Trump calls himself ‘wartime president’

“The View” co-hosts weigh in on the president believing himself to be a “wartime president” in the fight against the novel coronavirus.
4:58 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for Trump calls himself ‘wartime president’
You know who signs. Back out relief package that includes paid sick leave for hourly workers and free Quan corona virus testing. He's also invoking the defense. Production act which gives him power to direct some billion businesses. To me orders necessary for national defense. Here's how he's framed it is corona virus to spots yesterday take a look. The big thing we did was a very early stoppage of people coming in could be very very heavily infected. That was it was a very good move and it was very early very very early when most people including a lot of professionals they didn't want us to do it. That we really saved a lot of lives and yeah I look at it and I view it as a media in a sense a wartime president and that's what we'll fighting. It's. It's the it's a very tough situation here. I mean is you he's right to call this a war is not. I agree I think calling it I want him I want this to be taken with the severity and and concern it deserves and honestly. The generation we're seeing a lot of young people that are taking this year's that I tend to think the generation at risk. Not necessarily in cities but spread out across the country media are taking this is seriously I there and yet the word war they understand. So if we need to call it war also does with the solution I've taught at I really agreed with Biden's suggestion of getting the military involved to meet with with their expertise with their resource is. So if I'm consistently saying we need that type of response I don't care what he calls it it just needs to be taken seriously. That us. I don't know I it's possible that we happen to have his people do the same thing because you know Rand Paul and several other are. Folks were holding this up like it wasn't really a big deal doesn't don't we have to. Get everybody on board. With the fact that this isn't this is not a joke young people senators congress people who are still some of hedging their bets. Don't doesn't he also need to get them managed and to shape. Well I do feel like recently you know you have the senate passed seeing this bill this rate relief bill is stimulus bill. I I think people are at a at a point now where they're realizing the severity of the situation. But I am very uncomfortable with this president saying that he is a wartime president. Because it and my view last week that he said he wouldn't take any responsibility for the significant delay in the country's corona virus testing capabilities and you have a president. Who is notorious for being. I draft dodger when it came to Vietnam and you know getting these bones her. Deferments and so it's sort of try to re framed his legacy when it comes to the corona virus response as a wartime. President. I'm very uncomfortable with because war time presidents take responsibility. For their failures and he has been unwilling. To do that I mean if you look at any. Video of his responses from January up until even now. I think there's been a lack of leadership and let it I I don't. I Germany Gilbert if I'm I don't think he can write his own legacy right now so I don't think. The language is determining legacies that we always say when someone's being judged by their performance wait I have it gladly sign language matters I think it's very important. I think his language matters I think he tries to. You know use language and uses language very effectively and I refuse to allow him but we haven't all had sampled a moron we've all criticized is that the administration didn't act fast enough or strong enough. Now we have in using strong language and I want to get behind any laying wage if people start listening because I am not waiting for politicians to tell me. I'm waiting for doctors and scientists in rate now whatever the politicians do is secondary. What if it means that he is saying stronger things and people are more scared and more cautious about what they're doing out a ballot. And I can get on board I think right now people need to take my theory is a liar in chief and I will refuse to give him the moniker of a wartime president he doesn't deserve. I don't think it's about what he deserves and I think it's the realities of the world are living in and right now there's almost 101000 cases a 150 dashed. 220000. Cases worldwide giving the US navy is sending a floating hospital tear to New York. For the cases that are coming and I thank. If you go by war by deaths that are happening we worked at data surpassed I don't let it so I think. I agree with stare and a sense that apparently Kara just went what it takes to get people. Alert you're seeing is coming out of Florida at spring breakers partying and clearly not listening to the news or their parents. I'm just I think I I just strategist at this is just now going to quarantine flat out but. People have not been paying attention as a mean they're people that work at the shell that are paying attention as the there's still comfortable. Going out doing things I think we are rat at a time the complete crisis and I wish people have been taking this series a lot tuna.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"“The View” co-hosts weigh in on the president believing himself to be a “wartime president” in the fight against the novel coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69690225","title":"Trump calls himself ‘wartime president’","url":"/theview/video/trump-calls-wartime-president-69690225"}