Amanda Knox Speaks: Court

Part 4: Police introduced a man, Rudy Guede, they claimed was under Knox's control.
7:23 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Amanda Knox Speaks: Court
As we return the trial is about to begin. There are 2 central questions for you to consider. Does the behavior of Amanda Knox prove she's a killer and -- the prosecutor about to present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. The Italian justice system is different from ours here at home the kind of personal character evidence you can introduce. And also off the jurors can care. By now a year -- past the jury and everyone in Italy has been steeped in lurid headlines. The trial is ready to begin Amanda Knox says because she's been staying in prison. She doesn't grasp -- to Italian she's become a pariah. Presumptuous promiscuous. America. In the court every once he's here at times smiling at times startling and other times Don -- need to pay attention. Once wearing a T shirt from The Beatles. All you need is love there was another one of -- -- nigh eve in a charity. I didn't realize. How. Very intensely I was being scrutinized. -- she makes a statement about barely knowing Meredith creature it seems strange callous. So society calling. Yet I had not -- any. I'm not the best speaker. Does that look hard hardened. Unfailing. I can see how it does. She says the whole proceeding just seemed surreal you thought you were going to be -- how could -- be convicted. That's what I was thinking what the prosecutor Mangini is ready with his case. Arguing. What happened that night was a sex game targeting Meriden and spiraling out of control. Police have created a kind of avatar Khartoum for the trial showing how Amanda Knox might have wielded a knife. While Rafael held Meredith down the -- argues they could've been on drugs like cocaine. So police did not -- a drug test. And then. The needy produces a murder weapon a knife taken from Rafael is kitchen drawer which Knox says they used for cooking. But Mangini says it has merit that the DNA on the blade and -- on the handle. I can't go over all the evidence but just to -- testified it was her -- and it was proven that they were wrong. Later independent experts will say a credible lab would be skeptical about identifying DNA from such a small sample. And that other speck on the blade. Is rye bread next they produced a small piece of Meredith creatures -- class claiming that it bears Rafael raise DNA. But one problem they -- the police accidentally left the class -- -- crime scene for 47 dates only discovering it. In a different place on the floor in police video you can see them passing it around dirt on their -- Raising questions of contamination. And among the prosecution witnesses the star would be this man Rudy did -- -- he was known to Perugia police as -- seafood drug user who threatened people with a knife. He told friends he had strange episodes in the night sometimes blacking out he fled -- rouge of the day after the murder a friend got him on tape saying he did the house that night but just going to the bathroom and Amanda Knox wasn't there. A year later. The story had changed. He says he did -- through window. But here's the issue at the center of the trial and the question of reasonable doubt. Rudy did days DNA. Is everywhere in -- through mock her purse for her cell phones and money are missing the bloody shoe print they want said was Rafael -- -- -- And the hand prints matched his exactly. Also inside Meredith naked body that he -- days DNA. So how can police explained the fact. That the crime scene there it's not one Trace of DNA from Amanda Knox the prosecutors -- say she must have cleaned hers off. They have so that you clean the rooms from power you've cleaned the premises. Viewers. DNA. Well. That's impossible. It's impossible to see DNA. Much less identify. Whose DNA it -- The trial will continue for 318. Days. Every day watch it. Her parents who believe -- her and find their way through the press to be in the courtroom also watching another family. Who believed that she is involved in the death of their child. She says she tried to send a request to the creatures to approach them put their lawyer refused. I remember. Seen. Both. Humbled. And mortified. By that. Because. In my mind there was still all of big mistake and it would be shown to be -- -- mistake. On December 5 20092. Years after the murder it's. Called back into the courtroom. Here's the upward a painful night. You can quote -- And it was a roar in the courtroom. People -- claiming. My mom and my sister -- And I day. Couldn't very. Family. My family I was there. And I couldn't. I couldn't reach. -- And I will. -- Everything that I thought I knew about the -- Justice and life work. Was gone. Outside battalions. Regionally. Okay. -- Amanda Knox is sentenced to 26 years in prison when her boyfriend of seven days refuses to turn on her. His sentence is 25 years. And blue -- day gets just sixteen because of his cooperation. He could be released as early as next year. And we want to know where -- where there is so much detail in this case so many specific questions you may have. We hope you go online to see more of our interview going moment by moment of over the case. But next when we come back here what the doctors told Amanda Knox in prison. The doctor told me that I had tested positive for HIV. And I was stunned.

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{"id":19079466,"title":"Amanda Knox Speaks: Court","duration":"7:23","description":"Part 4: Police introduced a man, Rudy Guede, they claimed was under Knox's control.","url":"/2020/video/amanda-knox-speaks-court-19079466","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}