D is for Dad and Dumb

Caught on tape: A dad who left his child alone in Sea World's splash zone, and other goofs.
3:00 | 06/15/13

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Transcript for D is for Dad and Dumb
If it seems we've been focused on moms for the hour doing the unconventional, time for equal opportunity with dads who are turning heads, just in time for father's day. Dan harris has the story. Reporter: Usually we think of camera, recording everybody else. Now, though, the lens is turning, with fathers taking starring roles. Whether it's doling out unusual forms of punishment, engaging in epic lapses in judgment, or just being a huge dork, dad is going viral. ♪ I'm a daddy and I know it ♪ here's another dumb dad. Look at that. Reporter: On this father's day weekend, there are valuable lessons embedded in ths. To figure out what they are, we enlisted dad and comedian hal sparks, and parenting expert dr. Jeff gardere to take a look at our fatherhood lowlight reel. Ooh! Reporter: Exhibit a, this dad giving new meaning to the term "penalty kick." Parents think some of this stuff is cute. And that child, subconsciously or in the future, may not trust his father as much. The kid takes it stride though, falls down and gets ck up. Reporter: Check out this dad at a theme park, leaving his son unattended in the splash zone. Okay, he's not big enough to get in the water ride, so we'll just park him near where the water will hit him and he'll get kind of the experience. Don't do that to your kid. Reporter: From the theme park to the ballpark often the venue for classic dad discombobulating. Look at this guy. Baby in one hand, ball in the other? Reporter: This dad doesn't even manage to hold onto the kid. His daughter just tumbles out of his lap into the bleachers. Yeah, the look on her face pretty much tells the story. Yeah, you idiot. She gave him the death stare. And he deserved it. Is there something about the hardwiring of the male brain that makes us just slightly less capable in this arena? I think you're being very kind by saying, "slightly less capable." I think we're a lot dumber in some of these things. Yes, of course, it's the way that we're hardwired. We're much more rough and tumble. We're not as nurturing. Reporter: There really is something about a sporting event that can summon a father's evil side. Look at hockey coach and dad martin trembley during the postgame handshake ceremony. He looks back, and he scoops his leg. You do realize you're a grown man, right? Reporter: The 13-year he tripped broke his wrist. Trembley was banned from the league, and sent to the grownup penalty box -- jail for 15 days. I think this peaks the bad dad meter into bad human. Well into bad human at this point, overall. Reporter: It gets even darker than that. This surveillance video from a gas station in detroit at 3:00 in the morning became a national story look closely at who's driving, a 9-year-old girl, her father in the passenger seat. She drove me here, 9 years old. Yeah, she's 9 she drove us here! Awesome, I have such a system. Is that camera on? We're leaving and she's driving. I'm drunk. Reporter: The video went viral the dad, sean weimer went to court where he was sentenced to two years probation. If you're that stupid, I want you caught on tape. Reporter: Speaking of punishment, remember this dad? Tommy joade a huge splash, even getting interviewed on "20/20," after he decided to take his daughter to task for an anti-parent rant she posted on facebook. When your parents tell you do something, you do it. You don't go, ugh, fine. Reporter: In retaliation, he went eastwood on her laptop. The only lesson this taught this guy's daughter was dad is maniac, and I can't wait to move out. Reporter: Dr. Gardere says this is the exact wrong way to punish your kid. Good parenting would be all of that time and effort that he spent at making that video, spending that time instead sitting with his daughter, talking with her about her behavior. Reporter: Now we should say not all of the caught- on-tape moments involving dads are negative. Let's wrap up with this thing up with clip from a father letting it all go. He's become known as the "dancing dad" on the internet. I think his dancing technique was spectacular, it served the purpose, and I stand by him 100%. Reporter: In conclusion, in an era when more moms are working outside the home more dads are stepping up. But as they do so, our experts say, the humiliation doled out by these viral clips should serve as a useful reminder. So your bottom-line message to dads on this father's day seems to be, don't be an idiot. Don't be an idiot, think about what you're doing. You're allowed to make mistakes. But for heaven sakes, learn from your mistakes and try to be a

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Caught on tape: A dad who left his child alone in Sea World's splash zone, and other goofs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19408668","title":"D is for Dad and Dumb","url":"/2020/video/dad-dumb-19408668"}