You Don't Want to Fly on a Plane With These Passengers

From the naughty and naked to the tipsy and unruly, here are some of the worst airplane passengers.
6:27 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for You Don't Want to Fly on a Plane With These Passengers
We're talking about a volatile mixture of crowds, delays, security, fear of flying, screaming babies, and a bucket load of liquor and anything can happen. Check out this guy back in June shouting at his family on a jet blue flight, attacking flight attendant attendants. Listen to his daughter pleading. She must be so proud. He was handcuffed to his seat. It's nerve racking. It seems to be happening more and more. What about this? A pair of tipsy mums taking a security check too seriously. And then there's this. Sweet seniors falling in with the wrong crowd en route to Cabo. Funnyman Hal sparks has seen it all. Some people just aren't good in Normal life, and then they get in a plane and they don't understand how it stays in the air. They're claustrophobic, a agoraphobic and they come together on a plane. I'm the punching bag. She says it's a potential powder keg. You have a half a millimeter and there's 160 passengers in a flying tube at 30,000 feet. Mary Schiavo, a former inspector for the department of transportation. Alcohol and aviation do not mix. She's now a lawyer who defends passengers accused of being unruly. Look at that. She's talking, you know, Kristen wiig on "Bridesmaids". Ready to parrtaaayyy! Earlier this month a Dallas to Boston flight diverted to Nashville after a female passenger not Kristen wiig actually ran towards the cockpit and attacked the flight attendants. There were 8,000 reports of disruptive passengers last year alone. For our unscientific of the worst, let's start with the naughty nakeds. Full disclosure. I did, when I was stuck over Christmas one year, I met a girl in the airport, and we pretended to be a couple so that we could get on a flight together. And by the end of the flight we were. That's all I'm saying. Like this pair of strangers fined nearly 5 grand for getting ridiculously friendly on a flight from Dallas to England. It turns out, they were each married to other people. Even more alarming, the solo nude. Imagine you're rolling the cart back and you get to the last row and there's a naked lady sitting in the row. But the great thing about her was she still had her seatbelt on. That's just unsanitary. Next, the belligerent boozers. Like our duct taped man who drank a bottle of liquor and started screaming, the plane is going to crash. So he was taped to his seat. Listen to the moaning. Oh. Oh. 50 shades of plane. The passengers duct taped him. Did you see that? Inflight intoxication is such a problem in Russia. Lawmakers are banning duty free liquor on board. Here's the cash though. There's no law in Russia that would allow airlines to punish unruly customers. Since this report aired, Russia's largest carrier came out in support of making boozy behavior on board a criminal offense. Earlier this year jenny Lauren, niece of Ralph and apparent passenger from hell was fined 2,700 bucks from ñ allegedly getting drunk and air raging. A flight attendant claims Lauren called her a fat, unhappy blonde . She told the New York post the allegations are all lies and claims the flight attendants threatened me. The law is very strict about alcohol up in the air. An airline cannot by federal law serve any passenger to the point of inebriation. Do you cut people off if you think they're too drunk? Of course. We have to. They might not know it. We have tricks. Their jack and coke might become a lot of coke and a little jack. It's fine if you get drunk and pass out? S It's not okay if you pass out. If something goes wrong on the flight, we can't be taking 160 limp noodles off the airplane. Remember Gerard depardieu? Apparently after a glass or two he relieved himself not in the traditional place but the aisle of a plane. He came clean on the graham Norton show. Yes, I Peed on the plane. These days, bomb threats are also a reality and they aren't funny. Watch a S.W.A.T. Team storm a plane last month after a passenger said he wanted to blow up Canada which kind of brings us to our next category. The scoff laws in the sky. A couple months ago this happened. Some gentleman decided that he wanted us to visit the lord today. He tried to open the emergency exit at 30,000 feet en route from Chicago to Sacramento. He was subdued by a passenger until the law arrived. Rug rats are considered the most unpopular passengers from hell. Even though -- I really never saw an air rage incident caused by a kid and I've never seen a drunk and disorderly kid. They're just loud. They need to drive or have a plane for just babies. You want to scream, go ahead and get the screaming plane. Glozelle is a comedian and internet star and frequently furious flier. Get on a plane and everybody says we understand, but I don't. The next time I take my kids home to Scotland, maybe I should take a boat.

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{"id":25139355,"title":"You Don't Want to Fly on a Plane With These Passengers","duration":"6:27","description":"From the naughty and naked to the tipsy and unruly, here are some of the worst airplane passengers.","url":"/2020/video/2020-fly-plane-passengers-25139355","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}