- As a black person, that's what I mean. As somebody whose black who's often told, well, you know, you're just saying he's a racist. I'm not just saying he's a racist. But he is. The juxtaposition of hypothetically inviting Al Qaeda to camp David at the same time, whatever, terrorists, any terrorist, we didn't do it as a hot topic. I thought it was a joke and then I started screaming to my husband. The idea of doing it so close to 9/11 and saying that these people are gang members, it should be infuriating. You're okay with terrorists. You're not okay with refugees from a hurricane.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to the president's comments about how the U.S. has to be \"very careful\" as Bahamians handle the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65518214","title":"Trump says 'bad people' are coming from Bahamas","url":"/theview/video/trump-bad-people-coming-bahamas-65518214"}