US Open champion Bianca Andreescu describes defeating Serena Williams

The 19-year-old talks becoming the first Canadian to win a major Tennis title and competing against her idol.
4:25 | 09/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Open champion Bianca Andreescu describes defeating Serena Williams
And yeah. Little amazing thing and I are amazing Ed radical crazy being here and now than like in nineteen. You find out you gonna play. One of your idols one of the greatest ever play. First thought. I was so nervous I mean their hours so many thoughts going through my head and so many emotions going through my body I was just really impressive height delta and everything I kind of got a sense of how I would feel because I paid her in Toronto in the firehouse. So I kind that. Manage my emotions a lot of batter and then when I stepped on the court I was just in his own right from the start I sec to the right tactics and I'm really. Really happy right now yeah Andy it was. Really kind of extraordinary to Watson and congratulations to Canada. It's really fabulous can grants Lansing news thing is that. My husband and I were watching and we were actually surprised the crowd was overwhelmingly. Rooting for Serena was very loud you could hear from the other side at one point you even if covered your ears to drown out that shares. I'm how did you keep that from getting into your hat and you even apologized. When you one thing I'm sorry you want answering it to win. Yeah that's such a Canadian thing to do or. But I can barely hear myself think out there the crowd is crazy but. That's a makes it US opens a special in New York it's it's the fans it's the atmosphere. So I'm glad with how YA. Managed to just. Not let anything distract me I was literally in his own like I said that I. I just fight until the end I know she came back in the second set as expected that's why she's. A true legends of this four eighths and having averaging to play against her above all she just a kind person so I'm really grieve over that span. That's especially the sisterhood is strong abstinence let you know you're you're Canadian but your parents emigrated from remain in the right and you credit them with that. With your incredible composure now I've just under stress is very stressful thing that you down. Tell us about that and parents. You have my parents are even hour to start with them and we've been through so much together and the short period. Of the time I started playing tennis I was ten years old and I've jammed of this moment ever since van. And that's actually how little I know of some. Nine years a lot of this ugly and I mean it will and this is this is what my grades and by the way this. Grayson rings you know yeah. OK. Yeah. Every day because nine years is not. That much time to get to this local election that good yeah but I hate to develop that. Yeah. We're very passionate about where you I was so passionate and I still am and I hope to be four. As long as I can I it would create incredible two. Play at the age of 38 lakes Serena is and even Roger Federer right now in an adult he still has the same passion as he did anyone is for his grandson and I really I really shut to be and you had your good luck charm in the box Coke Coke of your dog to listen to this one Giuliani backstage over the who is out as you think here's that I haven't let it go without signing it into this balls or. Our audience here and that may. Okay. I thought I didn't feel it's. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I have thankfully on how I'm dressed skill. Look forward to seeing you how many more times on the core I really you know the other night.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The 19-year-old talks becoming the first Canadian to win a major Tennis title and competing against her idol.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65488746","title":"US Open champion Bianca Andreescu describes defeating Serena Williams","url":"/theview/video/us-open-champion-bianca-andreescu-describes-defeating-serena-65488746"}