How Ziwe is changing the landscape of late-night TV

The comedian tells "The View" why she's breaking late-night tradition with a "hyper feminine" feel to her new show "Ziwe" and responds to critics claiming she's trying to cancel white women.
5:16 | 06/17/21

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Transcript for How Ziwe is changing the landscape of late-night TV
Well last year you had a very, very popular Instagram live show. It helped you get this new show on showtime. The show has a different feel than what we are used to seeing in late night comedy. I think it's brilliant and fantastic. You said the bright pink set and the way you dress is a way to set yourself apart. Tell us about that. I think my show is hyper feminine. It's in stark contrast to what we see in traditional late night spaces. I thought if you wanted to be taken seriously as a woman you have to wear blue. I think that's sexist. I wanted to push against that idea and wear pink and faux fur hats. I love that. Your show is a satirical variety show with interviews, sketches and musical numbers, but you also ask all your guests blunt and uncomfortable questions about race. Where did the idea to do this come from? And what is your goal with it? Certainly. I think the idea was based on my every day life. I've grown up as a black woman in this country. All my life people have confronted me about race against my will. People are talking to me about their black friends. I'm like, sir, this is a Wendy's. Why are you speaking to me? My show aims to shine a light on that. Your show has been interestingly enough met with some criticism. A mother of a student at Spence school here in New York City sent an open letter to the board expressing her anger that her daughter's history teacher showed the class the first episode of your show, which I've this mother said that it's racist against white women. How do you respond to people who think you're trying to cancel white women? You know, I would invite them to watch the show, which is streaming on showtime and hulu. I'm not trying to cancel anyone. I'm trying to have conversations that get discussions going. It's a great dialogue honestly. You interviewed New York City mayoral candidate Andrew yang on your show and it went viral after he told you his favorite rapper was Jay-Z and then had trouble naming any of his songs and then went on to say his favorite subway stop was times square, a subway station no new Yorker would ever say was their favorite. What did you think about him after this interview? Honestly, I think he's an icon. I was so happy to interview him. I hope he comes on my show again. What a funning, interesting perspective. God bless. Let me ask you this, for me I love the idea of everything you're doing. Where do you see yourself in four years? Are you seeing yourself producing more shows like the one you're doing? What do you see as your future? Whoopi, you are such a role model to me. I'm aiming to follow in your footsteps. Child. My goal is world domination. Producing, writing, pop star, whatever. You are a beacon of what it means to be a successful woman in this industry. I'm always just looking towards you honestly. Well, to me it's an amazing thing. When I see all these young black women coming here saying here's where I want to be and people look at you like you're crazy, like it's not possible, then you show up in a gown, I have to tip my dreads to you, girl. I'm tipping my dreads to you. I'm seeing who you're sitting with and it's amazing, from Fran to Gloria steinem. Why was it important to be this diverse? My goal is to get as many perspectives to my show. I can't judge. I'm not the judge, jury, executioner on race issues in I'm looking for diverse perspectives. Every episode is attuned to what your respective tastes are. Right. I want to say we're celebrating you as the women here on "The view." We're celebrating you and everything you're striving for. We're very proud. Thank you. May I -- Come back any time. May I also say that "The view" is a blueprint for my show. The way you edit the show and cut different discussions is a huge influence for me. Thank you for having me honestly. We're going to tell folks -- you can roll that beautiful thing now. All episodes of ziwe are streaming now on showtime. We, of course, will be right

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"The comedian tells \"The View\" why she's breaking late-night tradition with a \"hyper feminine\" feel to her new show \"Ziwe\" and responds to critics claiming she's trying to cancel white women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78339321","title":"How Ziwe is changing the landscape of late-night TV","url":"/theview/video/ziwe-changing-landscape-late-night-tv-78339321"}