Detectives question daughter of couple found murdered and her boyfriend

Elizabeth Haysom's boyfriend Jens Soering initially refused to give his blood and fingerprints to police when asked.
7:03 | 02/10/18

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Transcript for Detectives question daughter of couple found murdered and her boyfriend
Reporter: Washington, DC, it's the 1980s. Reagan and the Redskins are in their heyday. Touchdown. Reporter: And speaking of time warps, it's the midnight showing of "The rocky horror picture show" it's become a staple here in Georgetown, the center of the night life. Lets do the time warp again. And it's at one of those showings, 200 miles away from the haysom's home in Bedford county, Virginia near lynchburg where Elizabeth haysom says she was when her parents were murdered. An alibi with her boyfriend in tow. She told us that her and her German boyfriend had -- rented a car on that Friday and drove to Washington to sightsee. And what do they do while they're in Washington, D.C.? According to her, they just -- played around, went out to eat, went to movies. Reporter: The films were stranger than paradise and ironically witness. They had -- stayed at the Washington Marriott. And we was able to verify later that they, in fact, had. Found the receipt -- the hotel receipt -- where they had checked in on the 29th and gotten room service twice. Reporter: One of those room service deliveries, food for two, was right around the time police believe Elizabeth's parents were murdered. What did she say about her relationship with her parents? She said that she loved her parents very deeply. And that she was very fond of them. Reporter: But Elizabeth's uncle Louis Benedict, Nancy haysom's younger brother, says the relationship between mother and daughter wasn't as rosy as Elizabeth described it. Because of my sister's bullheadedness, I would say that they locked horns. Reporter: And Elizabeth's parents didn't appear to be happy with their daughter's new boyfriend, Jens soering. They did not like the young man and did everything thought they could to try and separate them. Reporter: As police continue their investigation into the haysoms' double murder, they find the agreement for the rental car Elizabeth says she and Jens used that weekend. This is the rental car agreement? Yes. Show me where the mileage is. Right here is your mileage of 669 miles. You saw that, and you thought? That's when we got to thinking, "Well, wait a minute." Reporter: Even though this is long before the days of waze -- You're all set. Drive safely. Reporter: Investigators know from uva's charlottesville campus to Washington, D.C., the round trip is only 240 miles. 240 miles. And you had 669 miles? Exactly. So once we put pen to paper, we sat down and we looked. And if you went from charlottesville to D.C., D.C. Back to lynchburg, lynchburg back to Washington, and then back to charlottesville, that's pretty close to Bein' 669 miles. Reporter: T's quite a coincidence so police question Elizabeth again. We asked her about that miles. And she said that they had gotten lost. That's pretty lost? Yeah, pretty lost. That ring true to you? Well, I mean, we're talking college kids. Didn't put a lot of stock in that. Reporter: Plus Elizabeth is cooperating with police and agrees to give her fingerprints and blood. But it's a path of bloody of footprints in the hay some -- haysoms' front yard that's gotten the investigators' attention. The prints were revealed by Luminol, a chemical that tests for the presence of blood. You have a set of prints that walk up to the driveway and end here at the driveway as if someone got in a car. Just stop? They just stop. Clearly they got into something? Reporter: But when investigator Reid examines Jens and Elizabeth's rental car, he comes up empty. When you sprayed the Luminol inside the inside of Elizabeth and Jens's rental car -- I got no reaction. Reporter: Remember it's 1985, and DNA testing is not yet in use in criminal courts. So without a hit on the car, investigators are looking for a match to the type O blood found at the crime scene. It wasn't the victims' so they assumed it must be the killer's. There was -- several droplets -- minute droplets of O blood found on the screen door -- and there was two small spots found in the master bedroom. Reporter: Investigators are flummoxed again, because Elizabeth has type B blood. Her fingerprints did show up on a vodka bottle at her parents' home, but that's not surprising, she visited often. But then someone from Elizabeth's own family, points a finger of suspicion at her. It was from Dr. Howard haysom, who is Elizabeth's half brother. He thought his sister had something to do with his parents' death. Reporter: That's a pretty unbelievable -- pretty shocking thick thing to say. Exactly. But it just happened to come at the time when you had nothing in this case except for this strange rental car. Right. Agreement. And of course, he didn't like Jens. He didn't think much of Jens, either. Reporter: Remember, Elizabeth said she and Jens spent the weekend of the murders together in Washington, D.C. So investigators interview him next. He stepped in, it was like, I think to myself, "I can't see this little kid doin' something' like that." That kinda damage I don't know if he's ever been in a fight in his life. Reporter: Audio tapes from that first police interview with Jens reveal a confident college freshman fending off suspicion, telling investigators he's the son of a German diplomat. What I thought I could do in coming down here this week and speaking with you people is give you an impression of who I am and what I know. What was your impression? He was -- very -- sure of himself. I'm willing to talk to you again if you want me to so that you will feel confident and secure in the knowledge that you don't have to bug me anymore. You and detective Reid sort of played good cop, bad cop with him. We did. You were the bad cop? I was. When we asked him to give us his blood and his fingerprints, he wassed a ma-- adamant. He said, I can't do that. Why not? His explanation washat if it got back to our state department, that a German diplomat's son was a -- Person of interest? Person of interest in a homicide or suspect in a homicide case that he would -- his whole family would be deported. I said, "Look, Jens," I said, I'm 99% sure you're innocent of this thing, but I said, I just need that 1% to cnvince me that you are totally innocent. And that's when he decided, he said, "Okay, I'll call you all next week." Reporter: As investigators wait to meet with Jens, the phone rings, but it's not who they expect. Dr. Howard haysom called us. And I never will forget that phone call. He was upset. And he said, you know, you let

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Elizabeth Haysom's boyfriend Jens Soering initially refused to give his blood and fingerprints to police when asked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"52975058","title":"Detectives question daughter of couple found murdered and her boyfriend","url":"/2020/video/detectives-question-daughter-couple-found-murdered-boyfriend-part-52975058"}