Trump requests Pentagon plan military parade

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's request and how we can better serve military families.
3:43 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for Trump requests Pentagon plan military parade
So right now in America we have got a tax cut costing the U.S., you know, $1.5 trillion, a border wall they say is going to be $25 billion and a government on the verge of another shutdown and you know who in the white house has a special thing he wants to do, throw a big blow outmilitary parade with tanks and troops marching through D.C. What do you think? Gosh. First of all, he said got this idea from the French on bass teal day. So how about some national health care? What is fascinating about the fact he's interested in sort of bastille day is their motto is we are stronger together and they invite other foreign troops to sometimes lead bastille day. That is a different concept than what he has in mind which is to show off nationalism in our military. Anybody who has been to D.C. I don't know how the tiny streets in D.C. Are going to handle big old tanks. Don't we have infrastructure problems already. Shouldn't we be doing everything possible to support our service members and their Fam families and I would be interested in asking your dad in other ways we could be supporting our military. It's not historically unprecedented. George H.W. Bush had a 1991 national victory celebration parade that cost $12 million. The defense department paid $7 million. In the era where we have over 9 million veterans enrolled in va Hillary Clinton and 30,000 veterans homeless that money could be better spent. Yeah. Yeah. How about mental health? How about mental health for our veterans? We know I think it's something like 31% of Vietnam vets have PTSD. 12% of gulf war veterans have PTSD. 11% to 12% of veterans in the war for Afghanistan have PTSD. How about some Hillary Clinton F -- health care for those folks. Here's what I'm going to suggest because you know who always says he's got money. That's true. You pay for it. You pay for this. Okay. Yeah. Because quite honestly, you know, if you want to see it, you ought to do it. Like I feel like that about the wall. You want this wall, you should be with kicking money in because I know that there's $900 million -- Kicking money in. Kick some money in. You want us to pay for it, kick some money in because there was a big old tax thing you were talking about. You said you were so smart to beat us, beat the American people by not paying your taxes on that amount of money. So if you want to do that, you have got the money, you have got that hotel that they say that you don't get any money from but your name is on it. I'm not pointing fingers. But I'm just suggesting that you might be better served with this to give the American people a gift. That's a good idea. We have beautiful military parades though. I mean, there's hundreds and just go to annapolis -- Yes. If you experience how great our military is two visit our vets at Walter reed. Has he been to Walter reed yet? I know he hasn't visited our troops overseas yet and there's a lot more opportunity to showing respect for that. He could always put a little snoopy balloon on top of it.

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{"id":52908853,"title":"Trump requests Pentagon plan military parade","duration":"3:43","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's request and how we can better serve military families.","url":"/theview/video/trump-requests-pentagon-plan-military-parade-52908853","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}