Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend says she was not involved in criminal activity: Part 6

Police were investigating Jamarcus Glover for alleged drug activity and said they thought Taylor was involved. Glover denied being involved in drug activity and said Taylor was "dead innocent."
7:52 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend says she was not involved in criminal activity: Part 6
that didn't need to happen. She was 26 when she died. Bre was sweet. She always was a sweet little Caring, loving, inspirational. Breonna Taylor had a job. She Hadad a career, she had dreams, she was going places. None of that mattered on a night in which some police officers came to her door, kicked it in, and sh to death multiple times. It's a tale of two points of view from opposite sides of the same door. And those really reflect the view of America. The police point of view and the point of view of black citizens who feel they're under siege. Say her name! Breonna Taylor. Say her name! Breonna Taylor! The movement around breonna Taylor has gotten a lot of celebrity attention. Say her name. Breonna Taylor! They help us elevate the message. Keep shinning a light on breonna's name. And to amplify it in a large way. There's been no arrests, there's been no justice. Oprah bought billboard space in Louisville, which was then dedicated to bringing awareness to breonna's case. I'm so grateful for it, you know? In the beginning, people didn't know what happened, or you heard this glimpse of this story and it faded away as quickly as it came in. And so now it's like this name that's never going to die. These 26 billboards, one for every year of breonna's life, are my offering, my form of protest. We cannot be silent. We have to use whatever megaphone we have to cry for justice. No justice. No peace. In Louisville, people have been protesting every single day since the end of may. There have been wanted posters distributed with those three officers' faces on them. They've been called terr and murderers. My family has been a victim in this. They have had to go in hiding. They have had death threats. Have you always wanted to be a police officer in Louisville? Even since I was a kid. And I would play cops and robbers and I'd always want to be the cop. You were called names. I was, a lot. When somebody accuses somebody they don't know of being a racist, a dirty cop, being a murderer -- when that's not the case, that does affect You. To understand how we got here to this huge divide, you have to go back to see how breonna Taylor was first connected to this police investigation. A new police unit was formed called place-base investigations, tasked with the responsibility of cleaning up an area of Louisville that they declared a high drug activity area. Their focus really targeted breonna Taylor's ex-boyfriend. Jamarcus glover was alleged by police to be a low-level or even mid-level drug operator. He has no violent criminal history, but he does have several drug arrests. In the wake of breonna Taylor's death, police revealed Taylor and her ex-boyfriend Jamarcus glover. I come get me some rest in your bed. Jarmarcus. You don't want me? These phone calls are really painful to listen to because you can hear her knowledge that this relationship is not a healthy one for her. When you're around, I stress a lot. On what? Because I always be worried about you. With the police. I love you. I love you, too. He was somebody she liked. She definitely liked him. Her and Jamarcus were friends, but she never was serious about him. She would help him get out of jail. That may be why they believed that breonna Taylor may have been involved with drug activity. You say he was already back at the trap? A trap house is essentially a drug operation running out of a residence. I think she really genuinely liked Jamarcus but didn't really know how to cut ties with him. She was at a fork in the road in hsonal life between him and Kenneth walker. The whole situation I'm getting pounded on. Phillip Bailey exclusively interviewed Jamarcus glover abs relationship with breonna Taylor for "The courier journal Louisville" and ABC news. What was her relationship with you? We were together 2016, 17, some part of 18. But, um, we had gotten to a point where we weren't together no more. We started to ask ourselves, hey, you know, was breonna Taylor just collateral damage as part of this investigation revolving totally different people just because she used to date this guy? Police had been watchin Jamarcus glover because they alleged that he was operating a trap house on Elliot avenue. They've got surveillance on him, on his car. They are watching his every move. Police see breonna Taylor's car outside of his home on 2424 Elliott avenue. They see Jamarcus glover leaving breonna's apartment with a package that they believe is drugs in it. Jamarcus glover is adamant that he never brought any sort of the drug culture or lifestyle into breonna Taylor's world. You ever pick up anything illegal from breonna Taylor's apartment? Of course not. Nothing, nothing ever been illegal there. Shoes and clothes and Coming through the mail is not illegal. Did she ever come over sometimes? She pulled up out there and we literally standing outside. A hug is not illegal. I'm not bringing no boxes, she's not bringing me no boxes, none of it. Breonna was never someone who held money for you, sold narcotics, never held narcotics for you? No, no. Never. Listen, I've been free from narcotics years ago. I ain't have no dealing with this One has to ask one's self, why did they release those phone calls? If you've already come into it with your mind made up, this proves to you breonna Taylor was a courier, she got what she deserves. If you think absolutely the police were wrong, you think this is an effort by the media and the government to smear her. I was provided a document from Jamarcus glover's family. And I was blown away. It asked Jamarcus glover, in exchange for a reduced sentence, to admit to breonna Taylor as being part of a criminally syndicated enterprise with him. He would rather tear up a deal, speak to the media, upset the applecart in his own individual case, than besmirch or stain breonna's name. I'm going to put everything on the line because she innocent. She dead innocent. But prosecutors would later say that that plea document was just draft and not final. Jamarcus glover has pleaded not guilty to all pending charges. What is the reason breonna Taylor's dead? Kenneth walker put her in that hallway. He put her in an impossible situation. Whoever allowed them to come there and do that, they're

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{"duration":"7:52","description":"Police were investigating Jamarcus Glover for alleged drug activity and said they thought Taylor was involved. Glover denied being involved in drug activity and said Taylor was \"dead innocent.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74329730","title":"Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend says she was not involved in criminal activity: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/breonna-taylors-boyfriend-involved-criminal-activity-part-74329730"}