Did Bank-Robbing Dad Ask Kids To Do More Prison Time?

ABC's Matt Gutman confronts Scott Catt about prison letters obtained exclusively by ABC News.
7:10 | 12/28/14

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Transcript for Did Bank-Robbing Dad Ask Kids To Do More Prison Time?
Reporter: The pretty house with the wraparound porch in Oregon is now the Catts' rearview mirror. Their new home, where we met them last year, is the big house, behind the bars of the ft. Bend county jail in Texas. The family had been held in separate cell blocks and hadn't seen each other in over a year jailhouse life had taken its toll. Scott said there wasn't enough food, and he'd lost more than 70 pounds, almost unrecognizable to his own mother when we showed her footage from our interview. He's an old man. He doesn't look the same. Oh, I miss him. He's old. I don't want to see anymore. Reporter: She's heartbroken by what her son did to the grandchildren she'd help care for after their mother died. It's so hard. I wish I knew why he did this. I will never know. Reporter: When we sat down with Scott, he wanted us to believe he was a changed man, a father who would do anything for his kids. If you were offered a deal where you had to spend 25, 30, 40 years in prison in exchange for both of your kids going free, would you take it? For them going free? Absolutely. Reporter: What about life in prison? Sure. Scott Catt is a manipulator. He is a terrible excuse for a father. And no one would be here today except for the fact that Scott Catt decided a life of crime was easier than actually going to work every day and raising his children. Reporter: Would you have said you're a good father? I thought I was. Reporter: Do you think you are now? I have serious doubts. I mean, I think that we're all sitting in here right now because of my inability to be a parent. Reporter: What would Beth say, your first wife? What would she say about you dragging your kids into -- I can't even imagine. Can't even imagine. I'm just -- I'm really ashamed. My mommy. That's when he cries is, about my mom. Reporter: He didn't cry about his kids, but he cried about his wife. Yeah. Reporter: In fact, as we would learn, he would put in pen and ink how little he cared. Abby's lawyer gave us letters from their dad in which he encouraged them to do hard time so that he could do less of it. With this new information, we went back just last week to confront Scott, this time face to face. This is your letter to Abby, by the way. Where did you get this? Reporter: It's your handwriting, isn't it? Yeah, definitely is. Reporter: And it's your letter. Yes. Reporter: You told me recently that you would be willing to spend life in prison in order that your kids do not spend time in prison. I would. I would. Reporter: But here you are, essentially asking her to do time for you. Yeah, I was trying to manipulate. I'm trying to get something for -- Reporter: Who are you manipulating? I'm trying to get everybody something that they could live with. Reporter: Everybody? You got your kids involved in this, and you're asking them to do time for you. It says it right here. "I do believe that you doing prison time will be good for me. And I know that wasn't an easy choice for you." And that's what she said to me in the previous letter, that she was willing to do that. Reporter: Wouldn't most parents say, try to dissuade their children? Say, "Please, don't admit to anything. I will take the entire blame here." I would love to, but they have so much evidence on everybody that -- what -- what are we supposed to do? Reporter: What's interesting is that you can't even leave them alone. It seems that you caused so much havoc in their life beforehand that you're even trying to manipulate them from behind bars and us. What do you want me to say to that? Reporter: In another letter, Scott encourages Abby and Hayden to exaggerate his addiction in their interviews with us, all so that his story would appear more sympathetic. "Tell them I led a dual life involving drugs, alcohol and women. We can "F" with them a little, ha ha." Reporter: You clearly told your kids to manipulate us just like you were manipulating them. I wanted to get some sort of -- wow -- some sort of movement on my case, something. It was a joke. I was joking around. That's the "Ha ha" part. Reporter: I don't understand the humor. Well, that's the humor of somebody that's done a lot of drugs and alcohol. He has done research on what would make them have a better story. So, being a drug addict, being an alcoholic, your audience would look at that and excuse it and maybe feel sorry for him. I did everything wrong. I wish I could take it back. But I can't. There's so many regrets about it. Reporter: Your father says he blames himself. He says he's lied to you for many years. Mm-hmm. Reporter: Do you believe him now? Am I just supposed to believe him all of a sudden? I want to. And I've always wanted to. I believe he feels remorse. But I also believe that he still didn't have my best interests through all of this, through all the court stuff. Reporter: Does it make you angry? Make you sad? Mainly sad that a situation like that was put in front of my face. From the person that is supposed to keep me away from things like that, and that's been the hardest to deal with, because that doesn't happen to everybody. And I feel like now I've lost my mom and now I've lost my dad. Reporter: When we told Scott his kids thought he failed as a father, he was dumbfounded. Did they forget about other times, the happy times? They don't remember the trip to disneyland? I wish I could have made those memories a little more lasting for them. Reporter: And unbelievably, despite everything, Abby and Hayden say they forgive their father. I've forgiven him. Reporter: You've forgiven him? Because I have to, for myself, or I probably wouldn't be able to sleep at night. And so, I can start to live a Normal life. I don't want hate, anger and any of that in my heart. Reporter: If your father were right here, Hayden, what would you say to him? You know, I'd tell him that I forgive him and that I don't want him to carry this burden around with him for the rest of his life. Reporter: When we come back, an extraordinary television moment. Hey, Abby. Reporter: Abby and Hayden unite. And you won't believe what our

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"ABC's Matt Gutman confronts Scott Catt about prison letters obtained exclusively by ABC News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"27858514","title":"Did Bank-Robbing Dad Ask Kids To Do More Prison Time?","url":"/2020/video/bank-robbing-dad-kids-prison-time-27858514"}