White House chief of staff John Kelly: Some 'too lazy' to sign up for DACA

"The View" co-hosts discuss Trump's threat to shut down the government over his immigration plan, and his chief of staff's comment on the policy.
6:10 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for White House chief of staff John Kelly: Some 'too lazy' to sign up for DACA
He also says he is ready to shut down the government if Democrats don't get onboard with his immigration plan and border wall and as chief of staff, John Kelly thinks they have been more than generous with the dreamers. Take a look. The difference between 690 and $1.8 million were the people were too lazy to sign up to get off their asses. I want to point something out John Kelly. You might be the one who is a little lazy here because 600,000 of those dreamers weren't eligible for DACA as of last year since they hadn't met the age or education requirements. They haven't applied some out of fear. Many people eligible for DACA have families below the poverty line and cost $495 to apply for DACA. Another $495 to renew every two years. Three-quarters over 16 and eligible for DACA work are juggling. 1 in 4 juggle both job and college studies. Yeah. This is why people don't want to come and talk to y'all because this is the language you use. People aren't lazy. These people are busting their behinds trying to figure out how do I find the way to citizenship. They are working their butts off. Yeah. They weren't fortunate enough to inherit $1 million from their daddy like he was. I will say this whoopi. I have met these DACA kids. Several of them walked from Florida to Washington years ago to make their case for why they are citizens, really just like all of us. For all intents and purposes they grew up here. They love our country. They're teachers. They wanted to certain in serve in the military. They are teachers and they are confused and don't understand why they haven't been taken care of. Where are they supposed to go? Take care of them today that makes this problem go away. This was the question. Right now all of this is the argument over DACA at the moment. There's a lot of room for bipartisan agreement on this. I don't understand why we're throwing rhetoric about -- It's trump. No. It's not just trump. Isn't he the one that says no deal? Chuck Schumer as well shutting down the government for three days. Republicans are asking for stronger border security and Democrats want more protection for dreamers. There's room for agreement on this. 76% of Americans support dreamers' rights for citizenship. Without the wall. Without the wall. That's what I mean. Are Democrats going to agree to the wall, stronger border security and chain migration. The problem with chain migration is if you give the DACA citizens citizenship they're making sure their parents get sent back and you're breaking up families and immigrants don't deserve that treatment. What I am trying to tell you is there's room for bipartisan agreement. There is. People haven't learned this election was a lot about immigration and the harsh rhetoric president trump used, one, a huge swath of supporters in this country. I urge -- You said 76% of Americans -- I believe that's the -- So why is a deal necessary? Why N't you just pass a bill to satisfy them? Why is it everybody supportive of that? Why does it have to be a deal? President trump would be alienating the base of supporters who got him elected. 76%. But he has the base of supporters around 36% to 40% of the Americans. Minorities running this country -- More people on the other side need to come out and vote because his -- You're right. 3 million more came out and voted for Hillary. I keep repeating this. We do this every day. We do this almost every day. I don't control the electoral process. Here's the bottom line. People want this to pass and yes, there was a wonderful woman who was in that meeting yesterday who said to the new guy, we don't -- sir, we don't want to shut down we feel we can make a deal. A Republican woman. I cannot think of her name. From Virginia. Somebody will whisper and then we'll blurt it out. I believe everybody wants to make a deal. But they don't want -- nobody wants to be responsible for paying for a wall you said we weren't going to pay for. That's the first thing. If his base, if his base wants him to do what he's supposed to do then he's supposed to find a way to make this work. You can't force us to pay for a wall that you bragged you were going to make them pay for. That's right. That's the first thing. Mexico. Everybody wants to secure but people don't want it under these circumstances where you know it's not going to work. They're flying in. People are flying into the country. They're not going over the wall. It's a waste of money. That's why the Democrats don't want to do it. So DACA recipients will end up creek without a paddle because we can't come to any bipartisan agreement on this. I believe that there is bipartisan agreement. The sticky point is him. It actually is him. He has decided he does not -- that's what he said. He said no deal without this thing. March 5th deadline. I think -- do we have to go? One thing. The thing is, you know, you have the chief of staff, John Kelly, calling immigrants lazy. When are we going to stop with the nasty rhetoric undermining the values of this country?

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{"id":52908948,"title":"White House chief of staff John Kelly: Some 'too lazy' to sign up for DACA","duration":"6:10","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Trump's threat to shut down the government over his immigration plan, and his chief of staff's comment on the policy.","url":"/theview/video/white-house-chief-staff-john-kelly-lazy-sign-52908948","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}