The Family Show Business

Will Smith has set his kids up for success. George Hamilton? Not so much, says his son.
4:39 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for The Family Show Business
Here is cecelia vega. Trying to make a floed hoofl? Watch out. The road to success can be a bumpy one. If you have the pedigree. Rumor willis had two very famous parents. The 24-year-old actress with mom's jaw and dad's intensity had to walk the walk. She just didn't break into the main stream. Reporter: Putting that rum esch aside for a moment there is no denying a celebrity mom or dad can be a huge asset. When your last night is kravitz, people are going to pay attention. Reporter: What is in a name? Ask the smiths. 15-year old jaden smith became the "the karate kid" in no time after pairing with his famous dad in "the pursuit of happyness." Daughter willow smith is no slouch either with the top five hit on her resume. Reporter: Ashley hamilton, son of the legendary bronzed actor george hamilton and stepson of rocker rod stewart, knows all about how famous family members can shape your future. It opens up doors. Reporter: But ashley's story, like hollywood dramas, is filled with twists and turns. At 17 he beat out 200 actors for a lead role and thought he'd be on the way to fame and fortune. Instead, the worked slowed, insecurity and anxiety took hold and so did the drugs. Lots of drugs and the shame. Are you being judged as george hamilton's son on top of it? Any second generation hollywood person is gonna get that. It's gonna come up. Reporter: Talented, reflective and still upbeat, ashley got a chance to prove he earned a role in "iron man 3." I have my own career and I'm doing the best I can with what i got. Reporter: Resentment often comes with the territory when you're the offspring of hollywood royalty. Craig and damien wayans can relate. I have heard it definitely. To my face, several times. You only got it cause you're a wayans. Reporter: But the next generation of wayans understands the challenge they face. I go on auditions and they thought marlan was going to come in. And hall you here, this is the wrong wayan. This is the wrong one! Reporter: For some up and coming actors there is a easy fix to the problem. They simply use a less high profile name. Susan sarandon's daughter, it's really interesting because they don't share the last name. This is mirl streep and we want to say good morning, america. Good morning, america. Reporter: Other goes with a name that stands out in the bright lights. I don't think that connor cruise would be getting the parts he is getting in he was not tom kruss's son. Reporter: Here is a story that doesn't have a hollywood ending. Meet sam fox. The son of michael j. Fox and tracy polian. He was in a tv episode. I need a volunteer. For sam, that was enough. I was never into acting or show business. Reporter: He was should this year's mr. Golden globe. An honor that launched the careers of many alisters but he did it as a lark. You know what, taylor swift, stay away from michael j. Fox's son. Reporter: He will not know if 2 Test message

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{"id":18383127,"title":"The Family Show Business","duration":"4:39","description":"Will Smith has set his kids up for success. George Hamilton? Not so much, says his son.","url":"/2020/video/family-show-business-18383127","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}