Yvette Nicole Brown discusses showcasing Black excellence on new show ‘Big Shot’

The actress talks about her role as the no-nonsense principal on the new Disney+ show and weighs in on the latest Hot Topics.
9:31 | 04/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Yvette Nicole Brown discusses showcasing Black excellence on new show ‘Big Shot’
In the new Disney plus show "Big shots" our friend Yvette Nicole brown plays the no-nonsense principal of an all-girls high school who has no problem putting the cocky new basketball coach in his place. Take a look. I told you one thing. Do not screw this up. She disrespected me, in fact, they all did. You had to anticipate they would test you. You had to anticipate I would make one of them an example. You had to make it of the star player. Her father -- I don't care who her father is. Louise is suspended until - further notice. Look at me. This is not a good start. She's fierce. Please welcome the lovely and talented Yvette Nicole brown. How are you, doll? I'm good. Nice to have you here. I see sunny and Meghan got the hair memo for the ponytail today. Look at you three. Okay. So, Yvette, you see that ivanka finally got the vaccine and did it on television. Maybe her father should have tried that. What do you think about that? You know, I'm -- first of all, I love you, joy. Happy to be back. I'm so over these people and them picking and choosing when they want a camera moment. If she had done this or stood up for covid safety a year ago, hundreds of thousands of people may still be alive. The idea that she has her cute T on and is getting vaccinated, makes me want to flip tables. I'm over these people. I'm sick of it. If you're not following Yvette on Twitter, you should. She's terrific. She is filterless. Talking about filterless. We were talking ability j.lo and A-Rod's break up. I said she's a goiter on her neck, always stealing her spotlight. What do you think? Can they remain friends? What should happen to that ring which could feed an African village for a month? If you're friends before the relationship, you can be friends after. If you get together for different reasons, no friendship base, then it's different. As far as the ring, I feel like he ain't going to miss that money. He ain't going to miss that million. It's a nice little parting gift for her. One of the thing I want to say about public people who break up, it's bad enough in your hometown when everyone at the pta knows you and Harold couldn't make it. The idea the entire world knows you couldn't make it, I can't imagine being in that spotlight. My heart goes out to them. Yvette, it's hard to find anything we all agree on, but we all love you very much. You post a lot on social media about the struggle for social justice. This week the former officer who shot and killed daunte Wright was charged with second degree manslaughter after the former police chief claimed she mistook her gun for her taser. As a fellow gun owner, you say you don't buy that excuse. I didn't buy it either. Why don't you buy it? Because I've held a Glock. I know how heavy a Glock is. There's no way you pick up a Glock and think it's a taser. One is yellow. One is black. One is on one side of your body, one on the other. I like to switch people. I like to take her out and put me in it. Had I pulled out a gun and shot them and they died, would I be able to say it was an accident? No. In my mind, if it would happen to me, I would get a murder charge. Sunny, maybe it's had to be a manslaughter charge. I feel like they're saying it's no big deal. It's why black lives matter exist. It's why Colin Kaepernick took a knee. All of this stuff happens to us. It's enough. Yvette, why was she yelling taser, taser, taser? Why was she yelling that? I feel like it's the same reason they say why are you resisting? I don't think she was thinking about her camera being on. I think she was used to saying what needs to be said to get off should you kill a black person. She goes taser, taser, taser. It was a gun? I don't know. I feel like she was trying to get off. That's what I think. 26-year veteran of the police force. Yvette, we have to talk about your new show. You've said your new show "Big shot, about an all-girls high school basketball team is a love letter to women's sports and young female empowerment. What can you tell us about it? These amazing young actresses, Nell, Sophia, cricket, they're all amazing. It's about them discovering their force. A lot of time if you're a young person and someone like John Stamos walks into your life, you might feel like you have to do what they say. What I love about this show is these girls have a voice. They're like listen this isn't going to work this way. It's a way for women to show we matter. We're athletes. Not me in particular, the girls are. Women are athletes and we're equal and at times greater than the men. I love this show shows that. Most of your scenes are with John Stamos who plays the new basketball coach. You've said you were a fan of his going all the way back to his days on "General hospital." What was it like working with him? I was a zygot in my mother's belly when he was on TV. Not true. I always thought he was the most handsome thing the lord created. The idea that I can stand nose to nose with John and also the others on the show, the fact we all get to be together and work with this icon is amazing. I give it back as good as I get. We're a good match me and that John Stamos. He is something. I used to have a photo, a poster of him on my bedroom wall growing up. John Stamos looks better and better. Like fine win. Child. I love this show, Yvette. My daughter Paloma is a basketball player. It's right on time given the wnba draft last night. Women in sports, it's right on time. You talked about, my friend, about being deliberate about the roles you've chosen throughout your career and wanting to showcase black excellence. I love that about you. Why is that so important to you? Well, I think that representation matters. I grew up watching people like Felicia Rashad on "The Cosby show." She brought such grit, but also love. Since I started my career on a kid show, I know that kids watch me. I don't have a problem being a role model. I don't have a problem being the kind of person that says maybe we should be kind or look out for each other, model love. When I pick my roles, I try to make sure it's one of those babies watching "Drake and Josh" can see and not be confused. I want them to say I like what Helen did this time. It's a choice. No shade to those that choose other things. Thiss my life and my call. I hope I'm a light and blessing and asset everywhere I go. That's always my goal. Another place we watched you is on "Community." You kept in touch with your co-stars by texting every day which is what all fans want to believe is happening. It is happening. What was the last thing you all texted about and when are we going to see the "Community" reunion movie finally happen? That was the last thing we texted about. The headlines said "Community" movie coming tomorrow. I was like wait. There was a headline that made you think you were onset. I texted and said I hope you know I didn't say that. I just said I would love to do the film. It looked good in the headlines. We're not onset right now. Then it became like I'm at craft services and I don't see the coffee. It became this joke back and forth. That was yesterday. Yvette, it's obvious we're all crazy about you. Don't be a stranger. I love you guys. You know that. "Big shot" premiers Friday on Disney plus and be sure to check out Yvette's new animated show, she's a busy girl. "The chicken squad" on Disney junior.

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{"duration":"9:31","description":"The actress talks about her role as the no-nonsense principal on the new Disney+ show and weighs in on the latest Hot Topics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77119971","title":"Yvette Nicole Brown discusses showcasing Black excellence on new show ‘Big Shot’","url":"/theview/video/yvette-nicole-brown-discusses-showcasing-black-excellence-show-77119971"}