Chris Watts led double life before murdering his family, court docs show: Part 3

While friends say Shanann Watts was trying to repair her marriage, her husband was having an affair with a woman he met through work.
6:37 | 12/08/18

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Transcript for Chris Watts led double life before murdering his family, court docs show: Part 3
It's been more than 24 hours. Tension and wants and her two young daughters bella and Celeste Denish. Jackson I would breaking news the disappearance of pregnant Frederick woman and her two children this capture the nation's attention. Should and lots and her two young daughters haven't been seen in the last June days they are always just seen my act normal family. Denver correspondent Clayton San Dell covered the story for ABC news' Chris was actually on television doing interviews he admitted that. He and his wife had a heated words before she disappeared I don't know what are unmet emotional conversation. I'll leave it. So what was happening behind closed doors in the weeks before the family went missing. On FaceBook engine and was this static about the summer. I feel really blessed this summer six weeks for an NFL out of city rate for can enter a little. A lot of as she was very excited to be going North Carolina seeing her family. They had children love to grandparents own lives were with him for six weeks system. With the beach and plea entitles you. Paying. Who went to resume goodness and we have we have a lot of time in. Christie's home in Colorado working. But even from across the country should mend senses a change in her husband added your daughter describe it. Did she say it happened suddenly few weeks maybe months just that cold as ice and not responding in replying. Text messages between Chris pension and show their marriage and unraveling while you are working and living the bachelor life behind carrying our third and fighting with our Jew kids daily it's not hard texting love you and miss you. She was looking forward to him getting there did you ever at any point feel like anything was going on from. In their marriage she just couldn't understand why he was so cold something changed lives nothing that was really did I could physically seeing. I don't know how you fell out of love with me and five and a half weeks. I left you you couldn't take your hands off me you show up and I have to practically ask for kids in the airports a few minutes later she asked if you are done. Don't lump me don't want to work this out not happy anymore and only sing because of kids I need you to town. I'm not just staying because of kids they are my leg and that will not change I'm not sure what's in my head. What did she told you she just told me. Chris. Said he wasn't happy anymore king. She didn't know what was wrong. And once they are back home the relationship appears to be going from bad to worse. Chin and text her friend. Chris told me last night he's scared to death about this third baby and he's happy with just bella and Celeste and doesn't want another meaning he has changed I don't know who he has. With our crumbling marriage in mind should and goes on that business trip to Arizona leaving Chris with the girls and her bubbly self behind. She wasn't herself. She was trying really hard and her mind and her heart where really and with what was happening in our marriage and I sometimes can be that she and he gets that side of me knowing tend to make him feel like he is an able to do things because I have control issues. News trying to figure out how she can expect. Just very much analyzing everything she said or did she ever suspect another woman I think that she entertained the idea because she did kids I don't know if she checked the bank account or she have to work on her phone. An alert to a credit card charge from the lazy dog sports bar. That's certainly looked fishy. 862 dollars salmon dinner that literally not adding up she realizes or believes that that's too much money for just one person and suspects that Chris is having dinner with somebody else. And her suspicions are right that somebody who is a young pretty Brunette named new cold Kissinger this is audio from an interview she would later give police and. We got along really well I thought it. What we had it was very comfortable for me I enjoyed it I think he did very much as well. Kissing there is a coworker and Chris is office and he tells Nicole that. He is separated and that they're working on getting a divorce these are photos released by authorities of their time together key to how wedding ring on his anger. He's an Majlis kids right away and act and I want anytime and any and two inches. Turning she. Or isn't bad the relationship between Chris and his coworker mistress heats up pretty quickly. And kissing or describes it as is being very passionate that they were having sex 34 times a day in the beginning. Chris appears to be falling hard for Nicole searching on Google when do you say I love you for the first time in a new relationship. Did you ever tell you do you visited here telling us and it. A couple times by all counts and vial descriptions sound like they were beginning a dating an intimate relationship. A blossoming romance with love letters and all. Have you read doesn't love NASA Chris watts was riding a cult essence or something like eternity on you may mean melted that you Cooley also light rain and really. They had gone to its. Mustang car museum they have gone camping and hiking in the sand dunes. All these videos and photos including nude pictures of Nicole. Would end up in a secret after camouflaged as a calculator increases phone. My daughter. Shayne O'Connor. Choose to lose. Back in Arizona a storm delay should man's flight home and dinner she confides in her closest friends. It was definitely wanting. Her friends who. Be able to give her some inviting supporters. Her friends don't know and then with the very next day action and would vanish. And when word for disappearance hits the news tonight police issued a missing endangered alert for (%expletive) in watts and her two daughters. New gold messenger learns Chris his wife is not only missing but she's fifteen weeks pregnant. And decides to go to the police I just realized I humans why an announcement or your life. This what else. That's exactly what police want to know in another interrogation room Chris Myers makes it rather than usual request. His father instead of an attorney.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"While friends say Shanann Watts was trying to repair her marriage, her husband was having an affair with a woman he met through work.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"59690362","title":"Chris Watts led double life before murdering his family, court docs show: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/chris-watts-led-double-life-murdering-family-court-59690362"}