Anti-Scientologist Crusader Seems to Declare a Truce: Part 3

Marty Rathbun maintained a blog attacking the church and David Miscavige but then seemed to turn on the anti-Scientology movement.
5:48 | 01/07/17

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Transcript for Anti-Scientologist Crusader Seems to Declare a Truce: Part 3
scientology's centers of power in Florida and in California, Marty Rathbun thought he'd left it all behind. What was it like for you to separate from this church that you were in for 27 years? It was very difficult. I was seeing a good thing being turned into a bad thing. When I left, I didn't want to do any harm. Reporter: He laid low here for years, but in 2009, Rathbun started that scathing anti-scientology blog, attacking his former boss, David miscavige. And perhaps most provocatively, he also started offering scientology services independent of the church. Come on Marty, got anything to say? Reporter: That's when the so-called squirrel busters showed up, armed with cameras. Their odd hats and t-shirts heralding the start of what Rathbun says was a long campaign of harassment. Much of which he documented and posted on YouTube. Marty, I'm with squirrel busters productions. Doing an investigation on you and your squirrel technology that you're promoting. You guys going so stick around here? Yeah, Marty, we're here for weeks. Weeks and weeks. As long as it takes. Reporter: The term squirrel is a derogatory term for heretic, coined by L. Ron Hubbard himself. A squirrel group is considered a group that is abberrating the technology. Delivering it in a messed up way. Reporter: Outside the Normal channels. Correct. Reporter: Rathbun chronicled the squirrel busters' ongoing video surveillance, driving by his home in golf carts. Watch my dog! Slow down! Reporter: Coming up from behind in a paddle boat. This is my home, my backyard. Big brother in bermuda shorts. They rented a house 200 yards from my home. That's the kitchen to the surveillance house. And that's three slots in the blind pointing at my house. They sent down a group of, from four to eight people at any given time, and stayed there for 199 days. Reporter: Why the fuss? Because the church says squirrels, like this woman, are stealing and perverting scientology techniques, like this work with clay, a practice established in L. Ron Hubbard's early teachings. If you want to study a subject and understand it better, you should be able to touch it and move it and change it and look at pictures of it. They are violating probably the copyrights and trademarks of the church, and whatever it is that they are practicing is not scientology. I think the cynic would say that Hubbard's biggest problem with squirrels is just lost income. Reporter: Reporter Tony Ortega, who has been covering scientology for more than 20 years, is considered by the church to be, quote, a big got and a paid anti-scientologist. He says scientology feels threatened by both critics and former members who still use the church's so-called tech. If people are doing scientology outside of the church itself, he's not getting their money. But also, I think it's just a way of controlling the people you have. I told you. I put you on notice. You heard me. Do not point your cameras at my house or my neighbor's houses. Their goal was to get me to say, life's too short, it's not worth this, and fold up my tent and go away. Reporter: Didn't happen. No, didn't happen. Reporter: If the squirrel busters were trying to provoke Marty Rathbun, they sometimes succeeded. You can't do that. Marty. That's my personal property, Marty. Reporter: They put together this video of some of their best-of moments. I want -- oh, Jesus. Reporter: Rathbun's wife Monique finally had enough, and she sued the church. He's pretty upset -- Is he? Yeah, because he feels you are harassing his wife and his family. Okay. Reporter: In a legal filing, she alleged that the couple had been subjected to four years of "Constant surveillance and harassment." What's going on? Oh, we're just doing a documentary. A documentary on? Oh, a former scientology deal. After awhile, when they keep up with it, you got to go, what kind of mind set is behind people doing this kind of thing? What else are they capable of? Reporter: Scientology called the lawsuit "Nothing more than a pathetic get-rich scheme." And "An attempt to extort money from the church." But then, a surprise. Marty began to isolate himself. You know, something happened. Reporter: He says Rathbun's blog suddenly changed direction. At one point, Marty Rathbun's blog was the single biggest challenge to David miscavige and the existence of the church of scientology. A year later, there's not a word criticizing David miscavikcamiscaveige. Reporter: Bathbun was now attacking the anti-scientology movement, calling it a cult of its own, more zealous and coercive than anything it accuses scientology of. He told ABC news that his former compadres were cultivating a "Vicious victim complex" and operating a "Lucrative cottage industry" that he wants to avoid. And then last January, the Rathbun lawsuit was dropped. It was stunning. I mean, you know, it's bizarre. The church was as surprised as anybody else when the -- when the lawsuit was dismissed. Reporter: In court filings, Rathbun's wife said the suit was dropped only because she lacked "The resources, the time and the motivation" to litigate against "Scientology's army of lawyers." This week, Marty Rathbun declined our request for an interview. It's about as much of a 180 degree as you're can -- you're going to see. Reporter: But if one older ant anti-scientology crusader has now declared a truce, a new generation is declaring war. One man tells us what he says he went through in the church as a child. You were an adult. What did you do to me?

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Marty Rathbun maintained a blog attacking the church and David Miscavige but then seemed to turn on the anti-Scientology movement. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"44613606","title":"Anti-Scientologist Crusader Seems to Declare a Truce: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/anti-scientologist-crusader-declare-truce-part-44613606"}