Amanda Knox Speaks: A Diane Sawyer Exclusive

Part 1: Six years after the murder that led to her conviction and acquittal, Knox tells her story.
8:25 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for Amanda Knox Speaks: A Diane Sawyer Exclusive
Good night. ♪ the other will begin a long fight against charges she is a sex-crazed killer. As headlines label her an erotic thrill seeker, seductress, murderess. "American temptress," "she-devil with an angel face." "Heartlessipulator," "concertante of sex." "Sphinx of perugia." I haven't heard those. I mean, I've heard the gist of them. And they're wrong. I mean, I was in the courtroom when they were calling me a devil. I mean, it's -- it's one thing to be called certain things in the media. And then it's another thing to be sitting in a courtroom, fighting for your life, while people are calling you a devil. It's not true. For all intents and purposes, i was a murderer. Whether I was or not. And I had to live with the idea that that would be my life. Reporter: And now, even as we start to talk, the italian supreme court has just ruled she will go back on trial for the third time. It was incredibly painful. I felt like, after crawling through a field of barbed wire and finally reaching what i thought was the end, it just turned out that it was the horizon. And I had another field of barbed wire that I had ahead of me to crawl through. Reporter: What's the first thing you want people to know about you? I want the truth to come out. I'd like to be reconsidered as a person. Reporter: Of all the people watching, I keep thinking about meredith kercher's family. Yeah. Me, too. Reporter: What is it you want them to hear tonight? I'm thinking about them, too. Hey, it's amanda knox from seattle. Reporter: Amanda knox says, imagine it was your daughter. Growing up in a middle-class suburb of seattle. Her divorced parents still livi within walking distance of each other. Above all, she says she loves her family. The wonderful thing about my family is that we need each other always. All of us. And whatever happens to one of us happens to us all. Reporter: You can see her, the girl there in the school production of "annie" belting out a song, doing a backflip. She describes herself as quirky, often too loud, uncensored. Strange, like the eccentric heroine in the french film "amelie." But she's still living in seattle, a junior in college, on the dean's list, when she decides it's time to leave home and venture out. An adventure of -- fill in the blank. An adventure of -- an adventure of selfhood, I'd say. I mean, I was -- I was at an age where I was -- where, you know, you're -- you're both insecure, but you're confident at the same time. Reporter: You wrote a sentence in the book that surprised me. You said, "what if I had not gone on a campaign for casual sex?" It was irresponsible. A child's going about a very adult thing. Reporter: You thought that's what the liberated -- yes, that's -- Reporter: -- Free-spirited girls did? I thought that's what all self-confident, free-spirited women did. And at that point, I still felt like -- felt like a clueless girl. Reporter: Like so many girls with websites that might come back to haunt them. Her screen name seemed flirtatious. She says it was given to her by her middle school soccer team. Foxy knoxy? Yeah. There was also a lot of me talking about my mom being my hero and what kind of music i liked and how I liked rock climbing and rollercoasters and my sisters. Reporter: Naive? I was naive enough that i didn't understand the way bad things can happen to regular people for no reason. Reporter: You were going to say good people. Well, I -- all people are good. But I -- I mean, we also are all regular. Reporter: She worked three separate jobs to earn the money for her year abroad. Her sister deanna dropping her off in italy, making a video as they head there, teasing her about her new life and the boys she'll meet. First up, that naked michelangelo statue of david. Are you excited to see david? David? David, the statue of david. Oh, good one. Well, dude, I swear to god. I don't know what it is about people who think that guys are not attractive physically but -- Reporter: Though amanda's real crush, harry potter. And how you're in love with harry potter. I am. I'm reading it in german. And I'm going to get the second one in italian. And I'm not even going to be able to read it because I can't even do italian yet. But it's going to happen, baby. Reporter: And you look at the picture of the girl who arrived there. What would you want to say? I want to tell her not to be afraid of what's gonna happen because what happened to me hit -- hit me like a -- a train. And there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was really afraid. When we come back, what

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"Part 1: Six years after the murder that led to her conviction and acquittal, Knox tells her story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19079012","title":"Amanda Knox Speaks: A Diane Sawyer Exclusive","url":"/2020/video/amanda-knox-speaks-diane-sawyer-exclusive-19079012"}