'The View' co-hosts share their favorite items of 2019

"The View" co-hosts pick their favorite items of the year to give this holiday season.
9:04 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for 'The View' co-hosts share their favorite items of 2019
So if there are still a lot of names to check off your list, and the budget is getting a little thin, got you covered with great ideas for gifts under 50 bucks, and we're going to start with the fabulous Meghan McCain. Yes, thank you. Okay. Yo know that I really think it's important to be a socially conscious consumer especiallyholidays. Everybody knows how much I appreciate those who serve in uniform, and I appreciate those serving at home holding things together for family. That's why I have chosen this company R riveter. These range from $35 to $50. This is a military spouse-owned company. It's all hand crafted by military spouses and every item is assembled here in the united States of America. One-third of every dollar sold goes to support military families and if you use the code view30 at checkout, you receive 30% off your purchase at checkout, and guess what? All of you are going home with a $50 gift certificate to R riveter. Okay. This next product that I chose is meant to inspire. It's called the giving keys. It's created by my friend, Kaitlyn Crosby. It's a mission to pay it forward. You can go to thegivingkeys.com to find them. They start at $18, and they provided jobs for more than 130 people transitioning out of homelessness. It's crafted with an inspirational message, and pick a word. Then pass it onto somebody else. This says inspire. Pass it onto someone who wants to be inspired. You are all going home with a necklace. So everyone knows how much I love animals and this first gift applies to animals of course. Beekman 1802 goat milk beauty products. They start at $8. The owners Brent and Josh purchased the Beekman farm in 2006 when a nearby farmer lost his home and needed a place to keep his herd of goats. They housed them. I want goats. Manny's not into it yet. After much research, they realized they can make beauty products with goat milk and there began Beekman 1802, and you're all going home with a triple milk skin care set. Now you also know that I am a I love my bees. Whoopi is also a beekeeper. Here is a line of jewelry that is helping to save the bees. The bumblebee collection made by Mary, you can find them at madebymary.com. Items start at about $30. A portion of all the proceeds are donated to a charity that focuses on preserving the bees. Styles include the queen bee stamp, the moonstone necklace and the sunflower pendant. Each piece comes with a pact of bee-friendly wildflower seeds and I love that. Today, if you use the code, theviewto 20, you get a 20% discount on your purchase, and you're all going home with a moonstone necklace. Whoo! Okay. Wine lovers, pay attention assuming you're sober enough to pay attention. These -- these little bottles here are called one hope wines. They're available at onehopewines.com. They start at $20, and by purchasing one of their wines you are supporting a variety of charities, including those that raise awareness of heart disease, help build schools or shelter pets. For example, every bottle of sparkling brut funds mealsor they have donatedver 3 million meals and in total, they have donated over $5 million to nonprofits. Pretty good. Members of our audience who are of drinking age are going home with a $50 gift certificate. Now it seems that I have recently become a very hot topic. The phones here are ringing at ABC. At least one phone call came in because I have been wearing these head bands which by the way, I stole from Meghan. I'll give it to girl. Stole it from Meghan. I did. I'm a fashion statement now, unto myself, and these are Lele sadoughi head bands. They start at $40, and thanks to Meghan lending me a few of hers while I was on vacation, I looked good on pa bad hair day. These are fantastic. They are. Like on a cruise when your hair is horrible or in Florida. You know what I'm talking about. Put one of these on, and you're they come in a variety of prints, fabrics and all sorts of embellishments and you're all going home with a head band. Whoo! Whoo! All right. So when I'm not here, I'm dealing with three little monsters at home who drive me insane. Everything I do is about keeping kids preoccupied and busy. The first is da bomb fizzers. You put them in the bath. You can go to dabombfizzers.com. They're $7.50, very affordable. It was created by two teenage girls. I love their story. Each bath bomb has a surprise inside. Once it fizzes out, you can find hair bands, erasers, jewelry. Only for today, you can get a free bath bomb with any of your orders and you're all going home with a snowball. All right. Something else that I love to do with kids is teach them how to bake, and this is the hand stand kitchen cooking kits and accessories. You can go to handstandkitchen.com. This gets kids cooking at an early age, and teach them about nutrition. When you use the code view20, they will donate 20% off your purchase to a charity. I have met many of these kids. The scholarships completely change their lives. You're all going home today with a tote bag and a mini mold as well. I love when we do this because we get to talk about lot of different stuff like the first thing I'm going to tell you about is my book because on this panel, there are a couple of authors. Miss thing has a new book in 2020. What's it called? "Summer on the bluffs." It will be on her back. That's kind of where it goes. Her book is coming out in 2020, and look to hear more from us about that, but this book is out now. It's called "The unqualified hostess." It's really available at Barnes & noble. I am talking about myself at bn.com. It's 35 bucks, and this book tells you how you can maybe decorate a table for holidays that you maybe hadn't thought of, or ways to do stuff. I tell you stories about what I do when people come over and how quickly I can get them out of the door when I need to. So it's just really about things that you might not remember, like, putting pictures of your loved ones who have passed on. Put them on the table with you on the holidays so you can see them. Remember to download their pictures into your home so you can be with them on the holidays. It's all about that, and me doing stupid stuff. You're all going to go home with a copy of the book. I love this next gift. Crystalz cacti wine stoppers and key chains. They start at $10. When the owner was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 26, she started making crystal gifts for those who supported her. These are hand made from soy wax, and crystals and rose petals. They have combinations like amethyst, lavender and clear quartz. They are just extraordinary, and beautiful. If you use the code, view20 at checkout, you'll receive 20% off your purchase through the end of December. You're all going to go home with a set of candles and key chains. For more information on any of these products, check out our website, and at home if you are listening, five of you will win all of these giveaways as well. Visit our Facebook page to find out how to enter for a chance to win by midnight eastern tonight. Tonight, not tomorrow. Tonight.

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