Cleveland Abduction: A Decade in Hell

Part 2: Gina DeJesus' mother gives shocking details of the abductees' suffering -- and sisterhood.
8:23 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Cleveland Abduction: A Decade in Hell
Reporter: December 25th, 2006. And at the house on seymour avenue, three young women have already been held captive for years. And christmas would deliver something that would change all of their lives. A baby girl. At 19 years old, amanda berry is giving birth. Ariel castro is the father. There is no doctor, no nurse. The oldest victim, michelle, telling police she was the one who helped deliver the baby. Amanda delivered that baby in an inflatable pool ariel castro is believed to have brought into the house. Barbaric. Christmas day, in a pool? Reporter: In a police report, obtained by abc station wews, michelle told investigators that the newborn stopped breathing. When that baby stopped breathing for a time, michelle gave her mouth to mouth. These three women, they saved each other's lives. They kept each other alive. And it sounds like michelle saved this beautiful child. Reporter: Authorities tell us amanda named the baby jocelyn. Do you think the birth of that little girl inside that house somehow gave these women hope and a reason to keep fighting to survive this? I think it had to give them a new focus. How could it not? They have a baby in the house. They have new sounds. A baby brings life. A baby has to bring hope. Reporter: The sisterhood growing, now a family of four. Castro is allegedly now keeping them in bedrooms all upstairs. Michelle and gina in one room. Amanda and her little girl in another. Gina's mother telling us the young women are told if they try to escape those locked doors, an alarm will go off. Because so many people wonder, gosh, over ten years, was there any other opportunity for them to get out? No. You know, there is a mental abuse component to all this, too. They could have just been so scared. You know, they could have been -- Reporter: Brainwashed? Yeah, that's a good word. You got to understand these were young, young girls at the time, and, you know, they were probably just terrified. Reporter: And gina's mother tells us her sister just lives two blocks away from that house. She passed it too many times to count. I was so angry. You know how many times I've been through that street? I passed by that street? Reporter: After the baby girl is born, those girls face another 6 1/2 years trapped in that house. Castro would buy the women clothes from one local store, but not often.Amanda, we're told, would sow, turning old clothes into new outfits. The women would cook. Fbi special agent vicki anderson telling me the bond, unbreakable. You've been in the room, the hospital rooms with these young women. Yes. Reporter: You've seen the bond yourself? It was apparent these ladies have been through a lot, and they were there for one another. You could say the way they looked over at each other and were concerned of where the other one was. Reporter: In that police report, michelle told investigators she too became pregnant. Five times. But she says every time, castro would punch her until she miscarried. It's believed the other women sometimes witnessed the violence. In june 2008, another chance. Police talking a ariel castro. He was at a gas station on his motorcycle. Your place is improperly displayed. Reporter: The officer asking him about a helmet and his lie sense plate. You don't have a helmet on. Reporter: But he would let him go. Years would go by and by last year, that little girl was old enough to go to kindergarten. But likely didn't even know what that was. But she hasn't had a normal little girl childhood, that's for sure. Reporter: Play ground. No. Reporter: School. No, right. Girlfriends. Reporter: And we're told amanda knowing that her daughter is growing begins teaching her, quietly home schooling her in that house. She liked to play school and so they, she had been working with jocelyn at the house. Reporter: What kinds of subjects, do you know? I don't know. I saw some things that they had drawn, you know, that were pictures and things that were made. That gina actually pulled out, so, all kinds of things. Reporter: So, gina had the drawings of amanda's little girl. Right. Reporter: So, this is a group connected. I think so. Reporter: And there was only one person in that group who was ever allowed out in public. We learned that not only did castro take the 6-year-old to the park, it's believed he took her to church and possibly to his own mother's house. The girl's biological grandmother. Late this week, ariel castro's mother, lillian, speaking for the first time. "I'm really suffering," she said. "I ask the girls to forgive me. My son is sick. I have nothing to do with what he did." And why did authorities never wonder about a little girl? We were looking for gina, amanda and michelle, you know. We weren't looking for a baby, so, she could have been out on the streets. She could have been walking in a neighborhood, and, you know, i don't think our guys would have given her a second look. Reporter: And just this past sunday at this little neighborhood park, israel lugo says he saw castro with a little girl. Whose kid is this? My girlfriend's daughter. Reporter:24 hours later, ariel castro might have made his first mistake in a decade. He fails to lock all of the doors and amanda berry seeps her chance and takes it. Recordings from the police scanners reveal officers rushing to the scene, stunned. We found them. We found them. Reporter: All three women and the little girl are rushed to the hospital. Amanda berry calling her grandmother in tennessee, who asks her about the little girl. Amanda? Yeah, grandma. How are you? I'm fine. I'm glad to have you back. I'm glad to be back. I thought you were gone. Nope, I'm here. Is the little girl your baby? Yeah, she's my daughter. Born on christmas. Reporter: And we asked about the 6-year-old, too. She looks great. Happy, healthy. She was eating a popsicle last night. Reporter: The little girl? Yeah, I mean, she looked good to me. Reporter: And then, the time had come. Amanda telling police she was ready to come home. The original poster hanging on a tree in front of the house, now outdated. And a new sign wishing, dreaming, a community's dream was coming true. As you can see, this is the moment that this community has been waiting for for ten years. Amanda berry, coming home. Reporter: And inside this van, gina dejesus, so overwhelmed, her mother telling her to give a thumbs up,ou can do it. She does. I still think of her at a 14-year-old. I told her, if I'm stepping over the line, remind me. And tell me, mommy, I'm 23, not 14. Reporter: And we're told during gina's first night at home, she tells her parents she doesn't want to sleep upstairs in a room, as she'd been forced to for a decade. I said, you don't have to anymore. So, that's -- part of the process, her healing and knowing that she now can do what she wants. Reporter: The entire family sleeping in the living room to grant that wish. Tonight, they are now free, the young women, we are told, all smiling again. Michelle is the last one out of the hospital. And in yet another sign of that sisterhood, it's believed michelle is looking to spend time with the friend she was locked up with, gina. Gina's mother says she actually plans to do the cooking on mother's day, meatloaf, she's promised for the girls. What have you promised her now? Anything she wants. Sky's the limit. I told her. Reporter: Three faces, three young women, missing for a decade, lost and found. As you heard me say there, they're calling it the miracle in cleveland. And tonight, we want to know, what are your messages to the young women who escaped that house? Tweet them, let's get a conversation starts, using #a #abc2020.

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{"id":19155478,"title":"Cleveland Abduction: A Decade in Hell","duration":"8:23","description":"Part 2: Gina DeJesus' mother gives shocking details of the abductees' suffering -- and sisterhood.","url":"/2020/video/cleveland-abduction-decade-hell-19155478","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}