'The View' shares 2018's hottest holiday toys

Toy expert Elizabeth Werner gives us the inside scoop on the hottest toys this holiday season.
6:13 | 12/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' shares 2018's hottest holiday toys
It's exactly two weeks till Christmas. So if you are still not sure what to get the little ones in your life, we're going to get the scoop on the inside about the hottest holiday toys from toy expert Elizabeth Werner. Hey, baby. Thank you. What is this? Yes, all right. So I'm going to ask you grab your lifrd mask. This is call tic tac tongue. Put it over your face and you use your tongue from your lizard in there, and knock down the cards. It's a fun game. Love it. All right. Love it. We'll move on down. Come on now. I'm going to give you a crown here. We're going to make you royalty. My game. It's yes, for you. This is a fun, special game. We're going to place this crown on your head. Sure. We're going to press the on button. It spins in circles and plays royal music, to eat everything you can off the forks. Ready? Here you go. It's from hasboro. Ah! But wait, there is more. And the lizard mouth. Come on, you. So this is a stuffed toy. This is the one that everybody's talking about. Yes. What do you do? It's called scruff-a-luv, and we're going to bring home a pet and rescue it. It comes as a matted ball of fur, and it will eventually open up and it will either be a kitty, puppy or bunny and they have to dry it with a hair dryer or towel, and they have to groom it and add on a little clip, collar and it's their favorite new pet. They have play with it as much as they want. Oh. They're adorable and called scruff-a-luv. They are $19.99. Nice. I love pets and sponges. I love it. Hole in one. We love "Jurassic world." We'll give you another little trick here. We're going to put this jurassic on. All right. This is the velociraptor mask. We put it on. It's so much fun when you open your mouth and close your mouth, it's actually going to talk. But wait. Do you hear that sound? What about the hands? You have to put the hands on. The claws. Put the claws on and the mask on. You are a velociraptor from jurassic world. We love this. So these are from mattel, and they are so much fun, and it's $35 for the mask and $15 for the gloves. Oh, hey. This is, like, one of the best new portable toys right? This is called popohver. This is basically, like, a slip cover that you put over an armless chair and create a fun kitchen environment wherever they go. Lots of great accessories, moving and opening parts. So this is wonderful. You can bring it to grandma's. Oh my gosh. Fold it up, put it away and bring it back out when you are ready. With your velociraptor -- He is going to get -- He is hungry. He is hungry. He is hungry. I absolutely love this. All you have to do is put this on a chair? Any chair? An armless chair in your house. Create a kitchen so it's great for small spaces. I'll hand you this. Come over to your snowflakes. This is the Xbox One S minecraft bundle. Go on adventures. 91 million people play this every month. I know. For $9.99 a month, you now have access to over 100 games with their game pack. So one game can cost $60. Right. But for $9.99, you get the hottest, newest games and it would be built into this console. Family setting so mom and dad can sit with the kids and decide how much they play, who they play with and when they play. I don't want you to fall. All right. All right. So now for our the one. We have an exciting surprise. "Star wars" is one of the hottest things out there. Well, this is the Skywalker. Wow. This has working buttons and lights. It can go up to 5 miles an hour. It's normally $199, but on sale right now for $99. Oh, great. This is the hottest item from "Star wars" right now. Wow. I love it. Look how wonderful. So -- Is that princess Leia over there? You know what I think? I think Santa just made his first stop here at the studio. What? What? Hey, Ken. Come here for a second, babe. Be careful. Oh, don't slip. Come here. Run, run, run. Run, run, run. Oh, I just want to say members of the studio audience are going home with all these toys. Woo! Our thanks to Elizabeth

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"Toy expert Elizabeth Werner gives us the inside scoop on the hottest toys this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59753718","title":"'The View' shares 2018's hottest holiday toys","url":"/theview/video/view-shares-2018s-hottest-holiday-toys-59753718"}