Calls for justice for Breonna Taylor continue: Part 9

Taylor’s death has made a lasting impact on the continual efforts for racial justice. Her family and friends say they are angry about the grand jury process and are demanding answers.
5:08 | 11/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Calls for justice for Breonna Taylor continue: Part 9
What breonna Taylor's mother got was not justice, and we're going to continue until we get justice, because change, real change, is absolutely necessary. It's amazing to have all these people standing up for her, saying her name. Martin Luther king once said that the riot is the language of the unheard. When people don't feel heard, they will in time lash out. Breonna Taylor's life mattered! Say her name! Breonna Taylor! Say her name! Breonna Taylor! This isn't going away. Like, people are not satisfied. Before curfew, a large group of protestors is walking down a street in Louisville, and around the same moment that police begin to fire pepper balls and tear gas canisters, there's a ring of shots. Shots fired. Shots fired. Real guns. They're blasting at the Right there. Right there. Officer down. Officer down. They're backing officers out. We got one down, we got one down. Right now, I'm in downtown lou at the corner of first and Broadway, where there are reports of a possible officer being shot. We've had two officers shot tonight. This is a very dangerous condition. One is undergoing surgery but is stable. The other officer is alert and stable. After pgo through this initial shock, they begin to hone in on some of the things that were said in this announcement by Daniel Cameron. While there are six possible homicide charges under Kentucky law, these charges are not applicable to the facts before us because our investigation showed, and the grand jury agreed, that Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified return of deadly fire. I began to question whether Daniel Cameron actually even presented charges on behalf of breonna to the grand jury. The whole point of the grand jury is not to decide guilt. It's different than a regular jury. They're there to determine whether or not there's enough evidence to go to trial. The attorneys representing Kenneth walker and breonna Taylor are fighting back tonight,g Daniel Cameron is not telling the whole truth. Daniel Cameron is a protege of senate majority leader, Mitch Mcconnell and certainly someone who is climbing the political ladder very quickly. He spoke at the Republican convention. He is an African-American man who sees the world from the prism of law enforcement and policing. So he looked at the law, and he considered whether or not he could win this case in court. Breonna Taylor's entire family is heartbroken. Devastated. Two days after the grand jury's decision, breonna Taylor's family, lawyers, and Tamika Mallory hold their own news conference. They are angry, and they want answers from the attorney general. The lack of investigation failed her. The judge who signed the search warrant failed her. The system as a whole has failed her. We are standing here today united in solidarity, declaring and demanding that he release the transcripts of the grand jury proceeding. They murdered breonna Taylor, and until those officers are fired from this department, I promise you, I promise you, we will continue to make these streets hot. When breonna Taylor's name first became part of this generation's language about a racist criminal justice system, there was always some hope that we're going to hold these people responsible. And when that didn't happen, some people were heartbroken. And then a juror comes forward anonymously and files a motion to release the tapes from the proceedings. That juror's attorney saying Cameron misrepresented deliberations. My client wants to make sure the truth gets out. After making it seem like it was solelyhe jurors' decision to not bring other charges, Cameron then goes on a local fox News station. Your question is about whether we recommended any murder charges against Cosgrove and Mattingly, and the answer is no. Ultimately, our judgment is that the charge that we could prove at trial beyond a reasonable doubt was for wanton endangerment against Mr. Hankison. And now to a major development in the breonna Taylor case. A judge granting them permission to speak freely today. So, everybody ready?

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Taylor’s death has made a lasting impact on the continual efforts for racial justice. Her family and friends say they are angry about the grand jury process and are demanding answers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74329733","title":"Calls for justice for Breonna Taylor continue: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/calls-justice-breonna-taylor-continue-part-74329733"}