Val Demings: Trump, administration attempting to turn impeachment trial into ‘circus’

House impeachment manager Rep. Val Demings discussed the Senate impeachment trial.
8:20 | 01/22/20

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Transcript for Val Demings: Trump, administration attempting to turn impeachment trial into ‘circus’
All: Thank you. Yesterday the senate kicked off their impeachment trial of you-know-who and one of the house managers, Florida congresswoman Val demings, made her feelings perfectly clear. Take a look. As a career law enforcement officer, I have never seen anyone take such extreme steps to hide evidence allegedly proving his innocence. The president is engaged in this coverup because he is guilty and he knows it. Joining us now are via satellite, congresswoman Val hey. Good morning. Good morning. So this is whoopi, and we've been hearing a lot about the strict rules governing the senate for impeachment trials like this and it seems like things went pretty much as expected yesterday, but this is the first impeachment process for you and four of your fellow house managers. Was there anything shocking in this process aside from the process itself? Let me just say this, it's good to be with you, and this is a very critical time for our nation, and we are prepared, one thing is for sure. Even though this is our first impeachment inquiry, thank god for that, but we are prepared to do the work before us. What has been shocking thus far is that we know that every senator in the chamber took an oath that he and she would administer impartial justice, and based on the arguments put on by the president's team and based on the votes as we saw them yesterday, I am hoping that every senator before this trial is over will remember the oath that they've taken and take it very seriously. The American people deserve to see a fair trial, and we're going to do everything on our side to make sure they get one. Okay. Representative demings, this is joy Behar speaking. So yesterday we saw Mitch Mcconnell make some concessions, each side now has three days for opening arguments instead of two, and house evidence will be admitted into the record. You and your fellow house managers did a great job at conveying a lot of significant information to the public while the white house lawyers exposed themselves as having no coherent defense at all after day one. So you should feel good about it a little bit, right? How do you feel about your standing now? Well you know what, look, we all, every one of us, the seven house managers, took our oath that we would protect and defend the constitution of the united States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and we're going to use every ounce of energy, strength and intelligence to do just that. Look, I was glad to see that the concessions that I believe leader Mcconnell had to make yesterday, he had no choice. If he's going to convince the American people just a little bit that he is interested in delivering a fair trial -- I know he had some deliberations with some of the members within his caucus and so I was glad to see that happen. But look, our job is to continue to advance the ball down the field, and I think yesterday we had a pretty good day in doing that. Yes, you did. House manager demings, this is sunny. We've heard some rumblings that some democratic senators are considering a deal to subpoena either Joe Biden or his son hunter Biden to testify in exchange for testimony from John Bolton. Is this something that is really on the table and if so, is that a good idea? Let me just say this, I know that leadership are working through propoing a list before the entire body of recommended witnesses, but look, we're here to make sure that the American people have a fair trial as it pertains to the impeachment of president Donald John trump and we're very interested in hearing from material witnesses, witnesses who have direct knowledge about the conversation that president trump had with president zelensky when the president tried to coerce Ukraine into interfering in our election. We know, for example, that ambassador Bolton has some direct knowledge about that because he talked about -- and I quote -- the drug deal that he didn't want to be a part of the drug deal that was being cooked up and immediately told Dr. Hill to go and tell the nsc lawyers. We all know that hunter Biden has absolutely no direct evidence or information about what took place on that phone call. We know that hunter Biden has absolutely no direct information about this scheme, this Ukrainian scheme that the president and those around him have been engaged in for months. I believe that the president's team and the president of course is just trying to turn this very serious trial into a circus. We're going to do everything we can to not allow them too that, but let me say witnesses that are called, we want to make sure that we see witnesses because every trial does and documents because every trial does. And so the leadership will work that out but we're going to stay focused and do what we need to do. Congresswoman, it's Meghan. Most Americans won't or can't watch the entire trial. It's extremely long. People have jobs and lives and families, and I think for many people on the right the outcome just seems like a foregone conclusion. You had senators literally falling asleep yesterday on the senate floor, footage that I thought was a little disrespectful. How do you intend to get the average American to care about this when senators are falling asleep and it's lasting so long? Well Meghan, let me just say this, it was a long day. We started shortly after 1:00 in the afternoon as you well know and went until after 2:00 in the morning. So I'm not going to talk about the senators who, you know, didn't quite hang in there for every second. They were in their seats and, look, I'm glad they all showed up. We had everyone there. Our job is to communicate to the American people and quite frankly the senate's job too is that they're going to be fair judges and that they want to hear from witnesses and see documents, and if they somehow continue to fight that, then our job is to demonstrate to the American -- have the American people join us in questioning what is the president and what are the Republican senators so afraid of? What testimony are they so afraid of the American people hearing and documents that they're so afraid of seeing. Our job is to communicate that the president clearly abused the office. He abused the sacred trust of the American people. He betrayed his oath, and then he otructed everything that congress tried to do to investigate the president of the United States. The president using his office to try to coerce a foreign power into cheating. Maybe they could get you guys some red bull. One of those sacred rights that we have is the ability to vote, and he's trying to cheat yet again. Well, get some fans, you know how they do in church. Get some fans and hand fans out, because you know it's hot in those chambers. The air conditioning is not righthtr it's too warm. Get some fans and as Meghan said some red bull and we'll be watching.

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{"duration":"8:20","description":"House impeachment manager Rep. Val Demings discussed the Senate impeachment trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68457316","title":"Val Demings: Trump, administration attempting to turn impeachment trial into ‘circus’","url":"/theview/video/val-demings-trump-administration-attempting-turn-impeachment-trial-68457316"}