Twitter questions Kamala Harris' Mother's Day apron photo

"The View" discusses the authenticity of the photo posted by the presidential candidate's husband.
5:22 | 05/14/19

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Transcript for Twitter questions Kamala Harris' Mother's Day apron photo
So, let's get it on right now. Oh, okay. All right. Because the field of democratic candidates is really crowded. There's 22 hopefuls so far, and we're glad that Beto O'rourke is making his first campaign stop on daytime right here today, but other candidates are relaunching their campaigns to attract voters like senator kamala Harris who's taking some new approaches directly calling out the guy in the white house for making America hate again. Have you noticed her anymore than before? Um, she's been on TV a little more, yeah, hasn't she, kamala? I don't know. She never dropped off my radar. No, I always liked her. Yeah. I kept an eye on her. It is such a crowded field now. People are just joining left and right. I'm just waiting for the debates. It's like "The bachelorette." Yeah. There's still more to come. Our own mayor, De Blasio, is getting in the race. No. Don't do that. Does anybody want -- Don't kill the messenger. I'm just telling you. Is he really going to join? Don't do it, man. Remember that Manhattan, I think, did not vote for trump because we know him. Well yes. That could happen to De Blasio too. Well, just put it out of your mind. You need to be popular in your own city if you want to run for president. It would help. That's true actually. It's important. Yeah. Kamala Harris, you know, I found her to be so engaging when she does media and I think a lot of folks have realized that Pete but buttigieg doing so much media, he does everything he's invited to and he does great and it builds up his name. Some people are playing a little hard to get. Like who? Beto. He's coming today. We said it. That's smart. Didn't she take a picture of kamala? Can we show that picture? What was she doing in the kitchen? Cooking. That's what people usually do in the kitchen. To make herself look relatable and it didn't work, did it? Her husband put it up on mother's day and Kristin Gillibrand did a profile in "The Washington post" where she was in her apron cooking fish. Kamala Harris is the second African-American woman to serve in history. First African-American to serve as California's attorney general. This is an incredible resume. It's wonderful. I just don't feel like women need to do this. Like, I want you to go up against trump, and again, maybe it is natural, I don't know, but I tend to be sort of -- I tend to think that everything is political when you're running for president so an image on mother's day is and I think that her resume speaks for itself and there's just no need for female candidates to be -- I can cook, I'm a mom, I'm a wife. Great, I just want you to go up against trump. Buttigieg should have a picture of himself with a toilet seat up. That's a male thing. I think what they've got to be is they've got to be themselves. Yes. It turns out kamala Harris is all those things you just said and a great cook. Yeah. My friends Christie is here who went to school actually with Maya Harris. Would you see men putting pictures like the male candidates -- Her husband put this up. Ronald Reagan, there's a picture of him chopping wood or something when he was running. I've seen men barbecuing. That's wonderful because she is Jamaican, she is Indian and she was making her jerk chicken marinade. My best friend is Jamaican Indian and I was like if kamala Harris can make some jerk chicken marinade and it's delicious, that speaks to me. And if she can handle the jerk in the white house. And if she can do that too that's kind of incredible. You know what I find so entertaining about working on this show is that joy and I's tenor on the way we respond to things tends to be the same. Weirdly. We want to handle trump. We're just all on the same page to get rid of him. Christie went to school with kamala's sister and they vacation together all the time and she says kamala cooks all the time. How is her jerk chicken? Great, right? It's not about if she cooks about. It's the place you're at on the reset in the campaign. Resets are important. My dad had to do a reset, a big one, because his campaign imploded. Resets can be effective. I was really -- I'm sorry, no shade to this picture. It's great. I was more impressed with her town hall on CNN. Again, I think her husband posted that saying, listen, it's mother's day and look at what she's doing for us. To me it's relatable because so many of us have to balance so much. When you are a woman, it's part of life, balancing a home life, balancing a family, being -- running for president and showing up back home. But we don't ask male candidates about their balance. We don't ask male candidates -- But I'm not asking. My point is, I actually like the way kamala is handling this because to me I feel like she's very comfortable in her skin and in her gender. She's very comfortable being the prosecutor, being the senator and being the cook at home and being a step-mother. Maybe it will start reflecting in her poll numbers but it's not right now. That's why she has to do a reset.

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