Trump vs. Cohen: Who's telling the truth?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's denial of his former lawyer's claim that Trump knew about his son's 2016 meeting with Russians.
5:24 | 07/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump vs. Cohen: Who's telling the truth?
All right. Not fun at Al You know who he is. Timefixer. Okay, Cohen is claiming that trump knew appro 20 MRE Russians offered to give his son the fabulous don jior, also Jared manafort, dirt on hilry Clinton nodonald's new Giuliani is trying to trash coedility. Watch. He has been lying all week he has beenyior ye the tapes that wve demonstr any numr of very serious es by him back a year and a half ag iluding his fooling LE, hiding tape recordings, telling them they weren't recorded. Break faith wi th, taping his lie whi is a disbarable I don'e how he S credil It's interesting because he is sg thatcohen is paogical liar. That's larious. That is hilarious, and the otheut Cohen, both Cohen and dd take from the roynpl him up. C-o-h-n. He was as corrupt asy come. Hiid was attack, never apologize, tape both of thatcohen and trump. Now my question T you is since no tape I don't think, of that meet- Of th meeting with the Russia Tt co sayshat doblt dona knewe is no tape ofones it, how it hold in ery easily. If you think about it,cohen wasn't Alo in this. Paul manafort was in this, and Virginia. En you areacing years and years in on, you flip real ick. If Donald Trump knew about it, in troubecause he testified in frt the senateudiciary committee and sai his father didn't kw anying aboutit. He is aar, Donald junior, if Thi I T true. If he goes to jail, what are five years in on. Dld pardon right?could. Which brings us- To the point they are both liarcause mice is a liar as well. Which LI you bvealid point. Some of the quotes about T fr the past. I will take a bulletor the presidt. I'm the fix-it guy, and a issue concernshi I can handle. There af quotes AUT hiloyalty. Wang at crinal ecution. If you are a fix-it know where the pveodies are buried. We' not helping, but have him rning, the could be more. It's unbelile. Theer LE in THA room are now question as a resu O say there E other people here that can witnesss, and they are asked. That's corroborat and at'sow prosecutors build thes case hat he was doing is still bizarre from political campaignrposes. They H meeting with foreign adverse Donald Trump Jr. He thought it okay, and when you work onpaigns in people always try to offer you research on something. Wouldn't he taken a M with Canada let some Russia. The ide're meeng with a foreign adversary, LE you said, Ty wereomfortable with, that it's not illegal, but it's ethical. Don't you think they will get him onsomeg? A judge has ruled the could be kicked in because of the foreigngovernment The constitution. You are not allowed to I gue privately make money based on THA over and over and ove I mea it'st unprecedented.ththat. TRE is a possible conspiracyhich wescussed. Cousion. Payin hush Mo a this is alleged to S Daniels. Campaignfinances. They were pay off people in secret rporations what else? There are a M on. I hav T say. Trump has denied about theoversial meeting at trump ter despite Cohen's claims. He tweeted this morning, I did not know of the meeting with don junior. Sounds like somebody is making es to get himself OAN unrelated jam. He tweeted crooked hillar lawyer. He dares to crooked llstl. Still. When he is the biggest crook. I mean - How many times? Imean, Jo ialler crooked Hillary. I do,he about Hillary clton, I call her that too. W do you call lyin' N? I Cal him president which maybe I should -- there are parts of mes know THA still ret to the,ike, a that heguess. Entalking about crooked Hillary, and Ty workedduring the election. Because I hate Hillary Clint know. But if aie or and over andver again, people believe it. Ot a we'll be right. Nnouncer: Stahead, engagement the latest a-liouple

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's denial of his former lawyer's claim that Trump knew about his son's 2016 meeting with Russians.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56869828","title":"Trump vs. Cohen: Who's telling the truth?","url":"/theview/video/trump-cohen-telling-truth-56869828"}