FBI finds a new lead in Riley Fox’s murder case: Part 8

Five years had passed since Riley’s death when the FBI took over the case. Interviews led them to Scott Eby, who’d since moved out of town and was later incarcerated for sexual assault, the FBI said.
6:36 | 05/08/21

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Transcript for FBI finds a new lead in Riley Fox’s murder case: Part 8
When Kevin fox walked out of the will county jail after being cleared of charges he killed his 3-year-old daughter Riley, the investigation essentially went back to square one. Since it's not him, because the DNA rules him out, says he's not the person, who is? Now you have to go back over the evidence and figure out who did this, because you know it isn't Kevin fox. Authorities say they have no strong new leads in the search for Riley's killer. The fox family still offers a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the killer's conviction. To my daughter's killer, you will be caught, no matter how long it takes. In 2009, I just got to the point where I said, we've got to do something drastic here. So I asked the FBI if they would get involved. The Riley fox case is, to me, the most important case of my career. When I see this little child that was just so beautiful and rambunctious, there's no way you can't want justice for this child. They took 30 agents and descended on Wilmington and did a massive amount of interviews. Just kind of saturate the area with agents and task force officers, and just to conduct a boatload of interviews and see what we could find. They came across a young lady who told them that she had a suspicion, but had no reason other than gut feeling, that this person might've been involved in the murder. We are rolling. So the FBI talks to this woman, and then "20/20" ends up talking to her as well. She has since died, but at the time she agreed to do the interview as longas we blurred her face. We're not going to show your face, is that correct? Mm-hmm. All right. When Riley fox was abducted and killed, this woman lived right there in Wilmington right down the street, a she actually remembers that her family helped in the search effort the day of Riley's disappearance. She was a little hesitant to speak with us at first, and then we identified who we were, why we were there, and she stepped outside to talk to us outside her house. She told us about a guy that she was having a relationship with who had since left the neighborhood. I just had a bad feeling about him. And I didn't know who to tell, so when the FBI came I said, I'm really glad you guys are here, and I just gave them his name. She told us about Scott Eby. A guy by the name of Scott Wayne Eby. You knew a guy named Scott Eby, right? Mm-hmm. Who is Scott Eby? An ex-boyfriend of mine. Just describe him for me. Tell me what kind of person he is. Um, a creep. The summer that Riley fox disappeared, Scott Wayne Eby was 33 years old. He'd been married, in and out of prison. He was living right there in Wilmington with his mother. And it turns out he was living with her one mile from the fox family home. They'd had a very peculiar conversation when they were out for a walk together, walking through Riley's garden. And he'd made some comment that left her chilled. I was saying I can't believe somebody did that to that sweet little girl. And he said, oh, that was such a shame, wasn't it? Like, cold. And the way he said it was, like, cold. Like he didn't mean it. She told us that he had since moved out of town and she knew he was incarcerated for a sexual assault of a family member. Scott Eby was five hours away in prison in southern Illinois. I asked Jeremy, hey, let's go ahead and try to get this guy interviewed. It was way in the southern portion of the state. It was -- it was a hike. In all honestly, he was someone I was just going to check off my list. He had no idea we were we kind of showed up out of nowhere, and that was intentional. He was very respectful, very responsive to our questions. Didn't hesitate, didn't seem nervous. He was just trying to kind of collect his thoughts as to, why in the world the FBI is here to talk to me and what I should do about that.? He said he had heard about the case, but other than that there wasn't really anything he could tell us or help us with.- He did remember where he was that day, which makes him no different than anybody else we talked to really. I shook his hand, and we left, and as we were walking from the building to the car, I looked at Jeremy and I said, that is the clammiest hand I have ever shaken. When they left, he got on the phone with his mother on a recorded call. Hello. You have a prepaid call from -- Scott Eby. An inmate at -- Lawrence correctional center. Scott Eby had contacted his mother to tell her that he wanted to see her immediately. He had something to tell her. Hello? What's the matter? Mom, um, I don't know how to tell you this, but, um, I got an emergency. You got to -- you got to drop everything you're doing and come down here and see me as soon as you can. We went to interview the mom, Scott Eby's mom. "20/20" obtained a recording of a FBI interview with Scott Eby's mother. I'm here with Sharon Eby and special agent, uh, Lori Warren. I'm special agent Jeremy resar. He told me that I needed to get down to the prison to see him immediately. I'm fixing to spend the rest of my life in the penitentiary, mom. Did you kill somebody? You gotta come down here, mom, so I can give you a hug and a kiss, one last time, please. And he said that he did something horribly, horribly, horribly wrong. Is it something really, really, really bad? Yes, it's something really, really, really bad. I drove down there. And when he came in, you know, he hugged me. And he said, remember the little

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"Five years had passed since Riley’s death when the FBI took over the case. Interviews led them to Scott Eby, who’d since moved out of town and was later incarcerated for sexual assault, the FBI said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77566546","title":"FBI finds a new lead in Riley Fox’s murder case: Part 8 ","url":"/2020/video/fbi-finds-lead-riley-foxs-murder-case-part-77566546"}