Derek Chauvin worked security at the same club that employed George Floyd: Part 3

Chauvin had at least 17 complaints filed against him throughout his 19 years with the Minneapolis Police Department, but he also commendations for valor.
7:16 | 04/24/21

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Transcript for Derek Chauvin worked security at the same club that employed George Floyd: Part 3
I'll roll the windows down if if you put your legs in all North side vehicle. I'm going to die in here. I'm dying, man. At the point Derek chauvin arrives on scene, officers lane and kueng have George Floyd near the squad car. They're trying to get him into the back of the car. Pull your legs in. Okay, okay. And are not succeeding. Officer Derek chauvin and officer tou Thao are now on the scene. Don't do me like that. They jump into action. They're trying to get George Floyd into that patrol car. When you guys were responding to the call, what information did you have? It was a forgery in progress. It sounded like it was something urgent, like they were struggling with somebody. I'm not a bad guy, man. He started really thrashing back and forth, and I think he was hitting his face on the glass that goes to the front seat. That's my wrist. That's my wrist, man. Chauvin shows up. Chauvin takes over. Please! Officer chauvin takes both of his hands and puts them right around the back of George Floyd's neck and starts to then try and push him back into the squad car. I don't think anyone foresaw where this was going to go. Going down. Going down. I'm going down! So, we don't know a lot about Derek chauvin. A lot of the details we have about Derek chauvin come from his personnel file. Chauvin was an officer for 19 years with the Minneapolis police department. He had been a field training officer for other people in the force. So he had been used by the department as somebody to look up to and to emulate. For a lot of people, the image of Derek chauvin is what they see on the body camera video. That's the image people have. That's not the Derek I knew back in high school. My name is Janelle Stadt. I've known Derek since elementary school at Pullman. Derek grew up in St. Paul park, Minnesota. Maybe 3,000 to 4,000 people, one elementary school. Average middle class neighborhoods. Blue collar, probably mostly caucasian back then. He joined the force in 2001 as a full-time sworn Minneapolis police officer. Looking in Derek chauvin's personnel record, we get a pretty good idea of what his disciplinary records look like and what civilian complaints look like. Derek chauvin had at least 17 complaints against him. Even among officers who've been on the job for a long time, that number is high. But he had he also received all sorts of commendations, awards for his valor. Citizens writing and calling in to extol his work as a police officer. So there are obviously two sides to this very complicated man. In his personal life, a few years later, he got married to his wife Kellie. She's a photographer according to what officials had on her as far as her finances. She also was a real estate agent who earned quite a bit for this family. In an interview she gave "The St. Paul pioneer press," she kind of described him as a doting husband. She said he's a big softy under that uniform, a total gentleman, and appeared to have a really good relationship. Presenting Mrs. Oakdale, Kellie chauvin escorted by her husband, Derek. She was in the running for Mrs. Minnesota America. And there's a video of that competition where Derek chauvin is there supporting her. I'm Derek chauvin and my outstanding wife is Kellie chauvin, Mrs. Oakdale, Minnesota. Thank you, sir. If you could add an additional competition to the pageant, what would it be and why? Ooh, good question. I think I would actually add a physical event. Since we have enough height here, I believe a rock climbing wall would fit. Teams of two, timed. Well, you're not competing, I'm talking about your wife here. Thank you. Over the years in his off-duty hours, chauvin worked as a uniform police officer doing security work for a club called el nuevo rodeo. Derek chauvin worked for me for 17 years. Sometimes he was really nice and really empathetic to people. And sometimes he was just not. Derek chauvin made everyone uncomfortable who ran into him in that club or outside. It was, I'm MPD, and I'm here, and I'm watching everything. That was the vibe that you felt, and it wasn't welcoming. How ironic is it that Derek chauvin and George Floyd worked in the same place? Derek chauvin, he worked security outside. Inside, George Floyd was working as a security guard, as well. At one point, they were just George was very sweet and affectionate and just like a big teddy bear. At one point, they were just two dudes trying to make some extra money, working at a nightclub to support their lifestyles. But then when they met again, it was now a black man accused of a crime and a white police officer there to investigate. And too often, we've seen in this nation that when those two things mix, oftentimes there's a tragic outcome. You're under arrest right now for forgery. George Floyd is still handcuffed at this point. Let's take him out. I said let's use the mrt, maximum restraint technique. That technique tells the officers, when you encounter someone who's actively resisting put their hands behind their back and handcuff them and kneel on their neck or back in order to keep them down. Jesus Christ. Video shows chauvin puts his left knee onto George Floyd's neck and upper back while officers kueng and lane pin him down in the middle of his back and hold his legs down. And that starts the clock on what the prosecution says is this 9 minutes and 29 seconds where Derek chauvin stayed on George Floyd and knelt his knee into his neck.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Chauvin had at least 17 complaints filed against him throughout his 19 years with the Minneapolis Police Department, but he also commendations for valor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77278206","title":"Derek Chauvin worked security at the same club that employed George Floyd: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/derek-chauvin-worked-security-club-employed-george-floyd-77278206"}