The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius: 'She Died in My Arms'

Part 4: Pistorius' lawyer presents his account of what they say was a tragic accident.
6:44 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius: 'She Died in My Arms'
The fast times -- Oscar historians continues. Once again. -- -- Ever since his arrest -- blade runner has been huddling with a new kind of team a team of defense attorneys with one goal in mind. Exonerating the fallen sports star. At the bail hearing his stories his defense team quickly goes on the offensive to discredit the evidence floated by the prosecution. Defense team attacking him likeable dog -- -- friend's wedding -- -- good day for the defects. These cases -- difficult and it comes down to who do you believe in what does the evidence support and your lawyer is never would advise you to lock yourself into which story. And last there was merit to it. Oscar's story. This sworn statement by -- -- is now on record detailing his version of what turned that February 13 -- into tragedy. -- says it started as a low key evening and from the looks of that cctv footage at the compound entrance it wants. -- arrives in smiles at the guards. Then minutes later Oscar drives through in his white BMW. -- says later that night -- was doing yoga exercises. He's watching TV when she gave him a Valentine's present and says he promised not to open it until the next day. Then at around 10 PM the couple fell asleep in his second floor bedroom. Returning to the scale model of the stories his bedroom constructed by 20/20. Defense attorney -- Jackson walks us through what this story is says happen next. So he says he was asleep and he woke -- -- to bring -- and. Opened patio doors absolutely the patio doors were open now this is where things get interesting this at this time where this -- Modest -- remember so that makes him vulnerable. A large part of the defense will go to the stories his state of mind at that exact moment. Living in dread in a country where private homes are fortresses. The story -- had recently tweeted what it was like living in a mental state of siege. Nothing like getting home to hear the washing machine on and thinking it's an intruder to go to full combat recon -- into the pantry. Journalist Michael cycle of witnessed the stories his apprehension firsthand in 2011. When the security Norman's house -- off I think his reaction. Was the same as it was every time he felt. Someone might -- in his house he grabbed his gun. That was something that he was in the habit of doing. The defense says the exact same thing happened in night of the murder under -- A scare and an instinctive reaction. -- he goes to get his gun he keeps the gun right under the -- so he goes. He gets that done and yet it's quite a distance to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom the prosecution suggests. -- time to think about defense would suggest that what he's thinking about his self preservation. And any turns the corner and sees. Now this is critical what you have is an open window they were doing construction on his home and he remembers that -- will ladders outside downstairs. That would give them access to comes as you can imagine how high end here becomes when you see that Annie turns and sees as locked door. He doesn't know that Revis in the bathroom at all and -- screaming at that time -- call the police or get help. -- screaming for help it would be plausible that -- that. Time she locks the door in the -- He now buyers back. The prosecution if they want -- need to -- through -- you've got your would be burglar. Trapped because ultimately it's a matter of vulnerability it's a matter state of mind you don't want to wait for that someone and you. But how would you -- six. -- in neighbors overhearing the couple arguing before shots were fired. What do you make of the ear witness an eyewitness accounts that lights -- on. That arguing could be overheard. We shouldn't jump to conclusions too quickly about that because we don't know what the -- to the discussions was Austin could have been shocked he could have been saying. Someone's -- hos I need a need to know we already. The stories his legal team rejects ear witness accounts. Seeing those neighbors -- more than a quarter of a mile away inside their homes making it nearly impossible to hear clearly plausible. Perhaps but the story is still has a huge question to answer. Just how in the world he grabbed his gun on the side of the bed -- without noticing -- camp was not invent now what's. Very important here from a defense perspective it's -- contacts were talking about the dark of night his attention rightfully is focused on what could be. An intruder and the end of his life as well as -- And what about the presence of performance enhancing drugs and the suspicion of -- -- the defense countered that what they found was actually an over the counter herbal supplement. And so when you have a lead detective -- stealing information that. Assist the prosecution but outright false it becomes problematic it's not -- -- because they went out steroids but the central piece of evidence -- and mouth disease -- ballistics. The police are looking very carefully. At the direction -- -- the grounds of five. Bullet trajectory yes to see. If it's likely that he was wearing his prosthetic legs -- The -- legs are crucial in the ultimate irony police say the -- that brought him so far good knocking down. His story is swears he was not wearing them. But fearing an intruder he rushed to the bathroom door on his cops. Police say he is -- that he had taken the time to put his legs on 10% -- into the bathroom. Opens fire from. They believe that he was about five feet from the toilet door. And that -- shooting down. Very important because that would mean that he had his prosthetic legs -- ballistics are gonna become absolutely crucial in the context this. But perhaps that can be explained to in order to compensate for being down while he could certainly held the gun -- -- west to ensure. That. He got the person who -- So Oscar and his defense team can still explain away but trajectory from top down absolutely. As the bill hearing proceeds on -- candidates. You know what I. The defense is -- -- to go on the attack that was the evidence tainted. And could it be that the only criminal in the courtroom is the lead investigator.

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{"id":18634513,"title":"The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius: 'She Died in My Arms'","duration":"6:44","description":"Part 4: Pistorius' lawyer presents his account of what they say was a tragic accident.","url":"/2020/video/fast-times-oscar-pistorius-died-arms-18634513","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}