Trump doorman paid to bury secrets?

"The View" co-hosts discuss reports that the National Enquirer's parent company paid a doorman at one of Trump's buildings $30,000 for his silence.
4:13 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for Trump doorman paid to bury secrets?
Let's get it on we're going to start with the white house resident scandal. Reection, "The tional enquirer" paid a doorman $30,000 to keepet about rumors Thate had an affair that L to love child.??? meant to be ??? but Michael Cohen admitted to talking to know anything a a payment for his silence. Shouldwe just let it P out? Instead listingry day. Shouldn't we ? That's a hell of a to give to a doorman if there is nothing behind. $30,000. It's, like, I'm going T say that I also have someth on you. Give me the money. And by the way, theas a million palty if he said anything. Thathould be his go-to ough. $1 million. If it walks like a duck -- Will it change anything? This hasn going on., alexande Hamilton paid off his mistress' husband, and this has beenng on since the H of O democracy. What has been going on? What I just said. That pussy onour chest is distracting me. Oh, M god. 'M sorry. If we're go talk a the -- My dress. I lost my train ofthought, so I apologize. What I wa thinking, and I was talking a LE bit about this, rit away if you are talking about the story,here is a moral component. K after tg of presidentmp froe campaign to nohere is no more shock and awe in the behavior that he ha done. Then you have to ask, does this move a needle eit way? I don'inoes because when he was voted in he was already on "The apprentice", and you told met, I would,like, okay, . Pass the French fries. That's Shi we knew, and the onlyng it gets weird is if there cnfinanc but the topic I'm more curious about, and this comes into the smoke and mirrors thing. It's not really the Russian collusiout things I actually care about as a voter I business dealings with Russia. Those are things we stillon't know about, so when W about this,l pick my S. This the same from yesterday. I jus D care. We werekingbout this backstage and I was, like, you kn I'm such a traditional as manyeople know, and I'm offended about the allegations of L childleith the porn star, and people should care aboutit, but people should care about the fact these cou be illegal campaign contribution C affairs iluence the presidential election. Perhaps if voters knew about all S they mayot have voted for him, and ifhis is true, the campaign thought I mattered. Doesn't it matter the -- The campaign thought it Matt Steve Bannon aft the "Access hollywood"ng said, now you just won the election after that Ta I don't think the election thought this was. They thought it was bad if paid money to conceal it. Ye Steve banno quoted in Michael Wolff's book"fire and fury," P's --ot of it has not beendenied. Trash. Leter make point. Okay. WHE was I? Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon I quo saying that trump's long-timetorney, Marc kasowitz quote/unquote took care of 100 women during the presidentialcaaign. Now kasowitz has denied this. They always deny, de deny. But it's out there.the ma many more stories. She has a of energy. I think it's what Sara is saying. I'm not surprised by this. Who is Surpris by this? The idea he could have impregnated than slept wit a million women. Weno Thi about president trumnd I'm not a ychologist I don't know why voters don't care. I still agree that cha matters on some level, but this is not if you want to impeach ump and get him out, she is right. It's tamign uff. Thesee illegal ributions.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss reports that the National Enquirer's parent company paid a doorman at one of Trump's buildings $30,000 for his silence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54424275","title":"Trump doorman paid to bury secrets?","url":"/theview/video/trump-doorman-paid-bury-secrets-54424275"}