Will Trump or Biden benefit from final debate?

After a new rule of muting mics has been put in place for Thursday's final presidential debate, "The View" co-hosts weigh in on how the debate will impact the race.
5:19 | 10/20/20

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Transcript for Will Trump or Biden benefit from final debate?
This Thursday night y'all the final presidential debate of election 2020 -- thank the lord. The new rules are in place giving each candidate two uninterrupted minutes on each topic while the other one's mic is silenced. You know who has grudgingly agreed. He's also claiming Kristin Welker is trying to hide her democratic bias. What the hell, man? Who is this for? Is this just because people are used to it? Joy, what do you think? What is really the purpose of this? What is the purpose of it? Well, it's trump's last chance -- it's his last card. He has no other cards to play. The question is how many lies can he fit into the two minutes. The uninterrupted time is going to be a spotlight on the wizard of oz. He has to have rational arguments and coherent information. He doesn't have that. The guy all he does is yell at people, call people names and lie. Let them ask him about the stimulus bill. He'll have to phone a friend. The other thing is he's so jealous of Fauci. He's so jealous he can hardly speak. It's like the older brother, the one that was favored by the father. Who does trump have her loves him? James woods and Scott baoi? The rest of the world loves Fauci. Sara, what do you think? I keep asking myself why do I tune in? I'm longing for a civility like president Obama 2008, that hope and change. When there is substance or policy or a plan, I get a little excited at what the world could look like in the years to come. I think the rules will be helpful, but I don't think they solve the problem. As joy mentioned, there's two minutes uninterrupted, but there will still be back and forth. I think there's too much weight put on Kirstin Welker, the moderator. In addition to pushing back and keeping these guys in their own lane, she has to keep track of the math. Supposedly there's a rule if someone interrupts that time goes back to the other candidate. I want to warn Twitter, go easy on her. You could not do better. She's got a lot on her plate. What do you think, sunny? Who has what on the line here? Who is the debate for? It's definitely for trump. I think it's his last chance to try to turn the race around. We know that debates don't do much in terms of changing voters' perspective. 95% of voters are reporting they've made up their mind. I also think that trump's sort of efforts at voter suppression have really backfired on him. We've seen this rise in early voting that we have never seen before. It's unprecedented, a rise in not only early voting, but voting by mail as well. Really the Democrats have been doing that. A lot of people were told their votes wouldn't count. You see the long lines all across the country for early voting. I also want to say what's very interesting to me is that undecided voters were key to trump's win in 2016. Now they make up a much smaller percentage. I imagine trump is trying to reach those undecided voters. Can he? I think he's his own worst enemy. I agree with Sara, he'll continue to interrupt and continue to attack the moderator. If he does what he did to Savannah, he'll lose women and people of color. He has a lot to lose, but he's the only one that can gain from the benefit. What's interesting is that we're now going to see all the reasons that we've long talked about changing how we vote, making it more convenient for people to vote because I think now that we've seen that people will do it, if they're given the opportunity to do it when they're able, this is also boding well for us because apparently there is a huge turn-out, which is very exciting, because I guess people now realize that what's on the line here is each one of us.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"After a new rule of muting mics has been put in place for Thursday's final presidential debate, \"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on how the debate will impact the race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73718239","title":"Will Trump or Biden benefit from final debate?","url":"/theview/video/trump-biden-benefit-final-debate-73718239"}