Dunwoody Day Care Trial: The Sequel

Part 6: On the eve of Andrea Sneiderman's trial, the murder charges were dropped.
5:09 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for Dunwoody Day Care Trial: The Sequel
Yeah and kidney Newman convicted and sentenced to life in prison but -- -- who thought that was the end of the engines was wrong. Everybody's having a more I'm Justin farmer and officers arrested Andrea snyderman today at her family's home but don't -- Within six months of the -- -- Andrea snyderman was indicted for murder and arrested. She is facing charges including the murder of her husband rusty -- Layman's terms if you help you can be charged spokesperson didn't friends and family of murder victim rusty sediment would not rest until his widow was brought to justice. Do you believe she actually. Conspired. To have -- shot and killed. We don't know how she's involved cheese ball. And we need to know we need that's where this investigation needs to continue we need to know losing answers and we need that those answers soon. Cut we have any peace when we don't know. The trip. Reporter Jodi Fleischer here now. What's significant about investigative reporter Jodi Fleischer covers the story for Atlanta ABC station WSB. She hired senator. Best most well known defense lawyers in the -- -- Days immediately from day one started attacking the indictment publicly. Our defense says the State's case is simply based on an absolutely incorrect assumption of guilt. And it's not based on evidence. Briefly jailed snyderman phone calls which she may not have realize were reported reveal one thing worrying her. Not the case but casting which -- -- -- her when Hollywood comes calling she was thinking of miss congeniality two. Okay everybody I would love to states I have to go to my outfit press conference. She got -- Sandra Bullock would be good but that she was a little too old player turning. After three weeks in -- snyderman got -- Forward to seeing your children. What do these three weeks it's been like. Then under house arrest ankle bracelet and all for most of -- year living with her parents and her children. Snyderman has been waiting to go on trial for the murder of her husband. But that will not happen in its former -- Atlantic today and what was supposed to be a routine hearing the case include. -- promotional -- just going to win three of the indictment. That is -- yes. The charges that she was directly involved in her husband's murder -- and tonight they are gone. Snyderman will no longer face charges for the murder of her husband I believe that it would be unjust and unethical. We'll just turn this county to -- forward on the charts and I -- 100% -- Someone is guilty or nearly eight year we've been hearing from prosecutors that they can make his case. And now they say they can't at the eleventh hour just days from jury selection they say. We don't really have -- after -- snyderman still faces several charges mostly for allegedly lying to police and on the witness stand. Okay. -- -- -- it's a huge victory for the defense they have been saying from day one that she was not involved in planning this murder. And now it appears prosecutors can't prove that she was. -- Geary helped prosecute penny Newman he now works for a different DA is not uncommon to discover things after indictment. Not -- it's almost common. That -- -- KC they're better. Or worse in some aspect and a prosecutor doing justice -- adjusts and if it's the right thing to do to drop a charge. The one man prosecutors believe could implicate -- -- snyderman has steadfastly refused to cooperate. Penny Newman is keeping his silence tonight in prison. These developments -- final piece of bad news for the snyderman gambling. They believed that Andrea played a role and they wanted justice and now they feel like they're not gonna get them. When we met the family following the last trial they told us there was one thing they wanted even more than justice. That was for the memory of -- some rusty to live -- In my dreams. Becomes -- -- -- door just like he always did he needs them. -- -- -- Hit so much more to offer the world. The world is so much poorer because he's not here. And so much horror of course our -- young children. Who are now living only with their mother and without their father what we tell Sophie and -- about their dad. That he loved and so he wanted nothing but the best for them. Trustees motto was to dream -- and I hope that most. Who -- --

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{"id":19789596,"title":"Dunwoody Day Care Trial: The Sequel","duration":"5:09","description":"Part 6: On the eve of Andrea Sneiderman's trial, the murder charges were dropped. ","url":"/2020/video/dunwoody-day-care-trial-sequel-19789596","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}