'View' reacts to Jorge Garcia's story

"The View" co-hosts discuss the conversation they had with the family of Jorge Garcia, who was deported to Mexico after 30 years in the country.
3:19 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for 'View' reacts to Jorge Garcia's story
So it was rather intense. It sure was. It was rather intense. I mean, when you think about the party of family values needs to step in and keep this family and others like it together and stop preaching lies about family values. I mean, I think it's important for people to notice that -- or to take note that this is just a real family like your family. You know, they're no different. That's right. And the notion that they're being torn apart -- you saw that young boy. Poor child. I have a kid really the same age, and the thought of one of us, my husband or myself being torn away from them is devastating. Terrible. Why can't the Republicans and the Democrats work on a bipartisan deal and stop things like this from happening? Why is it so difficult? I will say that overwhelming support among hard core hard line immigration Republicans are highly in support of this not happening, are in support of the DACA deal, support d.r.e.a.m.ers. Around the 70%. Talking about the general American public. But the people of power I'm interested in right now because they have the power to change this. People should be voting differently then in one way or another. I'm just saying if this is your number one issue -- I mean, I don't like to paint broad strokes with anyone because you know me well and we're friends now and everything is good, with you what I want to say is when I was growing up Ronald Reagan is an icon of mine and he said America is a shining beacon on top of a hill and that is why people want to come here and we need to remember that. We're all imdwrants at one point in time and throwing people out who have become Americans, not a threat to society, no criminal record, goes against everything our country was based on. She's an American citizen and he's married to her now. I don't see how that part works. It used to be you married somebody and then automatically -- what happened there? Because of -- However he came -- the thing for me is that when you are working person in this country and you're paying taxes and doing all the stuff, that to me says I'm working towards becoming a citizen. Do you know how much an immigration lawyer costs? So folks who are coming here who are trying to just -- like most people who came here. They're just trying to make it better. Better life. They're trying to make a better life. And I don't know when this became something that was throw-away to the United States because that wonderful lady standing there with that big tablet is saying hey, c'mon, because you can be better here. That's right. You can be, your children can be, they have a better possibility. I don't know when that went away. We are better as a country for it. For our diversity. We wouldn't be America without it. We know that. The man that is in power does not know that even though he wants his wives to be imported in. He doesn't want --

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the conversation they had with the family of Jorge Garcia, who was deported to Mexico after 30 years in the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52440427","title":"'View' reacts to Jorge Garcia's story","url":"/theview/video/view-reacts-jorge-garcias-story-52440427"}