‘The View’ shares takeaways from final presidential debate

Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro react to the debate and discuss if it changed voters’ minds.
8:18 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for ‘The View’ shares takeaways from final presidential debate
So last night. Hi. It was the final debate of 2020, thank you, god. The mute button must have helped because it was definitely a different kind of mellow affair, certainly more than the last one. It still had its moments. Yeah. Take a look. We have a vaccine that's coming. It's ready. I say we're learning to live with it. We have no choice. We can't lock ourselves up in a basement like Joe does. He says we're, you know, we're learning to live with it. People are learning to die with it. What I would like to do is a much better health care. Much better. He keeps talking about it. He hasn't done a thing for anybody on health care, not a thing. Children are brought here by coyotes and lots of bad people. Cartels, and they're brought here, and they used to use them to get into our country. Do you have a plan to reunite the kids? We're working on it very -- we're trying very hard. Parents -- kids were ripped from their arms and separated, and now they cannot find over 500 sets of those parents and those kids are alone. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to go. It's criminal. And so there we have it, you know, that was just the beginning, and before we get into the, you know, the meaty parts of all of this, I'm going to ask you. What did y'all think? Did you think it went -- how did you think it went? I'll start with Sara and then, you know, whatever everybody else thinks. What did you think? I think it went well. The new rules that were applied and Kristen Welker did an amazing job, having the mics muted helps in actually being able to hear some content or substance or at least letting them -- kind of giving them enough rope to unanswer, dodge and do what they do. Right. I thought some of the more annoying parts were I can't stand when Donald Trump talks about talking about serving 47 years of service as a senator. A senator can't effect the change he's equivocating and he spent eight years as a vice president. He keeps dodging the fact he's been in four years and for example with this health care plan -- Hasn't done anything. Yeah. He hasn't done anything. That one thing was problematic and all the misinformation about the pandemic is driving me crazy because on other causes you can run to your corner and take your issues and believe what you want, but we're in on this together, and when you hear the statistics that are wrong, it's continuing the problem we're all in the midst of anyway. Right. Right. Sunny, when he said he's done more for black people and looked right at the moderator -- I felt like he should have said, don't you agree? He's done the least -- I mean, did you go ha ha like I did? I did. I'm still laughing about it, whoopi. That was really something, you know, I certainly thought the debate went better than the last one, but the bar was so low, right? And the moderator, you know, Kristen Welker was absolutely fantastic. I think she gave a master class in how this should be done. Even Chris Wallace said he was jealous of her performance, but when trump said that and, you know, Joe Biden called him the most racist president in modern history and called him Abe Lincoln, I thought Biden certainly handled it well, but what I was hopeful for was that Biden would sort of fact check him on that notion that he is not the person that has done more for black people as president than any other president. I mean, did he do more than Abe Lincoln who emancipated the slaves? Did he do more than Lyndon B. Johnson who passed the voting rights act and the civil rights act? Crazy. Yeah. Did he do more than Barack Obama who actually handed him the lowest unemployment rate for black people as well as the affordable care act? Yeah. You know, helped the disparity between black and white people. I mean, what really has he done? Yeah. He hasn't done anything. He hasn't done the hbcu work he claims to have done. That was already in the works. No, he has not. Yeah. He has not done the criminal reform act. Actually his administration has actually rolled a lot of that so I just wish we would have seen a bill more fact checking there, and we didn't. Were you surprised -- were you surprised to hear Joe Biden say, yes, I was and I'm responsible for that, and I made a mistake? I liked that. I have not -- in the four years this man has been in -- That was good. -- I have not heard him apologize for jack doody. Joe Biden says, we made a mistake, but I have been working to make it better. I was, like, okay, Joe. That's what I needed to see. I wanted Fox News to apologize to Kristen for the nasty way they have been treating her before this debate. I want them to apologize. I want tucker Carlson to apologize to her. I want those people that sit on that four-people show to apologize to her for how they tried to really muss up the waters and talk about her like she didn't know what she was doing. I mean, Ana, am I crazy? You're crazy to think they're going to apologize because that's just something they don't do. Please don't lose your breath because we'll lose you, but I thought -- first let me just say this about Kristen Welker. A lot of times when a woman -- when a woman of color in particular gets to do something as momentous as to moderate a debate, some people say, oh, you know, that's just a token. She just got picked because of her gender or she just got picked because of her color or her race. Well, listen. Yesterday Kristen Welker showed she got picked because of her professionalism and her qualifications. I thought -- I really was, like, I can't believe Donald Trump is actually looking out at the audience, looking straight at there was a point where he had his hand on top of his forehead and he's looking at the audience which by the way is his family and kid rock, and he's saying, I'm the least racist person in this room to the woman of color moderator. I mean, and she didn't burst out laughing in his face. That in itself deserves an award. Joy, when we come back, I'll come to you because I know there's stuff you want to talk about as well, but we will be right back, y'all. Announcer: Still ahead, two-timing '60 minutes"? The president leaks the interview he walked out on before it's set to air this Sunday night. Did he get ahead of the story or just make it must-see TV? So, the story with depression... It's multiple symptoms that hold you back and you wish the socks would sort themselves. Enough. 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{"duration":"8:18","description":"Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro react to the debate and discuss if it changed voters’ minds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73790280","title":"‘The View’ shares takeaways from final presidential debate","url":"/theview/video/view-shares-takeaways-final-presidential-debate-73790280"}