The New Help: Butlers

David Muir goes to the International Butler Academy to try to survive "butler boot camp."
8:59 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for The New Help: Butlers
-- -- -- job with six figures but to get it you've got to travel to the international -- academy that's right there -- one and I'm just back from it. It's a good thing I have this job because that one. You've got to survive this. Americans have long been fascinated by the ruled the Butler. At night Butler is back. Because -- -- countries the newly rich getting richer. They're getting buffers too. And where they train. -- -- twenties at the halfway around the world to find out to the Netherlands where -- given directions to a castle in -- convert. As soon I'm pulling into the international buffalo academy you're going to make -- Butler flew right traffic -- fifty. Going to throw it into the castle this is where you make -- or rules that barely inside -- -- fails what is your look. -- just seconds into -- toward the reading room the dining -- already had Butler bristle at something invisible to meet. Offensive him there to that are that's terrific collateralized debt where -- already seen that. Who chairs at the wrong -- there. One touching the table cloth. Okay that'll do -- this month. It's this guy for real. These students are -- actually paid to come here all over the world from Sweden south African -- Cost 171000. Dollars just two months this Butler -- can't be sure. Improper when he gets to the general. Goal Roberts a former Butler himself who started in America. Is on the right serving Henry Kissinger. It just listen to what he makes his students call him here and. They are tested on their feet in week sixteen hour days -- Right. Do. -- and he's a firing. -- told people dial for that gigantic ball that's the one guest to get one too many. The talk to hold an. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Live up yeah. At 55 years old she's desperate for a career change looking over her shoulder there is -- coming for her again. Yeah. And there's yards with 23. He's coming to Butler. -- And Henry the whole class news on the inside he's a bundle of -- told he's failing to -- so far warned you not to star. You the man in the background. But this is hardly a crash course. -- -- -- added for weeks when I arrive tested on everything even their discretion. What if you witness cheating -- split the shaft that was having an affair so to you -- out the -- to yes you do. Okay yeah. Or are told to be ready at any moment for drill ready to change in -- -- -- I'm told -- be ready to our heading into the award her room now this is where -- -- there. I uniforms so -- -- get the call Freddie. In that closet there's a strategy. To find will Wright's -- but few incidents in the -- so look at that someone has a timeout and Vinatieri tied. I find myself the best -- stressed out. But clocked three minutes to change yours truly the back of the pack. What inside that room the clothes are flying the clock ticking. Transformation in the second. The first went down the stairs and you could practically hear his heart race. -- what else right behind him everyone. Except for me. It really close. Absolutely. -- find -- my way down the stairs. What is the top 315. And we -- late and the need to help -- fifteen seconds. And not even standing in the right place. You gotta go there are -- all of them. -- it's about right. You might be asking yourself why on earth would anyone paid to put themselves through this. It turns out the -- is impressive a six figure salaries also -- on the last. Come back -- about his enormous every day there's new. Millionaires these people over the State's. Playing the -- They have egos to match just like robber -- says Goodell finds hard to find. But I thought to myself -- can't find them obsolete in the trailer myself and he's about to test yon in -- he's in the dining room behind that door. He's -- -- instilled fear just a few weeks. -- city -- -- yes it does so that. The -- of the game is as you set the table they are given ten minutes. At the room for you list are. Don't of the measuring tape the distance between the athletes. The spacing of the glasses. For yeah mainly confusion just not seven. He's expecting seven mr. But -- disastrous time -- We're horses -- sell whereas soon. Should be one of -- -- -- trying to hold back the tears posted grades. Yes that's right us. And what upstairs it might be to spoons downstairs. It's the night that -- -- ski team members not on the same level as you -- frustrated partner. It was good. He was angry. And I was about to get a taste of it myself. Seven minutes I was sure. And an inability -- -- I'm gonna get this wrong but I did -- Cobb County kind of -- Kris we would not -- increase in the costs. And then of course pouring the wine step -- certain to line. Turnips. Clearance. -- and apparently the bottle should never touch the glass -- it. Don't ever touch her I took some glass you test the glass with -- -- this is the biggest mistake you can probably do. They tell -- to put -- hand behind my back. It's that there. -- -- -- The it would held because who -- -- -- school there's the LA. The secret -- support. For me the final chapter in Detroit on my head. Balancing a block mr. Muir would you like to can -- here. It's. Trying to look at the glasses look we're going. Of the stairs I go carefully one foot in front of the other -- -- Washington. But for the rest of them. The stakes are enormous and this is the final step. On this night the sun goes down after eight weeks terror the training to -- all. And they're all about that there's seventeen -- -- We'll never gone so afraid -- Parker brought him down to graduate. He passes near the top. And who could forget why look. Overtime she found her balance. And remember Henry nearly bounced from boot camp police didn't have what it takes on this day. Makes the cut that includes you. With tears -- from the new book but beside him. And there was one more student get to pass because apparently after I left those new butlers. With -- -- but David didn't. Very very well if she ever would get tired of being a journalist and -- could be a great.

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{"id":19352944,"title":"The New Help: Butlers","duration":"8:59","description":"David Muir goes to the International Butler Academy to try to survive \"butler boot camp.\" ","url":"/2020/video/butlers--19352944","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}