'The View' co-hosts share their favorite holiday gifts of 2018

All the gifts are under $50.
8:39 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for 'The View' co-hosts share their favorite holiday gifts of 2018
th [ cheers app sti a lot of names to check off your and the bget's getting thin, wee got you covered with great gift ideas for under 50 bucks. Let's start with Meghan the fabulous. Start with me. Okay love to support small businesses as youknow, whoopi. This is called Temecula oliveoils and spreads. You pour it on plate, get dippinauce T, G for the days. It's the best olive oil Ith entire wld and everyone is go home wit a dipping oil, vinegar and spread. Eelause ] Okay, my secd gift is -- I made it very clear how much I ve my home state of Arizona. If you kw someone W loves their home state as much as I my home state, this the perfect gift. It's called home state apparel, t-shirts, hats, LE ops, mugs. Show your state pride by wear it everye.ey're available in all 50 states. In hon ofy father, they're gog to donate 5% of profits to wod veterans. My friend Earl who is ont team is here. Thank your coming. He's on T team a thank you for wearing home statesnd it's great for veterans and I think it's really able. Bravobravo. W, you all know that I have chickens but did you also know that I am now a bee keeper? Righ so here's a great item for the enou life. 'Sbestbees.com. The giftsrt at about 10 bucks. The the lng full seice E keeping company in america th install and manage beehives while harvesting honey. Meghan loves myney. Delicious. The proceeds fund research with and mit to save theeesecause there endangered, evyone. I wonderful gift is a book called "The bee: A neural history." Jar oure honey and a botanical print which is allck a to. And guess what? You'rell gng home with ofhese. Amazing. , Wine lovers pay attentio dry farm is M go-to wine right W. Dry far wine/gift.com. $49.99or a two-bottle gift set. All th wines are created with no pesticides, herb sides or chemicals. They are sugar free and because they're sugar free they're carb free. For those Y who are dieting, this is a good diet. A 50-ounce glass is about100 cases and you all going home W a bottle dry farm wine. Whoo! I forgot say that we have a giveaway from my homeste.I' so sorry. In support of veterans across theountry you're a getting a t-irt. I'msorry, I messed itup. All right, so,, in addition to havingially gorgeous feet, I happen to have a very sense. So, trust me wh say that this is th pfect gift to keep N your smelling lightful. Ne candl anddiffusers, nest ag. They're $16 and up. The collection includes candles, diffusers and evenperfumes E it or not. I didn't know . Thents inclus trust, woody, fruity the way, thoseee of STA's elve ok, to get you in the mood you're allng Hom with a votive gift set. L right,now, I'm not at this. Okay, alt, after a long day at the "Hocs" table, all I want to do is go ho, takeff my brassiere, my shoes, and slip -- 200 bucks if you takee off rig W. All right, $1 fla them. All I want to I slide my feet into some comfy slippers check these babiesout. It's called zlippers. What is Zlip.appyfeet.com. They range from $28 to $35. Th're the fst zip on, zip off, interchangeable Pers. Hodo Y like that? Each pair wh two different designs. Let' trump gets impeached, you switchit. They have more than 100 dns to choose from and starting in 2019 you can persolize the D so you're alloie with a voucher F free pair of zlippers. How do I follo thjoy? Smell th. How do I follow that? Is that ununbelievable? The firstng do is take sports. It's aat tax and this is ome. Ths from fchest. These are B and it' basicallhe team you lo. Fanchest.com, they start at $4 boxes include sports of cou your favite team. Each box has a gn ticket whh includes a chance to signed memorabilia, tickets to a game it's for babies, o.look at these little shoes. Co'rell going home -- you'r all getting gift cards so you can get a fst Y And you want to look to look goo at your me, GHT? This is some of my favorite F. 'S a beauty br smashbomffer great allen $24 and 9. You're going T love this. It's great.it allayg and the pallets are for anyki type. One is a rse-sized eye shadow pallet and their contour pallet ich H a highlighter,erand blush. I knowou're thrilled this. You're going home, even the men, with both of these. I wear my first favorite ING all the time and greatrelrom conscio community wear, pcesge from $12 to 1. The closing promotes positive images and Q inspired to ea change. I lov the t-shirts. I love all that TRE dog.is one, no hatesi. And I reallyca, why don't you messages are things I think we shou all sortf be walking around with. We got t-srts, sweat shirts, , , everything. They got everything you C possly want, a you're all going home with a no hate t-sh Is a great gifor peoe who drink coffee. I'm note drinker T ins extraordinary. It's called the hyper chiller E this will turn your hotof into iced coffee in less than a minute. Ye that man just said uh-uh. Iduh-huh. It's designed so your ice and coffee never meet. It's sedit cools it it's really fantastic. It fit into most coffee brewer is, which I just found out what coffee brewer was. U're all getting one, not coee B the cup. R more informatio on any of

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