Co-worker romances in present-day office

Is asking out a co-worker a bad idea? “The View” co-hosts discuss.
3:07 | 10/01/19

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Transcript for Co-worker romances in present-day office
A guy has a crush on his co-worker. He wrote into "The New York post" advice column because it's taboo apparently to date a fellow employee in his office, but people spend so much time at work, the question is being asked, what's wrong with going out with someone from the office? They don't -- they frown on this for some reason, but you know, in my day, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, that's where you met guys. You either met a guy in the office or you dated your cousin from Palermo. It's like, who's available. My aunt used to say if you don't meet them in college, you're never going to meet a guy, so I got married in college. They did say that a lot. Yeah. Now they're on tinder, they're on this, they're on fish this. What is that, go fish? Plenty of fish. Catfish. Plenty of fish. It's a bad idea to date somebody in the office. My father said it's professional suicide but I did it anyway when I was younger and worked at a law firm. Of course. And then we broke up and then you got to look at the person all the time and then he became a semistalker and everybody in the office was talking about it and then what do you do when you got to look at the person? You just forget about it. You move on. It's not like it's your boss. I think it's a bad idea. If it's your boss it's a mistake because you will be fired and he will keep his job. The me too era talking about positions of power, all I know is that all the men in my life who are single won't go near dating-wise any woman they work with. I think the culture we're in right now, they think it's too tenuous for their careers. It's a bad idea. Everyone is getting glass walls for their offices or a big wide open space. My husband's parents met at the same company and they were forced -- one of them had to resign or quit. See? The woman, right? Yes. It was his mom, but she ended up having the two boys and it was a tough decision to make at the time. She left her job? She left her job to marry -- it's true love. That sucks. Is that what they call that? You're very quiet. I'm not dating any of y'all. So -- That's true. This job makes it a little easier. Does this mean, Brian, it's over for you and me? I think so. Why are we always bringing Brian into this? He's married. Yes, happily. That's true. Happily. That's another step. Don't go near the married guys. Big mistake. But to your point, joy, do you know that people now spend approximately 13 years and two months of their lives at work. That's true. Oh, my god. That's terrible. So what do you do? I think people can make their own choices. This is what happens. But you got on here and you say, oh he's cute and he's around the corner, let's hook up. That's not right, I'm sorry. Is that on catfish? On something. That's on tinder or grinder. It's okay, you'll be back. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Is asking out a co-worker a bad idea? “The View” co-hosts discuss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65985966","title":"Co-worker romances in present-day office","url":"/theview/video/worker-romances-present-day-office-65985966"}