Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend arrested after police shooting: Part 3

Kenneth Walker, who is a legal gun owner, said he fired one shot to protect himself and Taylor. The bullet hit Sgt. Jon Mattingly's leg, prompting the officers to return fire, shooting over 30 times.
7:52 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend arrested after police shooting: Part 3
Everybody get on squad one. I'm on squad one. Okay, what's going on? So, we're going in. As soon as we hit the door, announce three times. The Shot. He said there's a female. He said she was shooting. He said she's down in there. Maybe ten S.W.A.T. Officers in total and they go in expecting anything. They go in thinking that there might be someone inside hiding with a gun. Hey, she's down at the end of the hall. Watch your step. Kitchen. Watch the kitchen. I got her. We still got to check the bed. One on me! It's underneath the bed. Case in there. Slug there. Casings here. Check our, we got check our -- ma'am, can you hear us? Louisville molice department. Medic up. Now a crime scene. Let's go ahead and move out, all right? He's done. Please, god, don't let her be dead. Please, god, don't let her be dead. Is that the guy that shot? I guess. Do we know that for a fact? Well, he was sitting there, saying I hope she's not dead. I hope she's not dead. Can you unbuckle him real quick? I want to loosen his cuff. It's actually really tight. I'm in the back of the police car. All I'm asking them, "Is she okay?" Like, "What's going on wit her?" And nobody was telling me anything. Nobody seemed to be concerned You're walking this way. It was terrible. I wasn't free anymore. I couldn't even move. That alone is enough to make anybody feel some type of way. Face that wall over there for a second, all right? Which way? Just where you're faced already. It was terrible, but it didn't matter. Like, once I found out that breonna's gone, it's like all this doesn't even matter. They put him in the car, take him downtown, read him his Miranda rights. It makes my heart fall into my stomach. A close family friend treated like a criminal. Today's date is March 13, 2020. Do you know who we are? We're the public integrity unit. We investigate officer-involved shootings. The other -- I don't know who he was, but he came and told me there was some type of misunderstanding. An officer told you that? Yeah. In the police car on the ride over here. There's a little bit of miscommunication. I just wanted to touch base with you so you kind of have an idea of what was going on. To me it seemed like they realized that they were at the wrong place. Help me to kind of understand something. You originally told like the officers, she shot the gun. Yeaidn't mean to, I was just scared. So, we're just here to try to find out what happened. She had been sleeping, and I was kind of dozing off. Seven police officers show up at breonna Taylor's door in the middle of the night to execute a narcotics search warrant. We didn't write it, we didn't do any of the investigation, we did none of the background. Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly has been with the Louisville police department for about 20 years. You guys were only there to assist. Right. It was a heavy manpower-intensive operation, and they just needed bodies. It wasn't until Kenneth walker and the police officers present were interrogated th the details of the shog emerged. There was a loud bang at the door. I remember banging on the door. It's open hand, hard smack. Bam bam bam. First time didn't announce. Just hoping she'd come to the door. Breonna said, you know, "Who is it?" Nobody said anything, so at this time we're getting up to put on clothes to see who it is, and then there's anotherbang at the door. I yelled, "Police, search warrant. Police, search warrant." There was a total of six different knocks at the door while we're doing this. It's too late for anybody to be knocking on the door, so I grab my gun, then we proceed to go answer the door. And finally, I look back at my lieutenant, who's in the stack back here. He goes, go ahead and hit it. And when we get right in the doorway of the bedroom, the door flies open. I could see the living room to my right. So, I could see the tan couches, the living room, the door. Were there any lights on in No. Just the TV back there, but we have lights on guns. As I step in theoor frame to clear the hallway, I can see two figures. I've done probably 2,000 search warrants where I've made entry. I've never seen two people lined up like this down a hall. Sargent Mattingly and police on one side of the narrow hallway, and facing them 25 feet away are Kenneth walker and breonna Taylor. Protect breonna, protect myself. That's what was going through my head. My eyes went straight to the barrel of this gun. I could see the tip of it. And my eyes just focused in on it. Kenny is a legal gun owner. So, I let out one shot, you knowhe ground. He wasn't shooting at the ground. He was in a stretched out with two hands, looking straight at me. Our postures were the same, looking at each other. I'm figuring it's intruders or somebody trying to break in and harm us. I couldn't see anybody. It was pitch black in there. I reached down and felt my leg, and I could feel a handful of blood. And I thought, "Man, that's my femoral artery." Everything happened in milliseconds. Boom, boom, boom, returned four shots. What was your intent? To stop the threat, whatever that was. I wanted to get home to my family. There was just a hail of gunfire, and I grabbed breonna and I dropped to the ground, and I was holding her hand while we went down. Can you see who you're shooting at, at that point? At that point, he had dove in the room and I was shooting for the door opening and we're just trying to neutralize the threat. There's one shot, but then there were 30 shots in return. A lot of people would look and say,, , that seems a lite bit excessive. It does seem like a lot. Are 30 shots normal? On this situation, I don't know how many were necessary. I mean, that's a hard one to tell because the initial shot barrage were so quick. And then, all hell breaks loose. Three of the officers immediately return fire. And 32 shots are fired into the apartment. Detective miles Cosgrove was directly behind Mattingly and Brett Hankison told author that he went around the side of the apartment and unloaded 10 rounds. I returned fire at the angle that I believed him to still be shooting from because I could still see those muzzle flashes and hear -- and the fire increased, almost like an automatic type weapon. Kenny fires the first bullet and he doesn't fire another one. It is possible that Hankison mistakes his colleagues' gunfire for a gun being fired from inside. I returned fire through the sliding glass doors. They was coming from every direction. It was coming from a window that was in the room next to us. They was coming down the hallway. They was coming in the living room. There are bullet holes everywhere in this apartment. Bullets going through clocks in the walls. Bullets through cabinets. Bullets through pots. There're bullets through cereal boxes inside of cabinets. The patio door was riddled with bullets. There are bullets through the ceiling that go up through the apartment upstairs. And then you're looking down this hallway, and you're basically seeing where breonna was. Breonna, she couldn't say she was scared to death, as was I, but she did scream at some point in time when she got hit. That's the last sounds that she made. Breonna is hit six times. And we don't know definitively but it's pretty certain that the fatal shot hits her in the chest. Two people are shot that night. We got ems on stand by. One gets rushed to the hospital, the other bleeding out on her hallway floor. Yet for hours, breonna Taylor's mother is left in the dark wondering what's going on.

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{"duration":"7:52","description":"Kenneth Walker, who is a legal gun owner, said he fired one shot to protect himself and Taylor. The bullet hit Sgt. Jon Mattingly's leg, prompting the officers to return fire, shooting over 30 times. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74329675","title":"Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend arrested after police shooting: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/breonna-taylors-boyfriend-arrested-police-shooting-part-74329675"}