The Bunker Tapes: Alabama Hostage Standoff

Part 1: Shocking audio conveys the chaos when Jimmy Lee Dykes snatched a boy off a bus.
3:00 | 05/31/13

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Transcript for The Bunker Tapes: Alabama Hostage Standoff
Tonight the twisted mind games that some people played starting with one of the most terrifying stories of the last several months. It's when a young autistic boy was snatched off a bus to be used as a pun. So the kidnappers could get media attention for his crazy rants against the government -- was -- That's you know we were right there is the boy was pulled from that bunker in Alabama today for the first time Pierre Thomas with a stunning secret tapes it ABC news exclusive. How that incredible FBI team matched wits with a madman makes you wonder who was really the -- It was a mouse. It's -- 31 PM on a winter day in the tiny town of Midland city Alabama. Population 2300. Kids are coming home from school. -- -- is taking the same dirt road it always does. -- cotton fields in the wall -- but today unbeknownst to anyone onboard. They are being stopped. Suddenly a man carrying a gun stops the bus. And makes an unthinkable -- -- But this is not just -- -- this is Jimmy Lee -- a man with a simmering grudge. With a list of grievances against the US government. Okay. In this exclusive audio recorded by the bus security systems you do the 65 year old right. Threatening to kidnap two of the 21 children on that bus. Almost five minutes bus driver -- -- -- and ended up until now he thought was his friend. -- Like yeah. A -- yeah. You don't I think -- turned -- over somebody. Unrelenting -- turns his attention to the children now paralyzed with fear him again. -- -- -- -- It -- turns his attention to a little boy maybe even just five years old even has autism and always wants to sit behind his favorite drive. Poland pleads not Ethan and tries to save the boy even with a gun staring into space and the back of the bus. Fifteen year old Trey -- pushes back his fear and calls 911. -- look at it again and again. Apparently. They're -- for -- and if there's any mechanical -- -- Meter. Driver took home -- -- refuses to hand over and then the other children action suit by halftime and pulled you. My kids. I -- The the about it going it -- -- -- -- they don't idiom. It. -- -- -- -- -- It's. About having your I hear you -- unit -- let our hot -- not yeah. -- leaves behind a note on the bus. And -- it into a nearby underground bunker he's been building in his back -- for months and he wants a hostage for one reason and one reason only. Help -- deliver a -- anti government message and he's prepared. Bunkers constructed to hold hostage and fortified to withstand an assault by police yeah. With that grim reality begins the -- -- Will -- six days. News of the little boy underground with a mad man has the country riveted. A standoff is under way a frightened five year old boy held hostage in an underground bunker breaking news right now. A dramatic hostage situation unfolding yeah. With the nation's media and local police and also writing the best and brightest profiled. Hostage negotiators -- units from the FBI. Assembling in this church down the street from the bunker to study the -- you just heard and learned everything that could about -- so they could talk him out of that bunker. And to plan that Gary last ditch rescue they hoped they would never have to truck. For the first time they're speaking exclusively to ABC news giving a minute by minute account of -- harrowing day. Now moves they made they tried to negotiate. Rates -- and he's already proven he's willing to kill. For good while on crime we don't know what we're dealing. -- -- -- -- -- -- is one of the team members. We had been note that he left on the -- We had a video of the assault on the school bus. And not much more -- as the hours passed very slowly information sort of trickled and and through all of that. The -- stayed perfectly on mission. And that told me a lot right there scared me. It also scares special agent Stephen Richards and the on scene commanders. We thought he was called. -- makes his first demand. He called 911 -- these trucks and police the farthest -- of PVC pipes sticking out of the ground. It's a breathing tube that is keeping -- in his tiny captain's alarm. There's also a line of -- Talking to that five. Which includes top negotiator on -- like tries to -- -- we always say we can't control the subject's behavior. For an end to. We -- controller. Project that calm demeanor about communication -- guys continue to quit praying day swim around the clock. But -- is this man and what does he plan to do. My date to the team -- -- -- is a decorated veteran of the US navy and served in the -- Is gradually become a recluse living in this trailer and extra. -- In that letter he left on the bus all night makes no intent on doing two things. Making the world where America's anti government grievances and then killing himself. Mr. -- just remained committed to his plan. And only in his death The -- -- the team are now talking to -- via cell phone has developed a strategy that involves -- You're also able to get food down there -- and medicine to -- that part of our strategy for negotiations and what was really try to reinforce that point mr. -- that he was responsible for -- -- and going as far working to craft media message thanking him. Of cat and mouse game now -- -- to hide here they won't reveal their tactics investigators have a limited view of what's happening inside the bunker. I know when people in this -- they know dykes has a large supply of food water and -- he's watching television. Who negotiated his immediate to try to manipulate his feelings so dikes and as -- little -- All I can't protecting their -- -- police state beat that remains calm in the bunker. Playing with coloring books in toy cars sent down to keep him occupied. -- -- yeah. Community begins nonstop for -- vision even. The holy easy. Command -- to team is hopeful. Thirteen as the dialogue remained open in the long intent towards us instead of -- -- been. And perhaps most important in this situation. We pulled together telling people tactical intelligence. Beaches about the bunker -- -- -- holding them hostage. It is very close beat down six by eight about the size of the parking space. These are photos -- kids -- of the bunker scene here for the first time ever has ventilation. Electricity and -- -- We're killing the team discovers the bunker is rigged with explosives that plastic pipe through which -- negotiators had originally been talking to -- There's a -- He had the knowledge and sophistication to build a device that not only kill himself and little boy -- -- -- -- -- Sheriff Wally Olsen shows us how close is our officers worked to death. They would have to get out to the park and -- into the pot some and they were. They were all top of the -- that he could have detonated the bomb and it. And even more sobering was cemented this -- was determined to deliver his twisted message. -- female reporter -- there -- and that she would hold his hand. I went back to got a -- -- -- jobs for the world. Suicide and presence and that was never gonna happen. Here we -- not business endangering.

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{"id":19302211,"title":"The Bunker Tapes: Alabama Hostage Standoff","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: Shocking audio conveys the chaos when Jimmy Lee Dykes snatched a boy off a bus.","url":"/2020/video/bunker-tapes-alabama-hostage-standoff-19302211","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}