Two Fathers Finally Head Home

Act 5: After a judge decides their sons can go home with their dads, they go home to California.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for Two Fathers Finally Head Home
"On the run" continues. Once again, David Muir. Reporter: As the sun rises in France, the two fathers wait anxiously for the judge's decision in their hotel rooms. I've been holed up in a hotel for 36 hours because, I'm deathly afraid of running into maria. Reporter: Then the decision comes, not with any courtroom fanfare instead in a fax. We're right there as bob's attorney reads it. So the fax just arrived and it says, it's released and the judge said -- move to give -- Let's go. -- The child to Mr. Pfeiffer. She says the child has to be with the father. Reporter: An extraordinary moment. The judge making it clear these two boys who've had their mother their entire lives will now go home without her. Larry, bob, now rushing to the orphanage to take custody of their sons, to take them back to America. Jerry say good-bye! Bye! Bye! You don't want to stay here do you? No. I hate the children's home. I mean, like it's the worst, I mean it's not the worst, but like, it's not good. Who's that, Sasha? Darth vader. Darth vader? Reporter: That night Larry and Sasha Skype with the grandparents waiting back in America. Sasha, are you upside-down? Oh, I think he's had a long day. Reporter: The next morning they're headed to the Paris airport, their final leg home. Jerry wants to get home as soon as possible and just exhausted. We got our passports. We're going home. Reporter: They arrive in los Angeles, the fathers exhilarated and exhausted. We did it, we did it. Reporter: One of our producers right there as jerry comes home. What does it feel like to be back in the United States? Um, surprising, um, nice. You want to go to sleep? Maybe. Yeah, I think so. Reporter: Jerry walks past those balloons right into his dad's house. Inside, the presents from Christmas and he checks in with his beloved pet. The bearded dragon named cherry jerry. And outside, who could forget about his prized turtle, speedy. While over at Larry's house, 4-year-old Sasha's return is more subdued. His father reminds us most of Sasha's English is lost. Since his mother had been speaking to him in Slovak. We're home, I'm so happy. Reporter: Larry knows it will take time. The sudden disruption, the experts say, traumatic for a boy who's never been this long without his mother. Both of the boys are seeing therapists. It's a lot for a young person to -- It's a lot, because, it's a lot for him to process. We actually put a book together that's called Sasha's story, per the therapist's advice. And it tells the entire story, from when me and his mother met, to when we divorced, to the abduction, to being where we are now. Reporter: Now six weeks after their return to America, we're invited to check in on jerry. Heard a lot about you. Fun to see your friends? Yeah and yeah. Reporter: That's good, how's school going? Um, good. Reporter: You have to catch up a little? I have to catch up a little but everything else is good. Which way is the Hollywood sign? Will you show me? Right over here. As we walk the trails above the Hollywood hills, jerry, who's been gone so long -- still able to point out all of those landmarks of home. He's rejoined the fifth grade, and eager to show me his drawings. That's pretty cool. How long does it take you to do one of these? Like two hours. Really? An hour? Reporter: The math part, the fractions he's learning not so much. So you have to make them all the same -- the denominators all the same? Yeah, I don't like that. Reporter: I know it's hard, I told you right? And he is now making up for lost time with his father. I think there's things going on, from this experience, that he has to deal with. Uh, but yeah, he's very happy. Reporter: Does he miss his mom? He hasn't said that. Reporter: For Sasha -- ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ Reporter: A fifth birthday surrounded by his father's family and friends. We pay a return visit to the little boy who is still adjusting. Hey! Reporter: How are you? Sashas is back in preschool, now learning his English again. Everyone that has seen him his therapist, his teacher, my family, friends, has said wow, he is doing remarkable for such a short amount of time. Reporter: And back on the TV, the same favorite movie that was playing before he left. "The iron giant." And the little giant about to show me his moves. Okay, you show me. But you're a dad 24/7 now, I mean you went from one extreme to another. I did indeed, yeah, it's a lot, it's an intense experience and you know what I love it. Reporter: And we notice something else. That right there in the living room above the toys, pictures of his mother. His therapist recommended putting photographs of his mom and his brother. Reporter: Does he ask about her? He doesn't ask about her that much. What he'll do sometimes is he'll put a toy aside and say this is for mommy. This is for my mom, I say, okay, that's fine. Reporter: And as those photos sit in Sasha's view, his mother maria, thousands of miles away, revealing to us one last daring move.

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{"id":22727987,"title":"Two Fathers Finally Head Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 5: After a judge decides their sons can go home with their dads, they go home to California.","url":"/2020/video/fathers-finally-head-home-22727987","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}