Defense Attorney Mark O'Mara Put Burden of Proof on Prosecution

Prosecution tried to depict George Zimmerman as a man who made a deadly choice.
6:00 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for Defense Attorney Mark O'Mara Put Burden of Proof on Prosecution
More than two weeks of testimony -- of six witnesses and hundreds of pieces of evidence. But only one man knows exactly what happened -- -- on Morton was killed Friday closing arguments his lawyer called him a victim. It wasn't anger and hostility. And -- will inspire maybe. It's just had nothing to do with -- him well let's return. His passenger a chosen -- Pacific tomorrow. Defense attorney -- -- -- implored the jury not to assume anything. Who make snap judgments and lead the burden of proof squarely at the feet of the prosecution. The insurer and do. Let's -- congressman -- That he. And it. Sabrina Fulton couldn't take it leaving the courtroom -- pictures of her dead son played one less time for the jury six -- Five of the mothers and this is there every child's worst nightmare. To be followed. -- -- Dark. And lawyers for the state of Florida tried to depict George -- as a man who had choices and made a deadly one. -- -- May not have the defendant's blood. What you would send and trademark smile. Two lives forever chain you -- -- verdict. Is not yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not going to change the we'll have. -- And as the nation is about to turn its attention away from this tiny community. One person is left to pick up the pieces. The -- lost his life and another guy shot him when you pull that trigger no matter what's going one on. Your life change -- whether you go to jail don't go to jail underline just totally totally different. The Sanford mayor -- Triplett says there's no going back. Still he's preserved every moment of this tragedy and this is really like a little sliver of history it's a scrapbook of the city turned upside down. Pleaded clippings of memories still fresh -- looks -- -- absolute terror. -- -- -- what's happening. Thanks to the children watching all listen and trying to trying to understand what's going on. -- -- Sanford being mayors at least a part time job but keeping this city safe and it. -- nasty emails anonymous phone calls and even death threats became a full time occupation. There was a lot of pressure in the I don't care if you're the mayor of New York City you're the mayor of Sanford Florida there's no way can truly be prepared for -- Restrictive on -- lost his life others lost their livelihoods. Police chief Billy -- thirty year veteran was -- He's a good man for me it wasn't some way the investigation once it was. -- -- -- After worse the chaos management sort of -- that he didn't take that can't eat -- don't like him epitaph. The shouting down during a press conference weeks after the shooting when she marches away -- try to talk to him. Thursday. -- I thought for the good of the community. And particularly for the good of the central police department we need to move forward. But Lee wasn't the only count casualties once -- -- detective the lead homicide investigator Chris arena. It was banished to the graveyard shift night patrol in. But basics of the trial Serena was called by the prosecution. And ironically ended up helping the defense and Saint George Zimmerman was. -- and his stated what his dad. Indicate to you. -- -- -- -- the truth. Or it was a complete. Pathological liar. Want to -- -- and then there's the police department spokesman David Morgenstern. Silence as well. Morgenstern PIO. More stern still sergeant on place -- But no longer be public information -- know he is right now on workers -- only do. But the public remains -- especially in the -- development where neighbors are still defending -- him. He had the news they have fun but he has just say -- -- for self defense is -- and he had days OK you'll never convince friends -- -- George Zimmerman did anything wrong -- night. Sixteen months ago we never been on TV -- -- -- TV -- time today everybody has fifteen minutes of fame. -- on the live. But -- has had its price especially for those who never asked for -- you have Jonathan good that actually saw. The fight you have Germany and Jenna who made it 911 calls to you got -- -- the -- He got Selma you have Celine you have said director all these people are casualties of this tragedy. Lives destroyed careers -- a city ripped apart by the greatest casualty of all the death of seventeen year old trade on -- Yet Triplett the mayor -- more of a -- trying to piece of broken city. Together and you apologize in these. You try to make things better hand that's all you can do is try to you can keep -- past he cannot change that by he had you can. All through didn't and in trying to make -- better. Such divisions on both sides of this case and in fact at this hour from the Sanford police department. One of the investigators for the police department saying it's very quiet we have people patrolling right now nothing different than usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. Encouraging from Sanford Florida.

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{"id":19660320,"title":"Defense Attorney Mark O'Mara Put Burden of Proof on Prosecution","duration":"6:00","description":"Prosecution tried to depict George Zimmerman as a man who made a deadly choice.","url":"/2020/video/defense-attorney-mark-omara-put-burden-proof-prosecution-19660320","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}