The fight against ISIS's reach on America's youth: Part 5

If someone searches for ISIS propaganda on Google, they may see an video advertisement about ISIS lies.
3:11 | 11/04/17

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Transcript for The fight against ISIS's reach on America's youth: Part 5
This is hurricane Irma barreling into south Florida and as it happened the Muslim community immediately turned their mosques into shelters for everyone. Distributing food and water to the greater community throughout the state. Nezar hamzee knows. He was working three days straight. I was on duty Friday when the storm started to hit down here in south Florida. All day and all night Saturday, all day and all night Sunday all day all night. Reporter: Hamzee is a deputy sheriff. In one part of his life, law enforcement. But he's also a Lebanese American Muslim. A community leader so we ask him what is one practice come thing we can all do to keep young American from recruitment online. We need your guys help. He said in his community he started an intervention program, he goes from mosque to mosque spreading word families can reach out unanimously if they're worried an a single mother did. We talked about go check your kids computers and she found these troubling websites. Reporter: A team moved in to help with her son, he says, and now that young man is taking part in programs to help in the community, helping others. This is Mohamed Farah from Minneapolis who helps girls deal with any culture clash they feel. Stuck in -- you know, in two different worlds. Reporter: And islamic scholar and college president sheik hamza Yousef wants all Americans to know that ISIS is not Islam. Anything that moves from mercy to cruelty has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is not a cult of death. The -- the Koran says, "Answer god's call to life." Reporter: But as we said, we learned in this year of reporting that ISIS can reach into every American home, that every state has an open investigation. What are parents to do about recruitment online? Those big global tech companies insist they are working on systems to help parents. Someone types in I want to join jihad. For instance Google is ruling out a new program so when searches how to join ISIS, what pops up first is a video ad steering you away from ISIS propaganda and toward the reality of what ISIS is. For right now the most practical thing we heard from all the experts is that parents have to watch out for how many hours their children are spending on technology and in isolation. Former prosecutor Mary Mccord. A lot of time in front of a computer screen whether it's playing video games or on social media, if young people want to live in a virtual world whether through the video game or their social media -- Isolation, secrecy is where ISIS thrives. The government cannot arrest their way out of this problem. There has to be a true partnership between the government and the community. Based on trust. Announcer: Next, children

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{"id":50923794,"title":"The fight against ISIS's reach on America's youth: Part 5","duration":"3:11","description":"If someone searches for ISIS propaganda on Google, they may see an video advertisement about ISIS lies.","url":"/2020/video/fight-isiss-reach-americas-youth-part-50923794","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}