Chris McCowen shares his side of the Christa Worthington case: Part 10

McCowen, who was given three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, maintains his innocence.
7:03 | 11/25/17

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Transcript for Chris McCowen shares his side of the Christa Worthington case: Part 10
Christopher Mccowen has been in prison for 11 years now. He's maintained his innocence the entire time. Chris didn't testify. So you've never really heard from Chris as to what he said actually happened. At this point, Chris wants to get his story out there. Chs wants to explain. Chris regrets not testifying. We're sitting in a hot room instead of in a prison interviewing your client in person. Why is that? The department of corrections wouldn't allow an interview on camera with Chris. This is a global tel link prepaid call from -- Christopher Mccowan. Hi, Chris. Hello? Hey. Let's go back to how this all started, okay? Being a garbage man, you know, I get to go by everybody's houses and you know get to talk to them briefly. She asked me to come in the house and to look at her Christmas tree. Were you attracted to her? She had something with her. Standing there, that close in her vicinity with her you know one thing just led to another and -- What do you mean, one thing led to another? It just like it was just a mutual thing between two people, I guess, and we started kissing. Then we winded up, ended up having -- having sex. So how many times were you intimate with Christa? Just one time. You had sex with her on the Thursday. Right. And then she ends up dead on a Friday. Can you understand why people think that that's odd? That you must have killed her? There's a lot of speculation on the exact timeline of when she was killed, but I didn't have nothing to do with it. You've told your defense that the police manipulated you. What do you mean by that? Because they kept on switching everything up. I was so intoxicated off of all of them drugs that I really didn't know what the hell was going on. Were you at Christa's house on the night of Friday, January 4th, 2002? No, no. After the juice bar, where did you go? We went to an after hours party. And what did you do after that? I went straight home. Do you ever remember going to Christa's house with Jeremy? No. But you also named Jeremy as Christa's killer. That's what they said that I did. I didn't do that. So you don't remember telling the police that Jeremy stabbed Christa? No. The district attorney Michael o'keefe made a statement to ABC news, which said, "The evidence against Christopher mcccowen and only Christopher Mccowen for the rape and murder of Christa Worthington was overwhelming. The jury unanimously convicted the defendant. The supreme judicial court then exhaustively reviewed the case and upheld the conviction. The defense is always believing there is more evidence that suggest a new trial. At the trial the defense tried to suggest that Jeremy Frazier was very close, cozy almost, with the state police. The defense says that Jeremy Frazier got special treatment from the police. You see the phone numbers there on the paper? On the night of the murder, Jeremy Frazier got a call from the state police barracks. Now, it says that you received a phone call from someone at the state police barracks here in south yarmouth at 12:03. You see that, don't you? Yes. Why would somebody from the Massachusetts state police be calling Jeremy Frazier on a Friday night, when he's out partying? And, if you believe the defense, probably on his way to truro at that moment. Do you have any memory whatsoever of talking to a state police trooper -- No, I did not talk to no state police. He said, "I don't talk to the police. I didn't talk to the police." But phone records don't lie. Much was made about this mysterious phone call to Jeremy. The defense wants you to believe that Jeremy Frazier was some informant and that he's somehow getting a pass on a murder charge because he gives information on marijuana or drug cases? I would suggest to you reject that. What's interesting in looking at the telephone records of Jeremy Frazier, he keeps calling a 978 exchange repeatedly on January 4th. Including around the time of the murder. See these highlighted phone calls to a beeper pager? Yes. Jeremy Frazier says it was actually him calling his own pager because he'd lost it and he was trying to find it. Do you see the pager here that says 978? That's my pager, yes. You told the police that when they talked with you? That's my pager. We suspect that that is not the case. And if that's not his pager number, that certainly raises a lot of questions. Did you ever run these numbers to find out who was carrying that pager? I don't believe a subpoena was done for that pager number, no. They didn't consider him a possible suspect. And so, his phone records, to them, weren't that relevant. I've asked for subpoenas to show a couple of things. To show cell phone towers to see where he was that particular evening, but also to see the identity of the person who's number that traces back to. This is really a last-ditch and long-shot effort by Mccowen's attorney to try to find some sort of new evidence that might get him a new trial. Are you optimistic about your attorney's new motion for a new trial? I don't deserve to be in here, so yes. Now when you were questioned by the police you told -- Or anything because she asked me not to say anything because she didn't want people to know about her personal business. Didn't you realize that, perhaps, they would find out that you had had sex with her? I didn't have nothing to hide. If they were to ask me if I had any of kind of intercourse with her, I would have told them, "Yeah," but they never asked me that question. What do you think happened to Christa? That's a good question, I wish I knew. Whether or not you believe that Christopher Mcgowan is an innocent man or a convicted killer, the tragedy here is that ava Worthington was deprived of a relationship with a mother who clearly loved her and adored her. One of the images about this trial that sticks with people is of the little 2 1/2-year-old ??? ???

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{"id":51374624,"title":"Chris McCowen shares his side of the Christa Worthington case: Part 10","duration":"7:03","description":"McCowen, who was given three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, maintains his innocence.","url":"/2020/video/chris-mccowen-shares-side-christa-worthington-case-part-51374624","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}